Linkin Park teamed with Steve Aoki for The Light That Never Comes

The Linkin Park teamed up with DJ Steve Aoki to release a new single. The band released a video clip for the scenes in the recording studio.

The single entitled "A Light That Never Comes (Feat. Steve Aoki) ", it was first introduced in Japan during the Summer Sonic Festival. The studio version of the single will be released on September 12, 2013 by LP Recharge, which is a social game on Facebook. To hear the full song, players must work together to unlock it.

Mike Shinoda commented about the partnership, "Steve and I met a year ago or so, maybe even more. This happened quite naturally, with ideas coming and going," he said.

"The Light That Never Comes" will not be a part of the successor of "Living Things".

Check out the following behind the scenes of the recording and the performance of "The Light That Never Comes (Feat. Steve Aoki)”