Campaign wants AC/DC’s Highway to Hell to top the UK Chart this Christmas

A Facebook campaign is underway to send AC / DC’s hit single "Highway To Hell" in time for Christmas. The goal is to prevent the single, Do You Hear What I Hear?, from the winner of the "X Factor" gets in the way. Over the past eight years the singers from the reality show won five times the "number one Christmas."

"Highway To Hell "is a song from 1979 and was one of the last recordings of the band with singer Bon Scott, who died the following year.

Every year such Campaign arises. In 2009 it was successful and the organizers managed to make "Killing In The Name" from Rage Against The Machine" number 1 Christmas song".

The chances of the AC / DC get there are increasing as 100 000 people have already likes the page that asks for "Highway to Hell" is the best-selling song for Christmas 2013. For bookmakers British song is the second most likely to win the set, behind only to single from the yet unknown winner of "X Factor".

Listen to the original version of "Highway To Hell" below: