Mariah Carey previews new single “The Art Of Letting Go”

Mariah Carey is about to release a new single, titled "The Art Of Letting Go", which is the first single of her upcoming self-titled album. The singer posted a teaser on her Facebook page.

In an interview with CNN, the singer said it is a thrilling track. "There is an excitement about it, while listening to the track from beginning to end you’ll realize it's mine," the singer revealed. "It's about to break free from something that might not be right for you. But you do not know how to take that step to get free. It is not easy, I think it's something we have to learn to do, and we're still learning."

Carey released BTS footage with images of the recording of the song while she was in the studio at four in the morning with JD and producers Rodney Jerkins, as well as an orchestra, while the track plays in the background.

"The Art Of Letting Go" will be officially launched on November 11.

Check out the video below: