First 3 SIM Smartphones: LG Optimus E470 L4 II, GooPhones X1 +

Dual SIM phones are very popular these days, useful for those who are traveling overseas, to use two different services at the same time or use their business and personal numbers in one unit. Now, the world first triple-SIM smartphones arrives: LG E470 Optimus II L4 and GooPhones X1 +

The LG Optimus L4 II is already available in the Brazilian online store Webfones. It has a 3.8 inch large touch screen and a single-core processor clocked at 1Ghz. According to the Brazilian product page, the phone is optimized for Android 4.1. All three SIM cards can be use at the same time, transmit data and send messages. According to MediaTek, this will not adversely affect the battery life.

The Optimus E470 L4 II is just as GooPhones X1 + adapted to the needs of growing market demands. The Chinese website Pconline reported that 3 SIM Smartphones will be available in various Asian countries within the next few days.

GooPhones X1 + is equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual-core strong MT6572 processor equipped MediaTek. It has five-inch display with 854x480 pixels. It is available in the Android Store for around 150 U.S. dollars.