Beyond: Two Souls - Trophy Guide - Solve All Achievements

Beyond: Two Souls take us by the developer Quantic Dream in the eventful life of Jodie Holmes, who is connected with the Aiden since birth. Even if you do not play the notes at first glance, there are some things hidden to discover or make alternative approaches that certain scenes run differently. This is also evident in the many trophies of the Playstation 3 title.

Since almost all the trophies of Beyond: Two Souls are hidden to allow any references to the story, we need to issue a spoiler warning at this point. Thus, this guide makes sense, we need to rename the successes of course open and explain what you have to do here. The following guide we have constructed so that the results are assigned to the individual chapters of the game.

Who has already played the game once, you can select the individual game sections and make up in this way deliberately missed trophies in the main menu. Here you have to play through the chapters do not always complete, but you can switch back to the main menu once you have reached the requirements for the targeted trophy. To achieve success you need further comprising a second controller, or a smartphone with the Beyond app to play the game in duo mode. We wish you much fun in the hunt for the platinum trophy, you get as usual, when all other trophies have been unlocked.

Beyond: Two Souls - Trophy Guide

Trophies: 46 (1x platinum, 3x Gold, Silver 6x, 36x Bronze)
Online Trophies: No
Trophies for difficulty: No
Players: 1-2
Required Number of Passes: + At least one complete several long sections on different chapters

Table of Contents

1 The Experiment
2 The Party
3 Welcome to the CIA
4 Hunted
5 My imaginary friend
6 The condenser
7 Homeless
8 Like other girls
9 Alone
10 Navajo
11 Dinner
12 The Mission
13 Dragon's Hideout
14 Black sun
15 General Trophies

Chapter The Experiment

Somebody Else?
Played as Aiden for the first time.

You automatically get this in the game, after you tak control. Once you have completed the chapter, the trophy should be unlocked.


The Experiement voluntarily terminated.

To get this trophy, you have to stop after the woman panicked and Nathan asks you to stop. Presses the triangle button to switch back to Jodie and then ended the experiment with the X button.

Chapter: The Party

Cold Blood
Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden.


After you have been blocked by the teen in the chamber under the stairs, you open the door with the help of Aiden. Then you have the choice to leave or retaliate against the other children. Chooses the latter and go with Aiden in the party room. Look there any object, with which you can knock the teens. Beat for success at least three of them KO. With objects such as candles or the stove in the kitchen can also set the house on fire.


In contrast to the previous success, you decide after escaping from the chamber to just go and leave the others alone. More, you must have previously performed at the party no demonstration of Aiden's forces for this success. So with the exception of the door of the chamber, perform any action with Aiden in this chapter.

Chapter: Welcome to the CIA

Perfect Soldier
Completed most of the physical training successfully.

Jodie is freshly arrived at the CIA whisked through various Trainings. This trophy you get when you have successfully completed the physical tasks.

Fight apprentice
Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits.

The training course at the CIA also includes melee training, where you understand during slow-motion sequences of Jodie and move the right analog stick in the appropriate direction. If you should have problems to come up with less than 5 hits through the training, you can set the difficulty to easy. Then the corresponding directions are displayed.


In Tarn-training you have to take advantage of the cover to sneak up on you unseen guards. With the Square button allows opponents off silently from cover once you're in range. Aiden is also helpful here, so distract the guard that you can approach unseen.

Chapter: Hunted

Catch Me if You Can
Escaped from the train without being arrested.

In this chapter you're on the run from the police. For this achievement you need while you withdraw the entire chapter being arrested by the cops. For this purpose you should successfully pass all Quick Time Events. This success is combined with Aiden's Apocalypse.

Aiden's Apocalypse
The gas station, the church, the gun shop and the helicopter destroyed.

After you fled with the police motorcycle across the bridge to the next town, Jodie hiding behind a car and you have to proceed with Aiden against the cops. For this purpose, you move first to the gas station and let the two refueling hoses fall to the ground. Well, you take the police officer standing directly behind a nearby SWAT vehicle and set the leaking gasoline on fire. Next, go to the other side of the scene where a police car stands in front of the gun shop. The driver can take Aiden by R2 button and press on the gas. Turn around now and fly up to the bell tower. On the right side you can act twice on the tower until it collapses. Now Jodie calls for you so that you will open a door for them. Then you hover the helicopter, the pilot takes over and let the aircraft by rotating the right analog stick crash.

Arrested three times and escaped every time.

Here your goal is to get arrested. There are three relevant situations from which you then have to escape.

1 Let Jodie sleep when the police get on the train. Even if it brings down her backpack, you make no action and let arrest you. You will be locked into a compartment, before a single police officer stands guard. This, you take with Aiden, go into the compartment and give Jodie the key to the handcuffs. The policeman is beaten in the next compartment knockout, with Aiden before you destroy the window with Jodie, so that you can jump out of the train.

2 On the run through the woods you come to the point where you attack the dogs. Here you can not defend yourselves, and let the dogs overwhelm you. Their ends tied up in the back seat of a police car. Aiden strangled her with the driver take the key and escape. Now you have to make a diversion with Aiden.
3 While riding the bike a helicopter over you, directing a beam of light to appear to you. Now it just stays in the street and let you arrest of the incoming SWAT teams. Aiden in the car takes control over a cop and shoots the driver what Jodie again helps to escape and end the chapter.
This trophy is not combinable with Aiden's Apocalypse, as you do not factor in this approach in the city.

Chapter: My imaginary friend

3 times something nasty done with Jodie and Aiden.

After Jodie's mother has asked you not to starlings all the time out of the window, you can perform various actions in the house with Aiden and Jodie to annoy the mother. The first thing you look with Jodie the cookie jar in the fridge and ask for a biscuit. Then you change to Aiden, open the can and drop a biscuit in Jodie's hand. Next, you let Aiden the chairs for the dining table on itself stacks. The final action, use the Aiden to turn on the radio on the counter.

Chapter: The Condenser

Portal Shutdown
Successfully shut down the condenser portal.

In this chapter you will find several dead bodies, you can tap into their memories with Aiden through channeling. You have to look at the memory of eight deceased. At the following places you can find the body:

1 The first one can be found automatically in the elevator that leads down into the plant.
2 After the elevator you have a door, open it, its behind the corpse lying on the control table.
3 The closest is located in the next room with the servers on the left.
4 When you are climbing through the ventilation shaft, the next body lies ahead on the right side of a desk.
5 After you've taken the chair, the wheel, the next corpse lies in front of a soft drink machine.
6 A dead fireman in the same room, in the direction of the burning corridor.
7 After the encounter find your way on the other group of dead soldiers.
8 The last corpse can be found in Condenser room on the left.

On the way through the condenser room you will encounter some quick events must be free from errors and fight with Aiden, the entities that attack Jodie. After the encounter go to control switches, the trophy is yours.

Existences Apprentice

This trophy is not limited to this chapter. Instead, you have both in this chapter and in Chapter 11: The first successful attack all night attacking existences. The condenser in the concerns on the one hand, the resurrected scientist will attack you while Jodie tries with the key card to open the next door. Here have to be watchful in the condenser space around the attacking entities.

Chapter: Homeless

Money to Eat
Earned enough money to have chocolate during dinner.

If it goes out with Stan, to beg for money for food, you have to take enough so that Stan can tidy shop. At the end of the road on the opposite side of the street you can borrow a guitar from another homeless and play into the night. Let the sequence run until the end, until Jodie has finished her song. Then come back with money to Stan. Who wants it faster, you can also use Aiden to steal money from the vending machine on the other side of the road.

Smart Thief
Disabled the supermarket’s camera.

If you go with Aiden to the supermarket for supplies for the upcoming, Tuesday, birth of baby, you should open the door before the camera on the ceiling gives a nudge so that they no longer points to the door.

Looked after Tuesday’s baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan.

After dining with your group you can use their special skills. First go to Sunday and check her baby's condition. Then go to Jimmy that his heals with Aiden from the side effects of his drug withdrawal. Then go to Stan and let him talk to his deceased wife by himself. It is important that you go to Stan last, because you no longer will be able to carry out the other two actions.

Chapter: Like other girls

Together forever
Protected Jodie from her attackers.

First, you must succeed in this chapter the successful escape to the bar. To do this you'll need to make a little terror with Aiden. This is the best spirit in the side room where Cole keeps watch. After a few actions this receives a phone call and from that moment be taken over by Aiden. Open the door with him and let out Jodie, follow the passage to the exit, open the next door with the key card that hangs on Cole's shirt. Shortly before the freedom when the gatekeeper talks to Cole, quickly press the X button to prevent the guard Cole touches and thus frees him from the grip of Aiden. In the parking lot you let Cole start the car and climb the trunk. Now you make it to the bar, you can join with the pool table or arcade machine. Whichever will work because one of the men at the bar will come up to you to play a game of pool, after the two billiard players are gone, you dare even a game, which brings the situation to escalate. With Aiden you have now beat the attacker.

Chapter: Alone

Forgave Jodie's father.

After the parents of Jodie adopted, Aiden will have the opportunity to strangle his father. If you forgive in and waive this option, you will receive this trophy.

Not my father
Choked Philip with Aiden.

Do you want your anger instead want to give free rein to the father, then grab him from behind when you leave the room with Aiden at the throat and choke him. You should make your decision quickly, because the possibility of interaction exists only for a short time.

Chapter: Navajo

Medicine Girl
Completed the whole ritual practice.

In the final chapter of the ritual you have to completely repeat the Navajo ancestors to return to their lives again. To do this you need to choose the right floor marking that looks like a stick figure. Fifth place you have to fill up with the soul of Aiden in which you interact with the talisman on the ground. Last you have to fight with Aiden existence, so it disappears in the portal.

Not Just Sand
Fled before the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits.

After you left the hut despite the warnings of your hosts, you attack the existence of evil and you must escape through the sandstorm. The aim is to avoid the poor and other objects and insert less than 3 hits. Again, it is recommended to back on the easy mode to switch, if you should have problems with the trophy.

Chapter: Dinner

Perfect Lover
Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress and put on some music.

In this chapter, Jodie expected her CIA partner to dinner at her apartment. For this trophy you must prepare an elegant evening. First grants to the apartment. The video games are placed under the chest of drawers, made from coffee table books on the shelf, in the garbage pail in the kitchen and the dirty in the basket in the bathroom. Not be confused by Aiden, who tries to disturb you. In the kitchen, you take the cookbook and selected chicken curry or the Asian beef. Prepare the court and then wash the dirty dishes. Now take a shower, put on the elegant dress in the bedroom and in the living room turn on romantic music. Now, light some candles on the table. Now Ryan is already ringing the doorbell.

Casual Girl
Ordered pizza, watched television and wore something casual..

Compared to elegant evening, you can take things a little more relaxed with this trophy. From the cookbook you select the pizza and then call on the phone in the living room to delivery service. Then you sit on the sofa and watch TV.

In love with Ryan
Slept with Ryan

This trophy is only possible in this chapter, if you previously in Chapter 12: Like other girls in the bar were not attacked by the men. So either you have not even reached the bar first, or leave them in front of the escalation. During the dinner, then you are allowed to do with Aiden out of mischief, so that come close to Jodie and Ryan and he did not panic leave the apartment.

Chapter: The Mission

Stealth Master
Arrive to the Cathedral undetected

On a CIA sneak through a war zone and only need a hotel and then a cathedral reach. Here it is important to always use all covers and explore with Aiden the way. Enemies in your vicinity can be switched off silently with the triangle button. Aiden also can kill some enemies with red aura.

Chapter: Dragon's Hideout

Eye for an Eye
Did not speak during the interrogation

While you will be interrogated in captivity, torture the soldier Ryan to force them to talk. To get this trophy, you must resist the urge and just keep your mouth. This means during the interrogation scenes perform any actions.

Agent 894732
Told the truth during the interrogation

Unlike the previous trophy, you have to talk to this success and Ryan so to spare the agony of torture.

Almost too easy
Gone to the containment shield with the General.

When you arrive in the underwater base with the U-boat, with Aiden, you take control of the Chinese general. In this way, without problems you can go to the next door. Simply runs straight ahead until you get to the containment field.

Chapter: Black-sun

Convince Dawkins
Helped Dawkins see the truth.

On your way to close the crack you meet one last time Nathan, who was still looking confused about his family. Here you need to help him to realize the mistake he has made. Argue here leads to success in any case, during cold responses are counterproductive.

Chose Afterlife
The infrared region of the world.

Once you reach the self-destruction of the black sun converts between two worlds, revealing the secrets of Aiden. Then she has the choice whether to stay in reality or wants to enter the infrastructure world. Selects the light left for this trophy and enter the realm of Aiden.

Chose Life
Stayed in reality.

Due trophy is the counterpart to the afterlife. So if you decide at the end of the dark right side of reality, you will receive after completing the success of the chapter.

Black Sun down

You will get automatically after the completion of the chapter.

General Trophies

Two Souls
A scene in duo mode started.

To start the Duo mode, you need a second controller or a smartphone with the Beyond App. For this trophy, it is enough if you start the epilogue in duo mode ten seconds waiting and then switche back to the main menu.

Never Alone
Stared at least one romance.

The first opportunity for this trophy you have in Navajo Chapter, where you can say goodbye to you by Jay with a kiss. Alternatively, you seduced Ryan at dinner, so that he and Jodie end up in bed.

Entities Master
Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities.

You have to play in all the battles against evil existences have successfully disputed. These arguments found in the chapters instead of the condenser and the first night where you can unlock the trophy existences Apprentice.

The end
A possible reality was discovered...

You will get automatically in the course of the game when you reach the end first.


During the game, you have several options with Aiden to get the trophy, but suffice it to play from chapter to chapter The experiment dinner. The following actions have to carry:

1 The experiment: As long as care for chaos with Aiden until Kathleen gets a red aura, whereupon it chokes you.
2 The message: On the second floor you can take a guard and then fall to his death.
3 The Party: Select after escaping from the chamber, the revenge option and set the house on the candle or the stove on fire.
4 My imaginary friend: After snowball fight you have to choke the common child.
5 Alone: Father Philip chokes as soon as he leaves the room.
6 Dinner: Sabotage the dinner with Aiden, the Ryan cuts off annoyed.

Found all the bonuses.

In the game, the developers have hidden 22 bonuses that must track down with Aiden. Evident are the places a blue dot or a kind of blue flame when it gets closer. There, you have to interact with Aiden, until the screen shows the message that you have unlocked a bonus. This works similar to how the healing ability of Aiden.
1 The experiment Chapter: Floats with Aiden through the mirror into the room where Cole and Nathan sit. The bonus is in the right rear corner of the space between two desks.
2 Chapter The message: In the office of the Sheikh, the bonus to the right behind a sofa.
3 Chapter The message: This bonus is located right on the left side of the entrance of the embassy.
4 First Chapter Review: While Jodie is sitting on the chair and waiting to go through the door on her right, and right there in the passage on the left, where the bonus is there to be found.
5 Chapter Hunted: Before you steal the bike at the roadblock, you have to provide a distraction for Aiden. Use them to go to the other side of the street where the bonus is left to find in the woods next to the two cops.
6 Chapter My imaginary friend: Once you have gone with Jodie in the snowy garden, stay to the left. There you will find the bonus under a bush between the wall and the fence.
7 Chapter Condenser: After you have entered the building, before you reach the elevator go right through the door. Behind the counter on the left is the bonus to find.
8 Chapter Condenser: Once in the frozen section at the door, when you need a key card, you turn around. On the right side you see two bodies, one lying and the other sitting in front of a glass window. There you can go with pure Aiden and grab the bonus.
9 Chapter Homeless: On the left side of the road, on the way to the homeless with the guitar make you a pervert of the page. Run it to the end and collect the bonus one behind a makeshift cage.
10 Chapter Homeless: When you leave the shelter of the homeless, you will find this bonus on the left side between the bridge and a blue box.
11 First Chapter night, before going to bed with Jodie, go with Aiden into the next room where Cole and Nathan sit. The bonus is at the end of the room.
12 Chapter Like other girls: you must go to the bar and hover there with Aiden in the back in the men's toilet where the bonus is on the ground.
13 Chapter Navajo: After the second night at the farmer rides her from Jay, to look after the sheep. Before you sit down, approach the tree on the corner of the enclosure. The bonus is located right under the tree.
14 Navajo Chapter: At the end of the chapter, when you come into the sacred grove of the Navajo to bury the dead, stay left at first and do not go to grief group. The bonus is under a bush behind a small ritual racks.
15 Chapter Dinner: During the talks with Ryan get control over Aiden. Go into the bathroom and there in the toilet at the end. The bonus is straight behind the door.
16 Chapter night shift: After talking with Nathan pick the book from the next room. If it comes in on the right, the bonus is on the floor behind crates of records.
17 Chapter Mission: After you leave the beach, keep Jodie Aiden out of the hotel. Here you will also discover the bonus on a house roof in front of you.
18 Chapter The mission: Finally arrived at the destination, you observe, facing the gate through a hole in the house. Go with Aiden for meet your goal, there to the second floor where you will find the bonus in addition to a gray box.
19 Chapter Norah: Before you reach your mother's room, you bring Aiden with the bonus of rooms 38
20 Chapter Dragon Cave: Aiden is for a shelter for the group search. Here you fly first straight down the road, past your actual destination until you come to a ruined building on the left that goes down to the road approach. In it you will find the bonus.
21/22 Chapter: It will be unlocked automatically when you play through the game.

A better world
All sorts of characters dying left and went with them into the infrastructure world.

You have to make appropriate decisions during the game, so that all possible characters die.
1 Chapter Homeless: When house fire just to bring themselves to safety.
2 Chapter Navajos: not heal Father Paul with Aiden.
3 Chapter Norah: either with Aiden prevents the heartbeat of the mother, or stay in the room and turn off the medical equipment.
4 Chapter Black-Sun: Cole can occur after the attack of the existence of evil and Nathan blame and react cold. Ryan then shoots at you and throws himself into the shot.

Every character saved, which could be rescued.

Depending on your choices can die in the sale of the story various characters. Some of them you can save if you make the right decisions.
1 Chapter Homeless: The escape from the burning house you have to enter the door to rescue Walter. You must help Jimmy with Aiden can jump over the abyss and save Tuesday with her baby Zoey.
2 Navajo Chapter: Just before her father, Paul ritual is carried out injured. Go in the house in his room and heals him with Aiden before you talk to the grandmother about the ritual.
3 Chapter Norah: After talking with Jodie's mother simply leave the room.
4 Chapter Black-Sun: On the way to the condenser Cole is attacked by an existence. Rush back and help him to a safe space. There you can heal him with Aiden. When you meet later on Nathan, you must not provoke this, otherwise it would be shooting at you and Ryan throws in the shot.

Along to the end
The game finished in duo mode.

You must complete the game by playing in duo mode. To do this you need a second controller or a smartphone with the Beyond App. In this way, is controlled with a Jodie Aiden and with the other controllers.

All ends ...