Britney Spears talks about Work Bitch / LA Shows on Kiss FM

Britney Spears gave an interview to an American radio 103.5 Kiss FM, in which she talks about her new video " Work B**ch" and her upcoming shows in Las Vegas.

When asked if she would sing live in concert, the singer replied "Yes, I sing live. Always sing live."

The star also said she is currently rehearsing for the shows in Las Vegas, and that the hardest part of this routine is to "wake up in the morning, it's horrible."

What about the video for "Work Bitch" have been" too sexy, "the singer said that everyone on set to respected. "When we started recording, had some things that were very 'hot' in the eyes of anyone. I could not do it like that, and everyone was very understanding."

Britney Spears next album is scheduled for release on December 3.

Watch Britney Spears music video "Work B**ch below: