U2 Bassist Adam Clayton talks about new album

The bassist for U2, Adam Clayton, gave an interview to Irish radio and revealed some details about their upcoming new album.

"We're still recording. Expect to finalize it very soon. And going out, oh ... sometime in the next year," said the musician, who has also revealed that some finished tracks, "It's hard to know how it goes but we have very encouraging songs. We are trying to finish these 12 songs by the end of November, so we can enjoy the Christmas."

And about the musical style, Clayton said it is a return to U2 years ago. "Let's go back in time to that U2's early, but with the maturity of the band 10 years ago. It's a combination of the two and is very interesting to see the mix."

The album was originally scheduled to hit the stores this year, but the date was postponed to next year.