Battlefield 4 Top Ten Hidden Easter Eggs that may surprise you

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs # 1: The DICE coffee cup

Shortly before the end of the second campaign mission, you will find the exclusive coffee cup on a table. Maybe you're encountered a real image of a coffee cup, from which the developers drink during their daily work.

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 2: Frostbite 2-bottle

In the attic of a high building in the Siege of Shanghai, you can open a mini bar. In it you should find "Frostbite 2" a bottle with the symbol. Probably an indication that the days of the Frostbite 2 engine are only counted, but still belong to the good range.

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 3: Advertising

During the second campaign mission, you can watch an advertisement that runs on a television in the Singapore hotel. The word "Faith" is displayed and leaves us guessing again. Either it is, this is a trivial message, or is it a hidden message. What do you think?

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 4: Strange Currency

Shanghai has many hidden surprises. Another Easter Egg can be found in the cash box. The faces of the currencies are fictitious. Do you see a resemblance to a famous person?

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 5: building "Söder"

In multiplayer you can find a building called "Söder". Its reminiscent of the Nordic urban area of Södermalm, which is located in the center of Stockholm, where the developers’ studio is located.

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 6: Colorful eggs

On the multiplayer map “Flood Zone” there is a basket in which you will find colorful Easter eggs. Just think for a blue shed out.

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 7: Toys

The dinosaurs are always present in Battlefield. At the beginning of the campaign, the Irish character and Pac drive a car. The rear view mirror then staggers a small dinosaur that somehow reminds me of Jurassic Park.

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 8: "B**ch, Please"

At the Siege of Shanghai map you can find always nice when you look out, a huge advertising sign. Then you see a drawing of Yao Ming, who was once a famous basketball player. Today, that would be normal in Shanghai to see him on posters.

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs Number 9: A threesome?

Irish and Pac love to keep sharp calls. Shanghai during a mission to discuss a taboo subject. How do you unlock the call, you can see in the video.

Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs No. 10: For the fatherland!

In the single player mission Tashgar can eavesdrop and observe how they remove obstacles from the road their Marines. The funny moment of the scene is that a soldier thinks that it is extremely heroic to remove a stone out of the way.