Sia’s Perfume may be the second single off Britney Jean

Britney Spears had previously revealed that she composed a song with singer and songwriter Sia, titled "Perfume". The song could be the next single from her new album "Britney Jean".

In an interview with U.S. magazine Billboard, the chief executive of RCA Records, Peter Edge, revealed that "Perfume" has great potential to become the successor of track "Work B**ch".

"We have a good feeling about Britney’s new album. We're not sure how the credits will be distributed, but is really the main creative mind of the album, but he will not be the only one. There are many great songs and one has called 'Perfume' that we believe will be the second single. It was written by Sia and can be a great career in music, "he said.

"People are amazed at the quality of Britney’s vocals on her latest effort. She sings beautifully and there is sincerity in it. It’s fantastic, I think people will not only be surprised but also see the other side of Britney, "he said.

"Britney Jean" is scheduled for release on December 3.

Watch the video for "Work B**ch" below: