Jake Bugg criticized Briney Spears’ staff

Jake Bugg was recently taping an appearance on Allan Car’s "Chatty Man" and superstar Britney Spears was also there.

The British musician was shocked by the number of people needed to accompany the singer, and the way things are handled.

"The Britney was nice to me and said hi, but the amount of people who follow her is insane, "said the singer.”The program team was asking her staff, is it okay if we stick a bit of tape on this microphone?' when I was preparing my presentation. I was like, ''Just f**king stick it on there'.

“They should let people do what they want instead of turn them into some superstar."

Jake Bugg is currently promoting his new album, "Shangri La", which will be released on November 18.

Check out the single "Slumville Sunrise" below: