Arcade Fire, Neil Young & Queens Of The Stone Age to perform at Bridge School Benefit Concert 2013

The first day of the "Bridge School Benefit Concert," the festival held annually by Neil Young since 1986, will go live online on Saturday from 21:30 (GMT).

If there is no last minute cancellation, you can watch performances of artists such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Arcade Fire and Queens Of The Stone Age.

The concerts of the "Bridge Benefit" are interesting for the fans because they are all made using only acoustic instruments, which makes the performances almost always unique. Participants also often make appearances at concerts each other, which also helps to leave the concert with exclusive taste.

Neil Young has two children suffering from cerebral palsy (CP). It was his idea to organize a large annual show to raise money for the "Bridge School" an NGO that seeks to help children with physical impairments and severe communication difficulties.