FM 2014: Upgrade Uniforms and Shields in the game

The Football Manager series, unfortunately, have to deal with the lack of some clubs licenses, which causes many teams from getting their shields, uniforms and photos of athletes. However, there are surfers who devote their time to package files with these details, which anyone can download and put on their game. To do so, follow the steps in this tutorial.

Step 1. Visit this site which have links to download the most varied graphics of FM 2014 (and are compatible with all versions of the game since 2009);

Step 2. Scroll down and then choose to download two packages of faces. The Cut Out Faces Megapack Players is pretty famous. Opt for him;

Step 3. On the next page, click "Download complete pack"

Step 4. Scroll down to the end and look for "Download from free mirrors". Click the link that appears and you will be redirected to the download server. Because the files are large (it has 6 GB), are divided into parts. Go by downloading one by one and in the end, use WinRar to extract everything. Place all parts in a single folder;

Step 5. Then go to "My Documents Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2014 ". If there is a "graphics" folder, put the downloaded files there. If not, create, and then paste the files;

Step 6. Return to the homepage of the website and download a package of uniform (SS Kits) and a shield (Glossy Logos). The process is identical to the faces, even in operations with WinRar and folders of the game;

Step 7. When you finish all, run the FM. Go to "Preferences", "Interface", select "Reload skin" and uncheck "Use Cache" under "Appearance". Confirm and just wait for the loading of graphics;

Step 8. Start a new game and now when choosing your team you will notice the changes. Now, your game is much more beautiful and complete, is not?