Katy Perry clarifies her Relationship with Robert Pattinson

After numerous rumors about her alleged affair with Robert Pattinson , Katy Perry decided to clarify her involvement with the actor.

In an interview with British Elle magazine, the pop star revealed that treats the star of Twilight as her younger brother and the relationship is just a beautiful friendship. "He's my partner and I'm like his older sister. We just hung out," said the singer. "The other day I told him: 'One of the things I'm most proud of is to never have slept with you, Robert,'" she added.

To make clear what kind of relationship we both have, the voice of "Part Of Me" was emphatic. "Okay, here's the proof that nothing ever happened between me and Robert Pattinson: I loose gas in front of him. And I never, ever let go gas in front of the man dating. This is a rule."

After many ups and downs in the relationship, Katy Perry continues dating singer John Mayer. And currently, she is working on the launch of her new song "Roar" from her upcoming album "Prism", which is in stores on October 22.

Katy Perry: "I am proud to have not slept with Robert Pattinson