Pokemon X / Y - Walkthrough (3DS) complete solution, solve main storyline, FAQs

The Pokémon is back and with the new Pokémon editions X and Y also a lot of question that inevitably occur during the game. In our Pokémon-X/Y-complete solution we will guide you through the main adventure of the new Kalos region and provide numerous practical tips and tricks for the game. Good luck!

Table of Contents

General Tips
2 FAQ: Starter Pokémon: Igamaro, Fynx, Froxy
3 FAQ: Elements and Types - All the advantages and disadvantages
4 FAQ: Catch Pokémon, Overview of all Poké Balls
5 FAQ: Martial arts
6 FAQ: PokéMonAmi - Features, Benefits
7 FAQ: Super Training
8 FAQ: Berries - planting, breeding, mutations, berry Locations
9 FAQ: Fight Castle
10 FAQ: Player Search System (PSS)
FAQ 11: Coach Promo Studio
12 FAQ: Pokémon Bank (App)
13 Escissia, Aquarellia, Nouvaria forest, Nouvaria City
14 Progrés route (Route 2), Nouvaria forest, overt way Nouvaria City
15 Arena Nouvaria City: Viola
16 Détourné-way (Route 22), Ground Floor-way (Route 4)
17 Illumina City (South Ring), platans Pokémon Lab
18 Couteau-way (Route 5), Vanité, Château Tristesse
19 Rivière-Promenade (Route 7), Palais Avenue (Route 6), Magnus Opus Palace
20 Awaken Snorlax, Muraille Coast Path (Route 8)
21 Petrophia, Rihorn Pass (Route 9)
22 luminous cave, Team flare, Route 8 after Relievera City
23 Relievera City - winning bike, get VM04 strength and more
24 Arena Relievera City: Lino
25 Menhir route (Route 10), Cromlexia, Miroir-way (Route 11)
26 mirror cavity, Yantara City, Tower of Knowledge
27 Gym Leader of Yantara City: Connie
28 back to the tower of knowledge, Fourrage-way (Route 12)
29 Azur Bay, tempera City
30 Arena tempera City: Amaro
31 Illumina-steppe (Route 13), Kalos power plant
32 Back in Illumina City
33 Arena Illumina City: Citro
34 Romantia Forest Road (Route 14), Romantia City
35 Arena Romantia City: Valerie
36 Poké Ball Factory, Brun-Way (Route 15)
37 Hotel ruins, Tristesse-way (Route 16)
38 Frescora, Frost Cave
39 Mamoswine-way (Route 17), Fluxia City
40 Arena Fluxia City: Astrid
41 Team flare in Illumina City, Laboratory of Flordelis
Begin 42 return to Cromlexia flare-secret base, Xerneas / Yveltal
43 Cromlexia, Vallée-ETROITE-way (Route 18), Omega Cave, Mosaia
44 Vallée-Large-way (Route 19), Fractalia City
45 Irrwald (Route 20), Pokémon Village
46 Gym Leader of Fractalia City: Galantho
47 Dernier-way (Route 21), Victory Road
48 Pokemon League: preparation
49 Top Four: Pachira, Narcisse, Thymelot, Dracena, Champion Diantha

General Tips

There are also plenty of smaller, general tweaks that need to be considered to get the most out of Pokémon X / Y. Especially beginners should take a few things for the first steps of their adventure to remember.

1st Training is everything. Since you do not too bad from time to time take a little practice round against wild Pokémon or to train your little monsters on other way. The higher your level, the stronger the stretching and the easier you will know the numerous battles may exist. At the beginning this may still represent less of a problem, but that can change very quickly. Only if you regularly level up a bit, you will be able to keep up long term.

2 Pokémon X / Y is a cluttered RPG - play it that way. At almost every corner there is something new to discover, many people have valuable information and only when you explore your surroundings carefully, you will have a chance to discover as many facets of the game. Therefore, Hastily nothing and take your time: Away from the main story, there are plenty of worthwhile pastimes.

3 Learn the pros and cons of the basic Pokétypen or elements as possible by heart! Each Pokémon and each attack is assigned to at least one of a total of 17 different elements, which has its own individual strengths and weaknesses. Only the least are about to open up, however, by logical thinking. Water is effective against fire - no problem. But you'd know from the head, how the element behaves dragon in the battle against Unlicht? Knowledge of the differences is one of, if not the most important keys in the fighting. Whoever just blindly uses the strongest attack his monster, without paying attention to the elements will quickly reach its limits.

4 Pack enough a Poké Balls. Few things are more annoying than to finally find a rare Pokémon and not being able to catch. Especially the more powerful creatures usually stay not in the first ball that you throw at them - that's why you always have enough in my backpack and buys when possible, especially the "best" Poké Balls, which are available in the shop.

5 Go regularly to the Pokémon Center. In virtually every city you will find a practical facilities that free all Pokémon to full health again, leading her with you. Take this offer as often as possible in claim to always fight at full strength can.

6 Stores regularly. Short not paying attention and it's happened: You have a legendary Pokémon accidentally defeated and thus can not catch, you have a strong Pokémon can unlearn his best attack and so mistakes are easily made at Pokémon X / Y, the effects are often enormous. Therefore Get used immediately to save regularly in order to iron out such errors by reloading again can.

FAQ: Starter Pokémon: Igamaro, Fynx, Froxy

Much has changed in the Pokémon games over the years, but the mandatory select the starting monster not. Time they get up a little earlier, sometimes later, sometimes by a professor - but always there are three different Pokémon to choose from, each of which represents the element of water, fire, and plant.

Note: In the case of Pokémon X / Y, you will receive strictly speaking, even two different starter Pokémon. At the beginning of your journey that starts in Kalos, you choose from one of the new, described below beings. Have you finally until after Kanto, the original region from the first two editions of red and blue, all the trash, you are on the professor one of the very first starter Pokémon in the world. Quite right belongs: Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur are meant. Let this fact with perfectly your start with decision feed. Who needs two fire-starter?

Choosing your first Pokémon is perhaps the most important in the game. While counting the three fighters at the end of the training not to the absolute forefront of what it is to tame in X and Y, but depending on the play you will be very, very long with one of three on the road and it may never be put on the bench. For beginners Fynx is the best choice, as you will encounter at the beginning of the game on numerous Beetle Pokémon, which are particularly vulnerable to fire. Also, the first Gym Leader, viola, relies on beetle-fighters.

Remember that you can only get by swapping with other players the other two starters.

Plant Starter: Igamaro

This little guy is named Igamaro and is the plant-starter. Since this element monsters are relatively difficult to play by nature, you should exactly you consider whether your adventure is to begin with this guy. Also, the first arena battle will not necessarily easier, because you with Beetle Pokémon wants to collar Viola. At level 16, the guy developed in Igastarnish before it finally reached its final form at level 36. As visually impressive Brigaron "learns" your Pokémon also the element fight - together with the type of plant quite a quirky and unique blend.

Fire Starter: Fynx

The Fire Starter is in the 3DS editions X / Y is a small fox-like Fynx which to Rutena and with level 36 eventually becomes Fennexis from level 16. Like the other two starter Pokémon it receives in its final form, a second element class, so that you ultimately have a fire-Psycho-fighter in your team. Not necessarily a bad choice. Because within the first minutes of the game and hours also many bug-type Pokémon will cross your path, beginning with the Fynx is the easiest to master.

Water Starter: Froxy
Froxy is what Squirtle was 14 years ago. The water starter completes your choices and, like his two colleagues, various advantages and disadvantages. At level 16, the little frog to Amphizel, impressive is it at level 36, when the Pokémon in Quajutsu transformed and the second element is given Unlicht.

FAQ: Elements and Types - All the advantages and disadvantages

What was once a simple stone-paper-scissors principle with only a few different types began, after several iterations, now grown many new items and even more minor changes to a (almost) unüberschaubarem colossus: the various Pokémon element types.

What are items or Pokétypen?

For the few of you who have actually never seen a Pokémon game in the fingers, followed at this point a brief introduction to the principle of the elements.

Each Pokémon and attack each associated with at least one of 17 different types, the basic rock-paper-scissors principle still applies. So that means that every element over another is the advantage and disadvantage at least. Some can be logically deduced (water beats about fire), but with so many different classes you will ultimately have no choice, as the ratios to each other to learn by heart.

Attack bonus for the same type (STAB)

Does the attacking Pokémon the same element as the attack currently used, the damage is increased by 50 percent. One speaks of "Same Type Attack Bonus", which is of essential importance in later, more serious fighting. Therefore respects from the outset, you always decide in doubt for the attack of the same type as your Pokemon when you have the choice.

Reading the table

In the overview below you will find all 17 elements in the confrontation, and it is important to distinguish between four different effects. Notice in particular, that the comparison is always the element of attack the attacker (not the Pokémon yourself!) And the defensive Pokémon relates.


Forget the theory, now we are approaching the whole thing in a practical way. For any effect we give you one example each, so you can imagine the system of concrete.

Example 1: Normal attack
Fynx (fire) sets the attack Scratch (Normal) against Froxy (water). Since the attack is in a neutral relationship with the element of the defensive Pokémon, the attack is carried out with a normal strength of 100 percent.

Example 2: Very effective
Fynx (fire) sets the attack Scratch (Normal) against

Example 3: Very effective and STAB bonus
Fynx (fire) uses the attack embers (fire) against Igamaro (Plant). The damage amounts to 300 per cent (1.5 x 2 = 3), since not only the attack has an advantage over the defensive Pokémon (x2), but the element of the attacking Pokémon and attack are the same (x1, 5) .

Example 4: Maximum possible damage
Ideally, you can extend the damage dealt to whole 600 percent. But both a STAB bonus (x1, 5) and a double weakness in the enemy (2 x 2) must be present. Accesses as an electric Pokémon an opponent of the water-flight with an electric attack, which struck the creature is 6 times the damage (1.5 x 2 x 2 = 6) plug.

Example 5: No effect
Fynx (fire) sets the attack Scratch (Normal) against Gastly (spirit). As always, the first attack is evaluated and this has no effect ("0" in the table) has Nebulak takes no damage.

FAQ: Pokémon catch, Overview of all Poké Balls

A total of 450 Pokémon in Pokémon, it is X / Y to catch to complete the Pokédex. Not all of them you run in the wild on the way, but the lion's share will you have to start with a Poké Ball in the traditional way. Will take a while and can easily become quite corrosive - just when some copies just do not want to be caught. However, there are a few tips that the probability that
the Pokémon is after the third wobble still in the ball can be boosted significantly.

Lowering force points (KP)

Pokémon knowledge base. The most effective way to significantly weaken a Pokemon before catching attempt is. The less remaining credits it has, the higher the likelihood that you can catch it successfully. Try your opposite always beharken extent until its remaining energy becomes red - until the ideal moment has come. Of course, it requires a bit of tact and happiness. If you suppose suddenly lands a hit, well do more harm than planned, that's just bad luck.

Attempts therefore always be set to attacks whose effects can best foresee her and waived status changes that damage the health of the to be caught Pokémon permanently (as burns or poison). Is the creature namely to tame somewhat tougher, it may well happen that they were defeated by the continuous KP Loss before her she could you catch. Would be stupid.

Targeted cause status changes

As already explained in the above point, is of changes that have a negative effect on the health of the Pokémon, rather discouraged. Instead it uses paralysis and sleep - adds her your opposite one of these status changes to the fishing chance increases quite considerably!

Save Before one Pokémon

In the course of your adventure you will encounter some Pokémon that appear in the game only once. If you defeat this by mistake and not fall prey, you have no second chance. The first opportunity for this comes relatively early, if you meet the Snorlax on Route 7. Such situations you recognize mostly because the Pokémon is actually visible and not you just met in the tall grass. Saves in such cases from always unconditional to try it again if need be can.

Overview of all Poké Balls

About 14 different Pokéballarten you need to be informed at best, if you always make the right decision in the heat of the moment and want to maximize your chances of success with it. There is here a regular ball without special skills and those that are characterized by specific properties.

Poké Ball

The ordinary Poké Ball is the model that will begin her your adventure. As the game progresses, the Poké Ball, which you can buy in any supermarket, but soon too weak and no real alternative more.


The super ball is superior to its predecessor in every respect and is available in any supermarket, after you have defeated Viola, the Gym Leader of Nouvaria City.


For money you can hardly buy a better ball basically. The fishing gear in the elegant design stands out from the Super Ball in all respects and is available in any supermarket, once you have managed to get three medals.

Master Ball

The best of all balls with a catch rate of 100 percent. You will receive him as a reward after the rescue of the Pokémon Factory and the main prize in the ID lottery center. Think about exactly when you used it!

Premier Ball

This customer will receive their gift every time you buy at least 10 regular Poké Balls at once. In his role he is like the Poké Ball like peas in a pod.

Nest Ball

This green-brown model, Pokémon to be caught very easily, their level is very low - what the nest ball almost makes almost completely useless, since you can just as well use a standard Poké Ball. You can copy this into the Poké Ball boutique in Illumina City as well as in supermarkets in Relievera City and Illumina City and City Fractalia buy.

Beetles and water Pokémon can be captured easily with the netball. You get it wherever you can get hold of even the nest ball.

Finster ball

In dark caves, evening and night of darkness ball is a very good choice. Available in the Poké Ball boutique in Illumina City as
well as in supermarkets in Relievera City and Fractalia City.

Flott ball
The sooner it starts the ball Flott in the fight, the higher the success rate. This blue and yellow model is available for purchase in the Poké Ball Boutique in Illumina City as well as in supermarkets in tempera City and Fractalia City.

Timer Ball

Quasi the counterpart to Flott Ball: The more rounds the fight has lasted, the greater are your chances with this version. Also purchase locations are the same.

Have you already caught a Pokemon of this variety, there is a second of this kind can be significantly easier task. Availability: see Flott ball.

Luxury Ball

With this ball caught Pokémon faster trusting. The Luxury Ball is only available in the Poké Ball boutique in Illumina City.
Dive Ball

With the diving Polo Water-type Pokémon are easier to catch. He is also only available in the Poké Ball boutique.

Healing Ball

A caught with this ball Pokémon is automatically healed. Only makes sense if you have a free space in your team. Available in the Poké Ball boutique in Illumina City and in the supermarkets in Illumina City and Fractalia City.

FAQ: martial arts

In the blue and red editions, there were only normal one-on-one battles, were added later group fights, when could always take the same number of Pokémon against each other. Pokémon X / Y extends this martial arts in addition to two other new entries: Sky fights and mass meetings.

Group fights

These are already known from older editions, and were virtually unchanged for Pokémon X / Y. Still can compete against each other, two teams of up to three fighters. Generally speaking, the more participants, the more complex the battle. Notice the initiative value of your companions and chooses her attacks made on this basis. Ideally, they can support together. Also, there is again Pokémon that accrue only as a duo in top form and master special attacks, which are specialized in the team fight.

Mass meetings
Without big announcement you can already relatively early in the game, namely in the tall grass of Route 5, experiencing the first mass encounters. There, you will first talk about this fight style and give a portion of honey, with which you can provoke this your friend Trovato. Be recorded Pokémon battles in all editions so far by the fact that always have the same number of fighters stood in the ring, the balance of power shifts very clearly in this innovation part.

Maximum up to five Pokémon can now meet at once, with her always only one active fighters have in the field, which can make the whole thing, of course, quite unfair to you. By far the best cards you have therefore by the targeted insertion of attacks that can hit multiple Pokémon at once, such as earthquakes or Starblaze.

In addition, your attacker need not necessarily be of the same type, even different Pokémon can suddenly attack you in a group. After all, you should usually have a significant level advantage over the opponent's Pokémon, as these are a bit below the average of the respective environment from Level ago with most mass encounters.

Sky fights

Sky fights are the second of the new types of combat and not quite as steep - but not with any Pokémon debatable. If by mass encounters in principle all the fighters in the ring, Pokémon are sky battles, as the name suggests, only airworthy possible. This must be to bird-like companion is not mandatory. Also floating creatures, as it is the spirit Pokémon Haunter can plunge into this airy battles. In general: Each creature type with the ability to hover or flight is suitable for the sky fights.

FAQ: PokéMonAmi - Features, Benefits

Use the arrow buttons on the upper right and left edges on the touch screen (or by pressing the R or L button) you can be almost any time PokéMonAmi function start. It allows you not only to build a better bond with your trusted companions, but also to achieve effective benefits for the next fights as well as long-term bonuses. Reason enough to see the whole thing a little closer

Three basic functions are available to you at PokéMonAmi to choose from: Deko, mini-games and changes. In the following, we go to each of the three above aspects.


Probably the least important aspect of PokéMonAmi. Here you can basically came to do more than to change the design of the program background in the overview menu. Use the arrows on the two upper sides of screen you can choose from different motives, and essentially only change the color of the background. Individual's will with the placeable objects that you will receive with your Pokémon then for hardworking games and when.

These can be placed anywhere - unlike the Pofflés that are stehts placed in the middle. With the help of these sweets Pokémon can be lured foreign coaches who then pounce, under certain circumstances on the chicks. With any luck, they let you in gratitude one, two gifts there. This may be new Pofflés or other motives.


Here you will spend by far the most time PokéMonAmi. The currently selected Pokémon can be seen at full size on the touch screen where you can caress it now. This is the easiest and fastest way to increase the affection for their own stretching a little. Also appears at the lower left of the screen a yellow smiley, the 3DS has recognized your face and makes funny grimaces. Does it simply what is required of you and your Pokémon will thank you with a cheerful cheerfulness.

The pink Pofflé icon on the top left of the screen lets you feed the candy, which can lead to a direct impact on the next battles by themselves. However, not every Pokémon like each Pofflé and also too much at once you should not give them to eat.

A total of three mini-games hidden behind the green note in the upper right Bildschirmran, each of which offers three different levels of difficulty, but which need to be unlocked only with good benefits. For all mini-games Pofflés and motifs can be obtained.

Berry crop

Three Pokémon from your team are at the bottom of the screen and want a certain three different berries hanging permanently on the tree again and again. Do not waste time trying to give the Pokémon itself attention, but pays attention solely on the desired berry.
Screenshot: Complete solution: main plot resolved, FAQs, tips and tricks Pikachu practicing headers with ball of wool on clouds with a rainbow. Help.


Only one, at the end of up to three Pokémon are as ready for the grape harvest. Where its it, make the guy a little hop up. In this way, you have as many balls of wool behind each other up in the air. The actual size of the Pokémon plays basically no role; their "bounce" is always the same.

Berry crop

Three Pokémon from your team are at the bottom of the screen and want a certain three different berries hanging permanently on the tree again and again. Do not waste time trying to give the Pokémon itself attention, but pays attention solely on the desired berry.


Only one, at the end of up to three Pokémon are as ready for the grape harvest. Where its it, make the guy a little hop up. In this way, you have as many balls of wool behind each other up in the air. The actual size of the Pokémon plays basically no role; their "bounce" is always the same.

Puzzle boards

A simple sliding puzzle lock firmly in place at the perfect positioned parts, which makes the whole thing of course much easier. Pay attention at the start exactly at the subject shown and shapes it to you one as well as possible - after you have to nachbasteln it. Also mind that all parts can be exchanged with each other, so they do not have to be about right next to each other.


Each of the up to six Pokémon on your team you can here take a closer look at the replacement and to play with him. In addition, each of the three different needs trust are (can be increased by petting, etc.), satiety and fun (is increased by mini-games) is displayed. Yard so every now and again a look inside.

FAQ: Super Training

Were the Pokémon editions designed over the years more and more complex than simple, the new Super training is one of the few and most of all meaningful simplification. Quite different, as the name implies, this all-important mini-game, however, is not intended to raise the level of your Pokémon - this is still possible only by fighting in which their accumulated experience points. The Super Training is intended solely to increase the individual values of your Pokémon, so-called EV.

What are EV points?

EV is an abbreviation of the English term Effort Value, which can be loosely translated as an expense value. Together with the DV (Determinate Value - predetermined Were) determine the status of the EV expression of your Pokémon - but with the important difference that you can specifically distribute the EV, while DV predetermined and unalterable. The EV are invisible, so there does not appear to you directly from the game, which of course greatly complicates the whole thing. At level 100 are four EV points an increase of a value of one point - providing a maximum of two of the various status values maximized. While EV were assigned automatically in previous Pokémon editions by defeating Pokémon (every Pokémon assigns different numbers of EVs on a committed value), thereby annoying count and partly miserably long training was necessary, this process is now much easier by the super workout. Here you can specifically improve the status value of your companions - and that much clearer, more efficient and faster than ever before.

You can reach the Super training over the same path such as PokéMonAmi, ie by the arrows in the upper left and right of the touch screen. There you will first need to choose a Pokémon to be trained. However, the stretching did not always feel like a sparring round: If necessary, you have to lift her spirits with PokéMonAmi only a little until they are ready to step into the ring.

In Supertraining there are two different types of training that complement each other.

Super Workout tasks

The basic task of these mini-games is always the same: Promoted balls into the opponent's goal and conceded even possible no results. Bottom right you can always see the points needed, as well as your counter already made. Have you reached the required points within the time limit, the round is completed successfully and you get different sandbags, which in turn are essential for basic training.

Basic Training

The basic training you will reach on the small green button on the lower right of the screen. Here you set the won the Super Sandbag training to specifically improve the EV of your Pokémon. Click themselves time and again on the bag or wait until your partner is doing itself - but this can sometimes take a while.

Distribution of values

For the first time Nintendo has built into Pokémon X / Y also a visualization of distributed EV. Based on the scores plot you can see exactly how many points have already been distributed to which status values. The inner dark green extension shows the base values of the respective Pokémon, the lighter outer the previous improvements. The bar on the right, however, next to the already distributed visualized EV. If it is full, all the EV spread and thus no more training possible.

FAQ: Berries - planting, breeding, mutations, berry Locations

In the two (or four) previous editions Pokémon Black / White and Black 2/Weiß 2 Beer rearing was removed from the plot and made available in the Dream World separately - now the popular feature is again fully integrated into the game and the even larger and more complex than ever before.

What are the benefits of berries

First of all berries are practical items that can you give to support your Pokémon. Unlike man-made objects can take advantage of the delicious fruit even your companion when the time is right. If the health of a Pokémon that bears a berry with a corresponding effect during the fight about below a certain value, it is plastered independently and the ailing KP refresh so a little. This also applies for status changes, and other effects. In addition, berries in Illumina City can mix to juices, which in turn have their own effects.

Where is the growth of berries possible?

Leads to the southern path of Route 7, the lower the bridge on which it has the Snorlax to made a little cozy in the course of action, you will find about halfway a junction. This leads directly to a large berry box that you quasi bequeathed by the owner, if you aufschlagt there the first time. He explains a few basic things that gives you a couple of berries and the Loturzelkanne for immediate Started. In the southwestern corner of the complex you can also find something Wundersaat.

Cultivation of berries

A lot of you can not go wrong. Imagine to any of several suitable spots clay, pressed the A button and selects the berry from which you want to plant them at this point. Depending on how dry the soil is, you have this yet then irrigate. Remember to do this every day if possible, so that the berry does not dry up. No gain without pain. Also weeding regularly weed and sells wild Beetle Pokémon, if that curl up into your trees.

An important feature of mutations that can occur when their various berries by planting next to each other. Throughout the game there are 13 types of berries that can only be obtained in this way. So be quiet a little experiment. After your first mutations you will fortunately approached by a researcher, the book about the different intersections leads. So you can not always look up which berries have already crossed it and what.

Mulch: Benefits and manufacturing

Only through the targeted use of the various places you mulch makes the most out of your small garden plot. For the preparation you need only a few berries that you throw into the compost bin.


This mulch increases the yield of your harvest berries and can be produced by mixing three berries with different colors.
Miracle mulch

If you want to breed them for mutations specifically, the miracle mulch is the fertilizer of your choice: It increases the probability of intersections. Uses three berries of the same color in the compost bin to make it.
Usury mulch

The more times you irrigate your berries, the more you will be able to harvest at the end when you take advantage of the miracle mulch. It is produced by the mixing of two berries and a berry of the same with a different color.
Ultra mulch

The name says it: all three effects of the previous mulch varieties are united by Ultra mulch in itself - but with a little tweak, since the drying out of the soil increases the likelihood of mutations here. Miracle mulch can be prepared only by the mixing of two types of berries that emerged from mutations.

Locations of the various berry trees in Kalos

Since you also can not grow without berries, it is of essential, in advance to have such a comprehensive collection as possible. In the following overview you find all the trees of the game.

Route 5: Sinelbeere
Route 6: Gauvebeere
Route 7: Persimbeere
Route 8: Magobeere
Route 10: Yapabeere
Route 11: Tsitrutbeere
Route 12: Wilbirbeere
Route 14: Hibisbeere
Route 15: Jonagobeere
Route 16: Prunusbeere
Route 18: Kerzalbeere
Route 19: Kiroyabeere
Route 20: Zitarzbeere
Route 21: Giefebeere
Route 22: Tanigabeere

FAQ: Fight Castle

As the landscape is painted in the middle of Route 7: the magnificent battle castle. This is the ideal place for training and making money - but not on from the start. The impressive building you get the opportunity to compete against all kinds of noble coach and earn yourself a high-ranking noble title.

Noble titles and prices

A total of six different titles of nobility you can work out you by hard-working (and especially successful) fighting in battle castle. The title of Baron / Baroness get her already when first entering, but up to a sonorous tone of these has no particular benefit. It is rather a kind of ticket - your spurs you have you yet to earn.

This happens automatically because of the completion of numerous battles in the battle castle, where you only learn if you are again went up a rank when you leave the building. Only then a butler where appropriate approach you and inform about the rise of a new nobility. If not, come back, continue to fight, to win. Depending on how high is your title, you also have the option after every fight to get certain prices of your opponents (besides the often high prize money and the experience for Pokémon).

The following titles and corresponding prices can be started in gaining:

First Baron / Baroness - Pearl
Second Viscount / Viscountess - stardust
3rd Count / Countess - Giant Pearl
4th Marquis / Marquise - Star Piece / Nugget / Triperle
5th Duke / Duchess - Nugget / Giant Nugget
6th Grand Duke / Grand Duchess - Comets piece

Letter of invitation

If you have a few bucks for a rainy day and you want to get significantly more efficient at higher title of nobility as well as more enemies, you should take a look at the different invitation letters throw. For a not very small amount, these ship and thus new coach "pull," which in turn can you challenge to battle.

Notice this necessarily mean that the letter sent are valid until midnight of the same day only. So give your hard-earned money for it only if you also have enough time for the battle castle - anything else would be a waste of money.

There are a total of seven different invitation letters to choose from, but not at the beginning. Some of you will receive until after the rise of a new nobility, but all can influence certain parameters. You can play around with higher prize money, reduce the level of your opponents / increase and invite a larger number of coaches. What effect causes which invitation letter, how much Pokédollar shell out for her and whether a specific title of nobility is provided, you can extract the following list.

Letter of invitation

Cost: 50,000
Prerequisite: None
Effect: Larger number of different coaches in the castle

Silver letter of invitation

Cost: 100,000
Prerequisite: Marquis / Marchioness
Effect: Significantly greater number of different coaches in the castle

Golden letter of invitation

Cost: 100,000
Prerequisite: Count / Countess
Effect: Prize money increases by 50 percent

Blue challenge writing

Cost: 10,000
Prerequisite: Duke / Duchess
Effect: Level lowering opponent's Pokémon by 10

Challenge writing

Cost: 50,000
Prerequisite: Viscount / Viscountess
Effect: Level increase opposing Pokémon of 5

Red challenge writing

Cost: 100,000
Prerequisite: Duke / Duchess
Effect: Level increase opposing Pokémon by 10

Black challenge writing

Cost: 300,000
Prerequisite: Grand Duke / Grand Duchess
Effect: Level increase opposing Pokémon by 20

FAQ: Player Search System (PSS)

The player search system is your interface with other players and the focal point for almost every internet option that is available in Pokémon X / Y. Outside of fighting is your touch screen most of the time occupied by the main screen of the PSS, which primarily serves, you see other players (friends, acquaintances and passers-by). Only after you have the menu button is activated, shows the true power of the multi function menu.

Click her right here to a player to get a detailed list of the different interaction possibilities appear and to make him or her a compliment. It is possible to fight battles, trade Pokémon and hold chats with friends. The respective coaches promoters can be found here. The following functions are available to you in the main menu of the PSS are available:


The fastest way for an exciting fight. Disputes can be held both via infrared, either locally or over the Internet. Match their online, there are also a few more choices with which the kind of fight can be determined exactly.


You want to exchange Pokémon? Then you are exactly right. As with the fighting can an exchange through an infrared connection, be performed locally or online.

Fight Plaza
This is not quite so simple. In The Fight Plaza can be both fast random matches as well as extensive Tournaments contest for her but before you mandatory under the platform at the Pokémon Global Link www.pokemon-gl.com must register.

Wonder exchange

Nervous fawns slightly different way gets her taken when miracles exchange. You know the normal exchange always that monster is composed of an equal to your team, you have here until the very end no idea. Simply select from a Pokémon that want to send her and let yourself be surprised that you get for it in return. Basically nothing more than a nice gag.

Fortunately signal

Are you ever short sayings of the other players noticed in the PSS menu? This can be entered on happiness signal.


About the Holo-Log you will supplied directly with fresh information on Pokémon, you can communicate using the StreetPass feature of your 3DS with other players and such stuff.

Global Trade Station (GTS)

Ultimately, the GTS is the eBay of the Pokémon exchange. If you find currently no players, who sought your Pokémon or would like to share with you, you can search for it here actively and even offer a creature in exchange. On the basis of various parameters you can specify exactly what you are looking. And the best part: You do not even have to be online for the exchange process. Got your Pokémon set, everything happens more automatically and without your intervention. Damn handy!

Game Sync

Via the menu item Game Sync you can make an indirect connection between Pokémon X and Y and the Pokémon Global Link (PGL). The latter is a specially equipped website ( www.pokemon-gl.com ) exchange through the her about your game progress with other players, upload photos or exchange Poké-miles can. For this, we need only to create an account on that side and enter there your Spielsychro ID that will get her out of this menu item of PSS.

O power

O forces are short-term improvements of certain values that you get together occasionally by Mr.. You may be able to yourselves or other active players attempt to use - but not unlimited powers at once. The more you used them, the more effective they will be over time.


This is nothing more than your friends list basically. Lay down your firm favorites to contact these players faster and not to lose sight of. Up to 100 entries almost this database.

My Profile

Here you can offer your profile that other players on the PSS can also be appreciated by your own buttons.

PSS Options

Options that you just could need in dealing with the PSS. Will you not allow PSS data transmission, for example, you can set it up here.

FAQ: Trainer Promo Studio

Actually a strange break: While it always countless creatures and possibilities existed in the Pokémon games to individualize this, the playable character was never more than a pale Avatar - a kind of projection screen for whatever you desire, so to speak. Pokémon X / Y that change now. You can not you just buy clothes even create ten-second clips that are a kind of business card. Ten seconds, over and above the (more or less) can freely dispose. This allows you the coach promo Studio.

This can be found on the south ring in Illumina City behind platans Pokémon Lab. Each of the various services, is free - so you can play around merrily. If you are the first time there, you should go to the green screen over at the counter and chat with the girl, which stands around there first. She gives you a lens case, which includes different colored contact lenses. This you can from now on in each locker room as clothes go. Cool thing. Such a course can be found in the Trainer Promo Studio. Links of the two counter you can always change your outfit.

Mask: change makeup

While your clothes are always visible, you have for your promo clips in addition the ability to customize your appearance in the mask. Is this just in the room on the left and talk to the woman waiting there. You can choose between different changes you.

Facial features
Plenty of choice does not exist here. You can only choose between the options freckles, choose natural look and make-up removal.

Beard growth
Even more interesting, even if the results unfortunately do not look as cool as you would hope. You can choose between stubble, mustache, natural look and make-up removal.

The last category covers anything that does not want to quite fit into the previous one. The following choices you have: Red cheeks, sticking plaster, tears of joy, Poké Ball, scars, whiskers and black stripes.

Hit selection? Then you just have to select "I'm done" Select to see a preview. This is of course not final and may have changed at any time. If you are satisfied with everything, it then goes to the rotation of your clips.

Record clip

The actual rotation is quickly brought on the stage. Accosted the guy left at the counter, and you choose whether your style is to be more cheerful, cool or funny. It's best to simply try all three again and looks behind, which do you like best. If the video is finished, you can release this still in the PSS, so that other players can also see your work of art.

Edit Clip

That was all just the beginning. Only when you have turned at least a clip, you can edit it in many ways. Go for it on the PC next to the dressing room (or any other) and selects the point Trainer Promo Studio. Now you just need to choose one of the three memory slots and you can you your creativity run free. Each of the ten seconds can be edited separately. Quite a challenge but can be worth quite. The following settings are available to you:

Background image
Here you can adjust in several stages and select background subjects trainer, starry sky, blue sky, city, Pink, Underwater, Sunset, Forest, dots, flowers field, and Magma, the brightness of the image.

Also not unimportant: How is your character stand to the camera? This can be set under "orientation of the Figure." Smaller movements such as waving or the interleaving of the arms can be adjusted in "orientation of the Figure", while the item "silhouette" doing what you can expect: put a black shadow on the star.

Facial expressions
You can both view and adjust the mouth of the trainer and let him thus partly look very different.

With a decent selection of music clips can be every single second again make individual.

Sound Effect
Many different acoustic gadgets you can also import the music here. Should not overdo it.

A coach is only as good as his Pokémon - reason enough to give the companions also have their place in the sun. Therefore, can be below this point the Pokémon in the first position of your team to get in front of the camera.

Special Effect
Whether rain or cool upbeat lights: At special effects are not lacking.

Selects various camera shots and sets your star so specifically in the scene.

Finally, you can choose from a small predetermined pool of various text overlays that include all your names. Creating your own slogans is not possible, after all, but selecting the text color as well as the orientation of the font.

FAQ: Pokémon Bank (App)

A major problem for many years Pokémon fans has always been the edition overarching move their little fight monsters. Who was going to take his favorites in new games, had hitherto always before more or less annoying problems. Nintendo has finally accepted this fact and provides you with the paid app Pokémon Bank the possibilities, much easier to carry out the swap in the future.

From 27 December 2013 the app will be available until 31 January 2014 be free of charge. After you have the Service 4.99 Euro per year cost. But what exactly do you get for it?

For one, you offers the Pokémon bank plenty of storage space for the little monsters. In each of the more than 100 boxes you can store 30 Pokémon, making the Bank as a whole can accommodate up to 3,000 creatures - more than you probably will ever need.

However, the really special thing about the app is the networking of the various Pokémon editions with each other. The Pokémon Box acts as a kind of interface between the editions White and Black, White 2 Black and 2, X and Y, and the later subsequent games. The storage system is to enable you to bequeath your Pokémon in the future your children even once. Whether it really needs, in turn, is another matter.

Note: If you Pokémon editions of Black / White want to transfer 1/2, it additionally requires the PokéMover or Poké transporter. Just so you can load onto the bench and re-distribute from there the pocket monsters. But be careful: From the DS editions of can only move in one direction, as is also apparent from the graph you your fighter. Poké Transportation is provided to you free of charge if you use the bank. From X / Y you can cheerfully back and exchanged optionally other hand.

Since the Pokémon bank at the time of the appearance of Pokémon X / Y is not yet available, we can give you at this point, no further guidance regarding the mechanics of the DLC. Just take a look there again, if that little extra from the 27 December 2013 is available for download. But Prinzipill applies: Since the first month will be free and not have to pay her a penny, it can not hurt to try out the app itself once. For very active Pokémon player of five per year should not be a problem anyway.

Escissia, Aquarellia, Nouvaria forest, Nouvaria City

Business as Usual: Before you can plunge into the adventure, you have a few words of a Pokémon professor over you endure. This time is called the guy Platan and adheres pleasantly short. You choose your game language (remember that you can no more change this!) As well as your gender and appearance. Both have no impact on the gameplay basically, so just choose what you like best and rename your character then.

A strikingly handsome intro later you were already hatched in the shoes of your old ego and somewhat rudely awakened by a Pokémon. Not that you start your journey even verschlaft. Look at little in your four walls around, get familiar with the slightly revised, more delicate control and equips your mother on the ground floor a visit. As befits a woman Mama, this of course has nothing but the best for their child in mind - and sends you the same again upwards. Your stuff is still in sleep: Not necessarily the perfect clothes for a great adventure. Go therefore fix up the stairs into your room, stand there in front of the large mirror and presses the B button. In no time the clothes are changed. Now off you go, yes. After a few encouraging words from mom it goes outside. Two girls are waiting for you, Serena, your neighbor and the bold Sannah. Much to say but they do not have: No sooner have they advised you to stop by the professor, they disappear again north to Aquarellia. Theoretically, you can now immediately follow them, it can not hurt, however, for the time being just a little to do with your home village Escissia familiar - even if there is not much to discover. By holding down the B button you can use and make progress much faster you your turbo transgressors.

Have you inspected more closely the few houses in the neighborhood, it's north of the village on the short Escissia to the next bigger city Aquarellia.


The two girls from just now already waiting at cafe table in the foyer for you - along with two other people. Tierno and Trovato are weird but honest types. Not the worst friends you can have. Thus the friendship of young people taking a good beginning, ye shall equal times to give you a nickname. Selects one of the proposals or typed a private one - your buddy will henceforth call you so.

Now, however, comes a significantly difficult decision: that of the starter Pokémon. As in all other editions of the series also, you have the choice between a plant, fire and water-type Pokémon. Shipyard best a look at our fitting FAQ if you're not sure with which the tots want to play her. Go wrong you can basically nothing, why ye should decide in doubt, just for the sympathetic pocket monster. With a new companion in tow, you will receive even the obligatory Pokédex that records all encounters with the creatures like an encyclopedia and a letter from the professor, addressed to your mother. Why waste time: Bring him home right away.

Or not: Will you leave Aquarellia, you Sannah calls out to your first Pokémon battle. Too hard this does not fall off, because they always chooses the starter Pokémon that is inferior to your unit from her (your choice falls on Fynx for example, will they opt for Igamaro). The remaining creature will grab Serena. In this respect, you focus on the element of your attack fighter, can not have too much to go wrong and you won your first win. Feels good, does it?

But now do not waste more time: Crosses again the Escissia path and bring your mother's letter just received. Of course it would be - even on your first Pokémon, also congratulated you. You are now large, already for an adventure, you have to take responsibility - you can watch the lyre. Having you still packed a few things (all so grown up you are obviously not yet) has presented and a map of the Kalos region, you are finally ready to go.


Back to Aquarellia. After your short first visit to the city you can now explore this in more detail - and in fact there is so much to see. The stairs at the entrance leads to a small fountain plaza. A very few inhabitants cavort around on the streets and have a little chat with you, even if they have little to say of interest basically. Much more exciting are attendance shops of Aquarellia. In the left building you have erstmlaig the opportunity you stock up on Poké Balls that are for catching Pokémon indispensable. Buys quiet three-piece, much more you will not need for the time being. You will learn in a moment why this is so.

Run past the fountain in the opposite shops: In the lower can you buy potions (since you already already have two pieces in a bag, they are not a must for the time being), above dwells a nice guy, who heals your Pokemon for free. Practical.

Everything under the microscope? Then get ready for the first fights against wild Pokémon.

Progres-way (Route 2)
The north leave their town a trendy bridge that ends right at the Progres-way. In the tall grass of Route 2, you will first encounter wild Pokémon that you'll catch too. Exactly how it works, explain Serena and Sannah, after ye have passed through the first small grass area. More detailed information on the entire process can be found in our FAQ, the most important thing here again in a nutshell.

The weakened is a Pokémon, the higher the probability that it remains in the Poké Ball thrown. So it has to throw a ball very little sense if the creature is still completely fit. The fishing opportunities also increase if the Pokémon is paralyzed or asleep. As the game progresses you will also find a number of other Poké Balls that can offer tremendous advantages in different situations. Savvy? Then it's time to put theory into practice. Kindly, you get paid once ten Poké Balls (that's why it was previously not necessary, so many to buy at once). Try your luck here in the tall grass out right now and trying to catch at least one Pokemon. However, taking care to ensure the health of your starter - this is defeated, it was that the nice guy in Aquarellia will heal your Pokémon at any time free of charge - take this offer rather too early than too late. At the end of the short route 2 is still your first fight is waiting for another Trainier on you (if one disregards Sannah). However, the guy has no more than a Zigzagoon Level 5 Not a big problem.

Nouvaria forest

As soon as you have only one foot in the somewhat seedy Nouvaria forest set Sannah appears and closes itself to you happy, as it's their essence, to. The Practical: The girl heal your Pokémon at any time, if you interact with them. Basically that makes here the best opportunity to practice a bit and catch new Pokémon. Of which there are plenty here anyway: More than eight different new creatures you can reap here. Since it is not possible, however, to have more than six Pokémon at the same time about to be transferred to the storage boxes of your PC any further. In the next town the first time you have access to it.

Grab the first Poké Ball directly in front of you, which includes a drink. The left of the big tree also there's yet to find a potion and an antidote. If you take both of these before it goes along the right path. After a few meters you give your life grinning companion nor a para-Healer (heals status paralysis), and shortly after Serena also puts out another Poké Ball. One can never have enough of. The following area is finally wait a handful of coaches who want to compete with you. None of them has particularly much on the box, but it can not hurt if you have already collected at the present time a little experience with your Pokémon.

At the output of Nouvaria forest come again all your friends together, talk a little and then wait for the crotchless-way of Route 3 on you.

Opened Way (Route 3)

Phew, finally back out of the dark forest. Your friends have been expected; Serena, you will now the adventure manual, which is a kind of mini-manual. Many or most useful advice you will not find in it, yet it can not hurt to even just a few pages to see the detail. Has up to this meeting resolved, it goes on. Follow the linear path down the stairs and does not scare you before the girl, with plenty of pace over sprayed on you here. But ye will see again soon.

In the tall grass of the area you can again begin new, never been seen before Pokémon and compete against two Trainier. In the lower part, which you achieved the fastest way down her jumps the hill, you will find also a Super Potion. Now it is time, Nouvaria City to visit.

Nouvaria City

Hui, can let herself be seen. Nouvaria City is a whole corner impressive than the previous town (compared to what you have expected, but still a dwarf). Controls after the battles of just first of all the Pokémon Center, the free heals not only your current fighters, but also offers a few other very practical service performance. On the left side you will find a dressing room in which you can anytime switch between the different parts of clothing and accessories that you possess.

On the other, the right side is a small shop. When left traders can buy their more Poké Balls, which is perhaps not a bad idea, while his colleague is provided for you with combat items that are a bit expensive though. Right in front of the central receiving station Pokémon can be found finally a computer with which you have access to the various compartments, which caught Pokémon will transfer. Of course Nouvaria City has much more to offer than the Pokémon Center. The building to the right of it is a clothing store: Here you can not find too many new clothes, with which you can stock up on you. In essence, the choice is limited here to a few caps and pins. For a start, okay.

On the same height as the center and the shop you will find on the left side are two more Häuse whose residents provide you with information. If you want (and have caught on Route 3 a Scoppel), you can in the house left of the Rosaliabrunnen also perform your first Pokémon exchange and receive a Porenta. One can make. In another house of the city you will also push a Superball in the hand, its catch quota that of a normal pokeballs significantly surpasses even a guy in the yellow shirt. In the training school, which is found in the upper middle area of Nouvaria City, you will receive also useful combat tips as well as the items X Attack and X-defense.

Seen it all? Then it's now to the arena of the place where you can win your first medal!

Arena of Nouvaria City: Viola

It is fairly pretentious and hard to miss the golden arena of Nouvaria City. If you drop by your first time here and the building controls in the northeastern city, the entrance of Rollerskaterin Rachel is blocked. The girl has a healthy dose of self-confidence and will leave you a pair of inline, inasmuch as you defeat them in a fight.

Since she has only a Zigzagoon Level 7 in the team, they could indeed have the practical roller skates can also give the same. Is the Good defeated, your character is strapped to the rollers automatically. With the Circle Pad ride keep her from now on outside of buildings much faster and no longer have to permanently the B button to use your Turbo Treads (this work but also in buildings). Defeated? Then make before going into the arena better yet a trip to the local Pokémon Center and heal your companion - this should be as fully recovered before her strutting in this magnificent building.

There you are greeted by a nice guy who loses a few words about Viola, the Gym Leader, and other things. Then Slide down on the rod. You'll land in the middle of an oversized spider web (Beetle Pokémon content), from which you can run only on the thick filaments. You will inevitably multiple viewing directions of the attending coaches here stripe and should this even if you could theoretically get around some of them, definitely do it. The fighters of the Beetle fans are somewhere between Level 7 and 10, and thus a good workout for your own stretching. Have you Fynx chosen as a starter that should be everything a walk here because Beetle Pokémon are particularly vulnerable to fire attacks. With Igamaro and Froxy the thing a bit hefty and there (except for Pansear in Nouvaria Forest) any other fire-type Pokémon are to catch up to this point, you have to will you lay out a different strategy. But basically it is enough if their one, two fighters have reasonably trained and only your starter, if there is at least level 14 or 15, do almost anything on their own.

Remember that you can leave at any time the arena to heal your Pokémon. Counter already defeated coach you have not then compete again, so that you can you piece by piece by those present here to fight.

Gym Leader: Viola

The photographer and Beetle Pokémon Collector Viola waiting under the tent at the top of the arena on you and welcomes you with a few nice words before the fight begins.

It rushes you only a Gehweiher Level 10 of the type Bug / water on the neck, followed by a Vivillon level 12, since the elements Bug / Flight combines. Should you Nouvaria in the forest caught a Pikachu and have already trained it a little, this is your first choice. Uses may also struggle Items X Attack and X-defense that you have received from the nice guy in the Trainierschule. Even one or two potions in your backpack can not hurt. On the whole, Viola should - no matter which starter Pokemon you chose - present a great challenge. Did you defeat the blonde, she hands you the crab Lorden, which allows you to control Pokémon up to Level 30. It also presents you TM83 plague. In the lobby of the arena still waiting the guy from before to you, saying congratulation to victory. A visit to the professor in Illumina City would not be a bad idea, he suggests. He's right.

Détourné-way (Route 22), Ground Floor-way (Route 4)

Now that the first arena order is bagged, there is little reason to stay in Nouvaria City much longer. Heal your companion again in Pokémon Center and makes a small detour to Détourné-way of Route 22

Détourné-way (Route 22)

This one you have to do, it does not cost you but a lot of time and offers the opportunity to compete against a few coaches - and that should give her you never missed. Will you still continue to come as quickly as possible, jump to the next sub-heading of this page.

Rely Nouvaria City in the northeastern direction to the Détourné pathway. Run from the straight path and imagine each of standing around here coach. None of them have a Pokémon in tow, which is about level 9 - so you should have absolutely no problems, if you already have the crab Lorden in your pocket. At the end of the path you go into a stone structure - the way to Victory Road. Introductory ever the air of the professionals: The guy in the center of the building has you out that her only with all eight Order of Kalos-region gain access at this point. Until then, it is still a long away. Also the other output on the right side you can not even use, just as you leave the lady in front of it. So back again. On the way back to Nouvaria City you can shorten tremendously over the steps and there also pick up a Super Potion. Can I use from time to time.

Ground floor-way (Route 4)

After the fighting on Route 22 you should fix walk past the Pokémon Center before you leave the city in a north-westerly direction again. A blonde girl holds you at the output and introduces himself as Alba. The good news is a journalist, the sister of Gym Leader Viola and has a very useful gift for you: the EP-divider. If this item is enabled (which it is by default), the experience points gained in battle from now shared across all the Pokémon in your team.

What follows are a number of battles against local trainers and, if you like, catching new Pokémon. Instead of green grass tufts new creatures propel themselves around here in the yellow and red flower beds. Run as normal through to encounter the beasts. Many of the following Pokémon fighters set for the first time on water Pokémon, so it can not harm you if you have a plant or electric companion there. Higher, however, is none of your opponents as level 10.

The first section is divided into left and right two pretty geometric gardens, in each of which an antidote, protection, Super Potion and Super Ball are hidden. Collect the items on, defeated the gardener with the Corphish Level 10 and walk on to the big square with the imposing fountain. The two Rollerskater here can not begin to stand up to you.

The last section draws a little longer and still holds some times opponents ready. Also, a netball, an ether and poison sting you can find, if you do hang around a bit in the flowers and not blindly run to the end of the path. There a couple waiting for you. Before they even tell you their names, they check your Pokédex by Flabébé that you can catch on the way here. Basically, however, it does not matter whether you did it or not. Only after they introduce themselves as Sina and Dexio. Whether they shall bring you to the Pokémon Lab, they want to know. Replies, as you them anyway not automatically follow here quietly with "Yes". Sina and Dexio walk through the entrance into the city and leave you - you can decide when you want to follow them.

Illumina City (South Ring), platans Pokémon Lab

Far they're not come: Sina and Dexio waiting in the passage on the stragglers. There, they'll keep the TM return to the hand. Then shall ye Sina to the laboratory of Professor Platan follow.

Note: Apparently currently exists a Speicherbug that can cause your game will be destroyed. This is to be partly caused by the fact that their stores on the street in Illumina City. Therefore not a risk and secures your game exclusively indoors, or better yet outside the city. More information can be found here .

Caveat: Illumina City is huge. At present, however, only part of the Südring is accessible due to power failure, we describe them here for the sake of focus and clarity in more detail. Will you rather just move forward with the story, simply jumps to the next subtitle. Although it all here, only a fraction of what Illumina City has to offer, the mere sight is quite overwhelming. Ye turn from the entrance to the left, looking to the left of houses, various possibilities.

First walk-building you will find the tourist office, where you can bring in experience some theoretical information on the transport in the city. Quite interesting, up to date, however, nothing more than mere theory - power failure is thanks. The first floor also ransacked Mr. rubbish just a trash can. Accosted at him and he warps - but it is not your last encounter have been with him. After the office is already platans Pokémon laboratory, we also come later. Follow the road on the same page and you stand before Trainier Promo Studio. This ten-second clips can be added, which can be shared with other players and represent a kind of business card for you. Quite extensive, which is why it's best a look at our FAQ: Trainier Promo Studio shipyard.

Also on the west of the entrance, but on the right side of the road you come first to the nexus cafe. There is still not much going on here, but a few information on various Internet sites of Pokémon X / Y as the Poké miles and PokéMonAmi you get nevertheless already.

Next door (or beyond - depending on how your perspective is) is the local Pokémon Center, where you can also swap first Poké-miles. This gain in every Pokémon exchange with other players. As a thumb rule, the farther the home region of the other 3DS system is away from yours, the more miles will be credited to you. In addition, you automatically collects a few just by walking around in Kalos.

The only previously accessible building on the eastern side of the Südring is the restaurant Solala where their particular battles against other trainers can be completed. But keep in mind that you have to shell out 3,000 PokéDollar for each new attempt. Quite cheap that is not so.

All other areas of Illumina City are unlocked as the game progresses.

Platans Pokémon Lab

If you saw anything or simply have no desire to run around, it goes to the lab. Even if you are told that the professor waits second floor, should you previously briefly by taking a look at the first floor to bag free luxury balls. Then it's off to Platan.

The arises again even before, hardly that you have entered the second floor and you can also stand again. Do not go to him at once, but only to the woman at the bookshelves to the right of you. She gives you TM54 False Swipe. Only now following the meeting with the Professor

Platan takes a look at your Pokédex, is probably the very dufte and is then already interrupted by your friends who also come into the room. A few words are exchanged, then you challenge the Professor to a fight. Here you have again the possibility to save the game or to heal your Pokémon. Absolutely necessary is not, because a lot of scientists has nothing to offer - at least not yet. You are fighting against a Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander, all level 10 As unspectacular's will was the fight so interesting now: You may choose one of the three Pokémon you. Since it is not to any old pocket monsters, the choice should of course be carefully considered. Selects best a companion that does not correspond to the element of your starter, so that both complement each other. Depending on the selected Pokémon and your game version (X or Y) will get her a mega stone to match. Much do ye can not so, however.

This is true now, moreover, for Illumina City. Much to do you no longer have here, which is why you the Prof suggests a visit to the city Vanitéa. Ride the elevator back to the ground floor so the lab, where you will meet a red-haired, crude guy who introduces himself as Flordelis and obviously has a small shadow. Fortunately, he quickly crumbled again.

Before you can leave the building, also want your friends again a few words - Serena even in private. But you shall meet you at the Café Soleil with her. Do this and you encounter again on Flordelis, with his sermons abkaut just the actress Diantha an ear. If things get still does not give the Heini trouble. If both departed hence, Serena suggests vaguely that it probably not only friends but also competitors will be in the future. If it's because they absolutely will.

That should be it for now here. Put yourself to the western part of the Südring before the big scoreboard on the left and you will receive a holo-message Tierno: On Route 5 properly what should be going on. So go for it. Conveniently, you stand directly before the transition there.

Couteau-way (Route 5), Vanité, Château Tristesse

In the passage you will be approached by a crude guy who calls himself Mr. togetherness. He fastelt something about so-called O-force and shares this with you. From now on, you can always make use of the Start menu under O force their attack power and Vert force. Immediately at the beginning of Couteau pathway then waits for even the next strange surprise. You will be taken to the street by a Lucario closer look, this is not, however, alone. It is obviously unsuitable for Gym Leader of Yantara City, Connie, which additionally has a second Lucario in tow. Something must find the Pokémon you. Clearly mark her marriage to you, the three, however, are also deducted again. Comic area is here.

Also in terms of fighting you now expect a few new features. So you deny just behind the skate park your first double battle against two twins. Watch for it to put in the second position of your team, the Pokémon that want to let them fight their parallel next to the winners and focus exclusively on one of the first opponents, because they often act as a team. Apart from that this is a normal battle you should have quickly decided to your favor.

Rummages through the tall grass ye beneath the stairs, you will find a Super Ball before her Tierno and Trovato runs on the road. The former challenge to a duel, but has only a Corphish level 12 has to offer. Cute. Much more interesting is because already the gift that Trovato presented to you in connection: a charge honey. So you can increase the likelihood of mass meetings, the first time there in Pokémon X / Y.

Maybe you have on the route 5 already such a fight against five enemies at once. Especially useful in such cases, of course, attacks that hit all enemies at once, otherwise you have to you to task every single Pokémon, what ever may take a while. After all Pokémon in mass meetings are usually always at a significantly lower level than other conspecifics in the immediate area.

Continue following the path and run the rail behind the coach, on the down you can grind for the Super Potion. Bleeding you can not you virtually. Follow the further course of the route, grab yourself the berry of the tree that is further to find a level above and uses the two skaters, the way you will meet on the rail above them. It slides on a small platform upon which a yellow Pokéball is, the TM01 includes Klauenwetzer. Can you take times. The rest of the trail is a breeze.


In the very quiet town Vanité live some nice people, you leave the bulk objects. The first can be found in the house near the entrance. A few punks have it there sitting comfortably - one of them leaves you TM46 robbery. In the left house them at the same height you give a guy a berry, if you show him a Pokemon of a certain type. This action can repeat it every day, with the sought element is always determined randomly. The woman in the kitchen also leaves you a heart confections.

The local Pokémon Center is at the southeast corner Vanités. There the name Reviewer drives around that allows you to change the nickname of your Pokemon - if you so wish. Front of the building and near the central fountain you can also get more of residents a hyper ball and berry juice in the far south of the city at the end of the narrow path and a star piece in the bush just to the right next to the ether.

In the penultimate building, the hotel Vanitéa in the southwest, you will meet upstairs again to Mr. togetherness. This time, it enables you to make use of Sp-Ang-power Level 1. On the ground floor you also give a guy a Hyper Ball - there's more but not to pick here.

Château Tristesse

In the far north of Vanité, at the end of the wooden bridge, the Château Tristesse, whose visit is essential for the further story progress. Inside Sannah just has a little chat with a judoka who continues his explanation, but is rudely interrupted by another man. On Route 7's will probably be a problem. Before you do you go on the road, you can still quickly upstairs an escape rope pick up.

Rivière-Promenade (Route 7), Palais Avenue (Route 6), Magnus Opus Palace

Rely Vanitéa in a westerly direction and has Sannah you to a few meters, to follow her. Does exactly this. The path that extends halfway to the southern and Beer box out abruptly ends at a small wooden bridge that was taken by a sleeping Snorlax in fitting.

Those who have already played earlier editions, will instinctively know what to do, for everyone else it say the parties again, only by playing on a Pokéflöte, the lazy slacker to be woken from his overlong nap. This's but only in the Magnum Opus Palace. What are you waiting for? Let's go there!

Run back the way of level and changes at the bend on Route 6, which leads directly to the Palais idyllic Ave. Lots to see here's the moment not only two coaches waiting for a rubdown. Do them a favor, then you walk to the end of the avenue.

And suddenly he stands in all its glory in front of you: the Magnum Opus Palace. Do you want to inspect it immediately jumps to the next sub-heading - in this case you go but some coaches and items through their fingers, which you can find.

Namely, when you at the entrance by the alley immediately changes directly to the left or right side. A small path leads you back to the alley, but this time on the side zones that are overgrown with tall grass almost. Here, not only all kinds of new Pokémon, but also a lot of coaches with their companions as well as numerous items to hide.

On the left side, for example, a super protection, a Aufwecker, a hyper ball and a Gauvebeere are hidden, while you can find an antidote, X-pace, TM09 and some other things on the right opposite. The search is worth it definitely. Have you roamed the grass enough, it's back to the forecourt of the Magnum Opus Palace. Styled here with the first woman in green dress that gives you a Sinelbeere and run to the right. In the lower part of the area you can see a camera plate - read it and calls the photographer there.

Throughout the game there will be more of these signs and every time you can do some nice photos that are stored in the connector on the SD card of your 3DS. Uses the Circle Pad, control pad and the gyro sensor of the system, to find a chic Orientation and snaps with the R key. Grab then still fix the Poké Ball with the ether directly to the left outer side of the fence from the palace and then shaking the gate.

Magnum Opus Palace

As soon as you dare you also just near the entrance gate, the cutthroat asked by a guard an entrance fee of 1,000 PokéDollar. It's not like as if you had a choice. But Sannah is also included and stays with you inside, where you will equal at a guy attentive, desperately seeks his Coiffwaff. Of honor that you will help him.

Although the palace is not only abundant showy, but too damn big, there are only surprising to find little. Behind the first door on the left side of the entrance hall is a hidden bed in which you can heal a nap, and that your Pokémon. More interesting is the Münzamulett immediately before the mirror behind the first door on the left of the upper floor. Have you collected that, you can go right at the entrance to the garden, to search for the Coiffwaff already by the central, large door. First take the indispensable but absolutely VM01 slicer in the lower left labyrinth. Apart from this, visit the gardens, among other things, the items still Megablock Antidote Super Potion to find.

The searched Pokémon hangs around at the foot of the upper left labyrinth - but has no desire to can be easily captured. You have to drive it to a dead end as shown by their Sannah positioned so that the barker is inevitably cornered. The whole thing is a breeze, as your girlfriend even pronounce a warning, if you do poorly positioned and the camera shows the action from above, so you have maximum clarity. The owner of the Coiffwaffs rushes immediately, hardly the Mutt is captured. With fireworks, he will reward you. Sounds fair. For the best view of it, you shall go to the balcony in the middle of the first floor. Pull up there the chic show pure and droning the guy followed this Pokéflöte out of his sleeve. Is he gone, you give the nice Butler also still TM17 shield. So you would have done everything here.

Muraille Coast Path (Route 8)

Back to Route 7: Snorlax has now held long enough a nap. Saves necessarily again from before you come to the wooden bridge - you will be equal to only have one chance to catch Snorlax. Spanks her this, you have the opportunity to come to this Pokémon just by swapping with other players. Too hard it makes you the guy but not obese. Flogs his health down to the red zone, then a super ball should be all you need to catch him.

Finally, the located behind the bridge path open. What are you waiting for? Injected af your roller skates on the other side and inspected the Pokémon board. Here it is henceforth possible at any time, for several Pokémon care and targeted to beget offspring. Give her two companions namely different from sex, it can happen that both mate and a Poké-pressed egg gets her next visit to the hand. This you have to lug around with you for a while before the little guy slips.

In addition, the board are perfectly suitable to increase the level of one of several Pokémon continuously. While her other things done, the pension manager look after the visitors and peppeln it up gradually. But your work will of course be rewarded. In addition, your Pokémon will not evolve in the care of strangers, even if they have not already passed the prerequisite for the evolution level.

Then follow the way to the left, where appropriate, looks past the opulent castle battle, fighting against a few coaches and at the end of the path in a double battle together with Serena against Trovato and Tierno. Against the northern cave entrance you can sign on the photo for a few souvenirs knippsen before you enter the area through the southern opening

During your first visit here, there is not too much to discover. He path leads straight from right to left back into the wild, with a friendly researcher at any time to heal your Pokémon at half height. Practically, because in the Ambrette Town it can often times arrive at mass meetings. The big gray chunks can you currently not move: to this the ability power is required, which has yet to get her later in the game. Wasted in the dark so not too much time: begin if appropriate, a few new Pokémon and get the hell out of here.

Muraille Coast Path (Route 8)

Fresh air! Even if the trip to the gloomy Ambrette Town one was short only, it is still nice to be back under clear skies. However, much time to enjoy not remains: The duo Sina and Dexio takes you in reception. After all, they do not come with empty hands, but add your Pokédex add the Kalos-coastal database.

Look not only embarrassed the nearest beautiful sandy beach: Thither you not yet come now anyway. In the region around the Muraille coast path you will still expect some, but we want to rush things. Take instead the legs in the hand, run further and further south along the stone cliffs down and collects the items lying around.

Shortly before the end of the path leads you this one more small platforms through which you can bounce away. Your goal is still in a southerly direction, but if you make a little trip to the trainer on the right side of the platforms and at least one Pokémon of the element air, or with the skills "hovering" in the team have you can against this your first dogfight deny. Cool thing.

On the stairs after waiting Petrophia the last stop in the form of Serena. She tells you that she is planning a trip to the local fossils laboratory. There you definitely should also drop by to take a look. Now it's finally time but only after Petrophia.

Petrophia, Rihorn Pass (Route 9)

"City" is perhaps more a bit much for what you can expect from Petrophia. The sleepy coastal region is rather a larger research settlement as a living city. For your further adventures, the town is still of great importance - let yourself while exploring so quiet time.

First of all the Pokémon Center. Begrudge your companion a little relaxation after all the hardships and then chatting with the woman very close to the facility. It leaves you the not unimportant TM94 Rock Smash. Are you currently the cracked, small rocks noticed in some places of your journey? These can be zertrummern with this capability and thus out of the way. Now open up entirely new ways.

Explores her the town a little more, thus permits a Heart Scale as well as a nice guy find the exchanges among other things, a Poké Ball against a diving ball and every day will make a similar offer to you when do you want. Also visited the top floor of the hotel Petrophia one more time Mr. togetherness. The whimsical guy now leaves you the O-force Sp-Vert force. In the lobby you can also grab the TM96 natural force.

Slowly is the visit to the laboratory fossils on the plan and you make a little there shows that Serena has not fib. Your girlfriend is already in place and chews the scientists from one ear - but unfortunately nothing. The researchers have no significant information about mega-development, but refer you to an assistant in the light cave. Sounds good? Sounds good!

Before you do gleichtut Serena and neck which has a fantastic head over there in Petrophia nor the one or other little thing to do. Go to the house west of the Fossil lab. The woman living there want to see of you is a Pokémon with a specific initiative value. Have you as a stock, over makes you a healing spring. Much like the guy with the ball diving also it will make you a new offer every day.

That's it for now. Fast. Checked again, if you are ready for another march and then brecht for Petrophia aquarium on the north. Rises there down the stairs and talk to the man at the Magikarp statue of you the basic Item Angel is left. So you can finally fishing in high water after Pokémon, even if can with this first fishing draw not too many fish from the cool waters.

Now you can leave equal to the outcome in the basement and go to the sandy beach, the aquarium. If you like, you can direct your new Angel try here. Run otherwise steadily southward and uses the obtained in Petrophia TM94 Rock Smash to destroy the small rocks that partially block your way. Take the area quiet little closer look, even if only a small part of it is already available.

Seen it all? Then it's back to the town and from there directly to the eastern city gate. There you will have a bump helmet before you enter the Rihorn Pass (Route 9).

Rihorn Pass (Route 9)

Even the Muraille coast path was not necessarily a prime example of easily accessible terrain, but the Rihorn pass sets the crown on. Here it is so rough that you can hardly put one foot in front of the other without help. Fortunately, right at the entrance of the path a tame Rihorn ready on whose back you can cross over the sharp stones. Essentially, you have to still shake from left to right, occasionally smash some stones with the A button and now and then descend with B to pick up a few items. Long you will not need it.

In the far right area of the site you can still deny another spectacular sky battle before her companion for your Pokémon Ranger can be healed before the entrance of the light cave. This should do, necessarily, as the following section full of struggles and unwelcome opponents will be. Freshly recovered you can enter the cave.

Luminous cave, Team flare, Route 8 after Relievera City
With the very manageable, this dungeon has to do only a little. But what is still worse: The luminous cave has only one input and output - so basically you walk into a dead end. Nevertheless, your visit here is an important one, as rolls up his sleeves (or better down here seems to be 'fairly fresh) and get started.

The diffuse lighting conditions make it difficult to focus, which is why you concentrate through the narrow aisles run and should pay attention to green stones on the tunnel walls. If you see such a, you have taken the right direction. Beware also of dark places, as at these always lurking wild Pokémon.

Basically you just need to walk straight, as quickly as possible to get through the first section. Flexing her but at the second and third turn, you will find both a granite stone and the TM65 Shadow Claw.

The second section of the light cavity is less complex than the previous tunnel system, but for a lot more dangerous. Here you meet for the first time on Team Flare: A grouping arrogant wannabe style icons that are in the dark vaults of the cave in search of fossils - and want to do without your presence, what they make you feel too much.

Combats two of the guys and headed on until you want two of the types at the same time to the leather. However, Serena is also to stop and you hold another one-two battle out. The gang uses Zurrokex and a Croagunk one, both Level 20 So you should all get along well.

Are the Heini's history, just walk on the path in front of you along and meet a few meters to said wizard from the fossil lab. Chatted with him and he will leave you one of two fossils. If you opt for the jaw fossil, you will later receive the Pokémon Balgoras, while the fins Fossil houses a Amarino. He can about the mysterious mega-developments of scientists, however, they tell the tale, which is why it would be a waste of time even longer reside here. Uses the escape rope lying very close to exit the cave in the fastest way again.

Back in Petrophia

Are you back in Petrophia, you should first of all make another trip to the Fossil lab to be transformed just got your fossil into a Pokemon. Now heal your Pokémon once more at the local Center and enter through the Petrophia Aquarium Route 8
Muraille Coast Path (Route 8) - Sandy beach

Back on Route 8, but this time the sand beach is to explore further than even before. Look around you well: Here are some items to dust off and smashing various rocks. Put yourself in the connection to the woman in the northern area, which you, now, where did you discover the luminescent cave, a Itemradar gives and finally clears the way.

Try this handy device from the same times. Is it active, indicate light rays the way to the next item. They constantly change their color and alignment; are they red and cross, you stand in the right place. Now you just need to press the A button to unearth the buried treasure.

Now you just always keep running in a northerly direction until it stands at the entrance of Relievera City. Along the way, you can still catch some Pokémon and another sky battle contest.

Relievera City - winning bike, get VM04 strength and more

Civilization! After a while Relievera City is the first city that deserves this name on. The area is indeed relatively manageable, but to discover there are still a lot. With all the possibilities but it does not really matter in which order you completed them. If you are so inclined, you can immediately wiggle to the arena and Lino abknöpfen the Second Order. However, we recommend that you take the coastal town before something closer look.

Go as always in the Pokémon Center, which is close to the site anyway, at the City Relievera you enter the first time. Power your companions, so far as it is to you to stay fit and take to the swap of the guy inside. He called Uno and wants to be a Luvdisc fight against Steelix. Have you not yet caught this Pokémon at the present time, you can at any other arbitrary time to come back again or go back to the sea, and draw you a creature of that sort from the sea.

Win bike

There is a bike shop very close to the Pokémon Center. The owner seems today to have his feeling generous and promises you a private, brand new bike, inasmuch as you can answer the following question to him: "Is there bikes also come in different colors?" The correct answer is, of course, "Sure!". Have you completed the "quiz" to his satisfaction, he lets his words with deeds and handed you actually a fancy bike, you can from now on about jet much faster than with your roller skates. Congratulations!

In the mood for some more quizzes? Then please have a look at one of the houses of the city according to the nice lady that puts your knowledge to the test. Replied her all her questions correctly, you will receive three Persimbeeren. And just do not be shy: If wrong answers you can do it again at any time to try, so losing is virtually impossible.

Of course Relievera City has still much more than simple guesswork to offer. Power but, for example, a trip to the café, where many Pokémon lovers relish sipping their coffee while only one thing on their mind: their little darlings. You are so infatuated with their Pokémon, that they without hesitation brag about them and show you if you ask for it. Show-off.

As you also can you stock up at the local boutique with new clothes, now you hit an old acquaintance in the hotel Relievera. Mr. coexistence Living on an eastern room and handed you the O-power purchasing power. Look - if possible - on a Saturday over here. In this case, you get Pokémon in the first position of your team, a band of sleeping.

Get VM04 strength

On the eastern paved roads, a bicycle race took place just moments ago, that does not can you reach on time. At least is Lino, the Gym Leader of Relievera City, still on site and presented to you as a consolation prize, the VM04 strength. With it, your Pokémon can move the large chunks of fur that have blocked you quite a few times the way. To test the ability, however, to use outside of combat, you must find your patrons only unbutton the Second Order.

That's what you should do now if you have tapped as far Relievera City.

Arena of Relievera City: Lino

Do you have your Pokemon healed? Is the right companion in the first place? Are there in your backpack a few health items like potions or various state remedies? There are questions like this that will answer to her every aisle in an arena with a resounding "Yes!" Could. Otherwise, what lies ahead of you, be quite bumpy. Do not be.

The Arena of Relievera City is located in the southeastern area of the city and can be reached only on the paved road on which you have already taken the gym leader Lino, who has kindly given you the VM04 strength. In battle, he is unlikely to be so forgiving. Against the rock Pokémon the trainer it can not hurt, even one or two companions of the type water plant, steel, soil, or fight in a team to have.

As befits a gym leader, Lino is on the top of a hill, while behind him a crashing waterfall in the small lake. What this arena is that? To reach it, you have to climb the steep walls. In this way, to make you a total of three coaches in the way that offer an almost perfect taste of what awaits you at the end.

If you absolutely want to, you can also sent them to dodge. Really useful this is, however, not because you go so valuable experience points through your fingers and you can leave at any time the arena to heal your Pokémon. One more time will not challenge you, the trainer.

Gym Leader: Lino

Do you have the arduous ascent packed to Lino, a fight, nothing stands in the way. The Gym Leader will send a Amarino and a Balgoras (both level 25) in the fight. Pokémon former, you should confront the ideal case with the elements of combat or steel, as you can come to a quadruple damage with together with STAB bonus. However, plants, water, soil or rock-type Pokémon bring Amarino powerful in a predicament.

So if you know not just decided you the choice of two starter Pokémon for the fire representative, you should be well prepared at this point anyway. Also the exchange for the Stahllos of Uno in the Pokémon Center of Relievera City can pay off now, but steel is a weakness that share both Amarino and Balgoras. All the pros and cons of the various elements can you read in our matching FAQ.

Da Lino is "merely" has to offer two Pokémon that also have plenty of weaknesses, you should at the end of the day emerge victorious from battle. As a sign of recognition you give Lino not only the Wall Order, which allows you, now apply the VM04 strength outside of fights and extends the range of all supermarkets among others, Hyper Potions, Super Protection and animators, but also the TM39 rock grave.

Menhir route (Route 10), Cromlexia, Miroir-way (Route 11)

Actually, it should now go to the green menhir way, but before that you should with the ability power that has become available even outside of combat after the receipt of the Order Wall, stop by again in the Ambrette Town. Push here now all chunks to the side and schnapt you TM40 Aerial Ace TM21 and frustration. Are all rocks placed correctly, you also have a practical Durchang of Relievera City directly to Route 7

Menhir route (Route 10)

No fatigue plead! Put yourself back to Relievera City and from there via the northern exit directly to the menhir way. A beautiful landscape awaits you here, but let's not be lulled you: Besides all the impressive rock formations to hide some coaches as well as members of Team flare that are still on a lot of anger out.

Also uses here regularly Itemradar as between some treasures are buried as the stones that would otherwise escape you. After moving between two rocks at the entrance area you also get access to TM73 Thunder Wave. Can you take times. Also on the lookout for other items: On the menhir way a thunder stone, a fire-and para-healer, X-hits as well as a brain panel hide. All very practical.


You left the menhir-way northbound, you stand suddenly in Cromlexia. Immediately at the entrance area is the local Pokémon Center - a visit should probably be compulsory and worth twice after the numerous battles since you the guy on the left side TM66 leaves counterattack. Go right after a few meters to the right the hotel marine snow. Thrice guesses who who can be found here: Mr. togetherness. Chatted with him and the O-force initiative power is yours. In the middle room of the same building you can also get hold of a tape of the precipitate, when you visits this on a Wednesday.

After the usual tourist program is on the agenda. Klappert successively all the houses Cromlexias on where you get including a stone forever by a researcher. Really exciting is it, however, only in the north of the city, where a member of Team flare has become an eye on the stones of the city. As soon as he sees you, he crumbled, however. Coward. Follow him in a northwesterly direction and you end up in a dead end.

What are these stones here at all about? This brings her in the Pokémon Ranger in the south of Cromlexia in experience. Follow her to the hotel marine snow, there to find out more information about the mysterious Formtationen.

Seen it all? Then once again heals your Pokémon and makes you in an easterly direction to the Miroir-way (Route 11). Just when you want to leave the city, you will meet again but on Connie and her two Lucarios. This time she wants it know and challenge you to a fight! Makes them ready and set your path continues.

Miroir-way (Route 11)

This is now pretty fast. The Miroir-way is not particularly long, but at least you can here one of the rare sky fights deny experiencing mass meetings and also a double battle is possible. Look around you, as always, thoroughly, collect the items and uses slicer to get to the TM69 stone polishing. Just before the entrance of the cave mirror you Professor Platan will make a holo-message forward.

Mirror cavity, Yantara City, Tower of Knowledge

Always muddled and gloomy are the caves through which you have to fight you. The mirror cave continues this trend, here you some skills is demanded - a long breath is just one of them. And as soon as you have even set foot into it, you will understand how this place got its name: the walls are mirrored. This is advantage and disadvantage at the same time, because even if all the pictures make it difficult to orient serious, you can quickly make this also hidden items - and it is plenty. So keep your eyes open.

In the fastest possible way to the first basement you come when you turning at the first turn to the right and immediately turn left. Just follow the further Itinerary and put yourself on the floor below. Have you left the stairs behind you, waiting at the foot of the steps a friendly Pokémon breeder that heals your companion. Take this opportunity necessarily true!

Shortly thereafter, you run Tierno on the road. Fortunately, the guy has the TM70 Flash here. Sets her this one, not only your field of view, but also the number of wild Pokémon increases is clearly in decline. Very handy. Now follows continues the way, defeated a few coaches, collect items and decide at the end of the path for one of the two staircases: the right leads directly to Yantara City, which left a little deeper into the mirror cavity, where, among other things, the TM74 is to find Gyroball. The choice is yours.

Yantara City

The oppressive narrowness of the mirror cavity leaves the sight of Yantara City with the giant tower of knowledge very quickly forgotten. However, before you visit it, you should first of all the Pokémon Center by sniff. There you will meet again Mr.

Then follows the usual exploring the new area. You can help woman living in her house who wants to get a piece of luggage from the shelf. A flight-or psycho-Pokémon can do her the favor, whereupon it leaves you 5 star dust. In the same building you can also get the footprint band, if you have a Pokémon in the team, whose original levels have already increased their at least 30.

Two researchers in Yantara City are also very eager to evaluate your progress in the Kalos region. Have you seen at least 40 Pokémon in the coastal area and to one of your companions a strong bond? Can you convince both, you get in the house west of the Pokemon Center is a soft bell and in the eastern one Evolith.

If you want, you can now anschmeißen nor the Itemradar and tap Yantara City for hidden items. Otherwise runs immediately to the north, where her Tierno and Trovato make. The former leaves you a stone curiosities.

Tower of Knowledge

If the search has an end? In the tower you meet Mr. Mega, the fact of the mega-development knows, and even Connie's grandfather. The old man makes you share his knowledge, but shortly afterwards follows the bad news: He has only one copy of the necessary for the development of mega-mega-ring. But who will get the coveted object? Sure thing: a decisive battle must be found. Serena asks you out.

No sooner is the first tricky fight over, immediately follows the second. While you won the Mega-ring - but so right somehow but not yet. Only when you, have the Gym Leader of Yantara City beaten, Connie, this precious object is quite yours. Is fortunate, because it would be so slow anyway time for your third order.

Gym Leaders of Yantara City: Connie

On a new one. After the waiting period has fairly drawn between the first and second order, follows the three - at least felt - much faster. Because this is so, and the level and difficulty increase of Gym Leader Connie acts compared with Lino from Relievera City, but more on this below.

First, you should again go through the usual checklist. Pokémon healed? Check! Healing items at the start? Check! So a stuff up. Connie's preferred element is combat, which in turn makes it not easy to beharken their weaknesses. Of advantage are Pokémon of the type flight, Psycho and Fairy - all elements that should not just have in abundance her companion. In a pinch, do it but also attacks of this type, or simply a well-trained team.

On the central platform, the Gym Leader has made it convenient and you come to this just over the railing, but on the you can slide along until her four coaches in the arena defeated you. Like their boss are these fond Rollerskater why her she might have to first ask until it comes to a fight.

Of course, again also applies in the arena of Yantara City: You can leave the building at any time - already defeated opponents you do not stand in the way again. Uses this knowledge and would rather go once too often than too little to the local Pokémon Center.

Gym Leader: Connie

Have you beaten all four trainers, you can slip on the rail to the central platform on the Connie is already pending. But do not be false hopes: This time they will not use their Lucarios. After your first encounter they begrudge them a breather, as befits a responsible coach.

Instead, it relies on Lin-fu (Level 29), Machoke (Level 28) and Resladero (Level 32). The first two Pokémon do not have a dual-element, which is why they have only the three above-mentioned vulnerabilities flight, Psycho and Fee. Resladero other hand, is a fight-flight-type Pokémon and therefore susceptible to attacks of type electric and ice. Be ye not quite sure what your fighter shall use it, can take a look at our items and types FAQ help. Also mind that Connie will heal their troops with hyper potions when it is scarce.

With this knowledge and a little patience you should fight finally decided to your favor. In this case, you handed over to Connie not only Rauf Order now Pokémon up to Level 50 obey by you, but also the TM98 increase bat. The victory in the third arena all supermarkets carry henceforth Hyper healer, top protection and - very important - Hyper balls in their range. With these you should definitely stock up as soon as possible.

However, even though you now have already fought and won twice against Connie, soon a third and final fight against the Rollerskater-girl will follow ...

Back to the tower of knowledge, Fourrage-way (Route 12)

So really, it seems to have no end:'ve already twice defeated her Connie, one of them even officially in their arena, but only a third fight to decide on the fate of the mega-stone. On the tower of knowledge, the (hopefully) final duel to take place, just as you leave the Rollerskaterin after your receipt of Rauf Order. Refreshes the Pokémon Center so again your troops and makes you on the way to her.

Tower of Knowledge

Not so hasty. In the meantime, you have unrestricted access to all areas of the tower - would be a shame not to take advantage of this privilege, right? In the different areas you can a lot of information, especially to bring mega-development experience and even get the TM47 kick.

If you've seen it all, or just do not feel like you can climb up and put you there Connie the top of the tower. She hands you without a murmur the mega-ring: Now you can target a mega-development cause. But it gets even better because one of its two Lucarios has evidently found pleasure in you (presumably it detects a better coach when he sees this in front of him) and want in your team.

Take it (or does so at a later date, if you will) and Connie wants to leave both Pokémon against each other. As luck would have it, you can now immediately the mega-development experience first hand. Simply activates the mega-development on the touch screen and looks Lucario while, as it develops. With the increase in bat attack the rest of the fight is now a no brainer.

Get VM03 Surfer

What that was for a stay in Yantara City! But this time must also come to an end. It brightens up your team on the Pokémon Center before you head east aufbrecht to Route 12. However, shortly before the transition go get a Serena and presents a nice example still the indispensable VM03 surfers. With this you can now swim across lakes and seas, which you open up a whole new dimension. The Route 8 offers for help from an about excellent.

Fourrage-way (Route 12)

By sea to Azubucht and on safe ground after tempera City you can get over the Fourrage-way, which has otherwise much to offer: Fighting, Items, lots of new Pokémon, generous gifts and more.

Gifts? What it's all about, learn it right at the exit, from where you start. The friendly Pokémon breeder where you told a story of a Lapras that once saved his life. Now, you shall (a quasi complete stranger) get this Pokémon - how can you refuse? Lapras is an extremely rare creature which, while only suitable for the fight, but at least is a respectable entry in the Pokédex. In order to accept this gift, but you will need mandatory place in your team, so it necessary briefly back to Yantara City and creates on the PC in the Pokemon Center Place.

Lapras is also great to teach him the VM03 surfer to cross over to the cozy back the water on the other side of Fourrage pathway. Of course, this is also possible with almost every other water Pokémon. Seek out just one candidate and swims the few meters to the opposite side. However, remember that you are attacked on the high seas by wild Pokémon.

Again with dry soil under the feet you go up the stairs halfway up the beach and from there immediately north to Mähikel farm. From the living there child you get the TM45 attraction. Leave the building then back and swing on the back of a Mähikels. You can ride on these cute creatures and go with them to untimely items that otherwise ye could not pick them up.

Enough ridden? Then you have a choice: If you feeling a little exploring, you can with the ability surfers the huge azure bay in the northeast investigate. Should it, however, go ahead with the story, tempera City is your next stop.

Azur Bay, tempera City

Note: The visit to the Riviera Bay is irrelevant to the story progress, but will bring you a lot of experience in the fight against other trainers as well as a lot of items and new Pokémon. Decide for yourself whether you want to dare take this trip or at any other time in attack.

Azur Bay

Floats her from Route 12 in the north-east direction, it reaches the deep blue azure bay. Klappert the sprawling area best systematically from, to not miss anything. The following items you receive from other people, you may find or track the Itemradar: Ampharosnit (Mega-stone for Pokemon Ampharos), Abyss plate, Abyss gear, TM81 Cross scissors, water board, dive ball, giant pearl, Star Piece, Heart Scale, Hyptertrank. Uninteresting is at the present time nor the sea Titan cave to the north. Currently there is nothing for you to find.

Tempera City

About the eastern path of Fourrage pathway (Route 12) you come to the picturesque coastal town of tempera City, which is divided into two areas: the Bay area and the coastal area. In both you will spend a lot of time and make many exciting discoveries - but first of all you get when you enter the city a holo-message from Serena. Before the arena your girlfriend wants to compete with you. This wish you can meet immediately in the walkthrough but we devote ourselves only to the other available activities.

You enter tempera City over the harbor area and right here you can pick you up a silk scarf from a nice older couple that lives in small house right on the water. Directly underneath the building additionally you can look at the smoke stand mount with smoke useful items that can be of great benefit quite - that looks absolutely times over. The Beer Stand underneath is indeed empty, but you can find here every day a new berry to collect. So I watch every now and then over.

Get professional fishing

It is not so long ago that you have received your first Angel, but the possibilities of this are being evil limited. Time then, to get a new copy. The professional fishing you will receive a sympathetic fishermen at the port, who immediately leaves you almost as soon as you have spoken to him. Try the good piece from best out right now.

You have received this friendly gift, you come to a dirt road. Stay tuned here to the north to reach the hotel Tempera, where you get a lucky egg from a woman, if you have a particularly close bond with the Pokémon in the first place of your team. On a Thursday you get in the middle room of the building is also a band of carelessness. Resist any expectations, however, is Mr. coexistence can not be found - but the game director in the trunk room of the crude men. This you should visit again when you have your Pokédex filled properly with new entries.

Leave the hotel and go to the lookout point in the West. The woman there will give you various questions to four days. Answer it properly, you will receive the TM63 Itemsperre, TM62 Acrobatics, TM92 and TM100 Bizarroraum trust. Visit the lady so at least on four different days to get hold of all abilities.

Equips the last in the bay area of the coast station a visit. There you will meet two old friends: Professor Platan and the movie Diva Diantha. From the scientists you get the vm02 fly - very handy. Bring her this ability at a Pokémon, you can always fly to previously visited places and you save so much time after the Langerringen of the fourth order.

Clip area

The woman at the counter sold you a ticket for the monorail, with their passes into the clip area of tempera City. Speak here coinciding with the first types that you see - he will give you a metronome.

Now it can not hurt to explore a bit of the surrounding area and have a chat with the residents of the city. In this way you get, you still a Pokéwedel and other items. So worth it.

Have you seen enough, you should definitely visit the Pokemon Center, heal your Pokémon and pick you up from there the togetherness Mr. O force affection force again. Then you go to the arena, where Serena as promised waiting for you. Show her in battle, what's what!

Arena of tempera City: Amaro

Slowly you make yourselves a name. Already the fourth medal is imminent, but the arena of tempera City is a small architectural masterpiece with all sorts of climbing locations and different platforms.

Before you dive on the wrong track, should you (just after the battle against Serena, who has been waiting in front of the arena on you, challenged to fight) again stop by the Pokemon Center of the city, freshen up your team, and some items such as Super Potions Buy and stuff. Can be very useful in the following minutes.

Step into her now the tempera-Arena in the north of the cliff area, welcoming you expected a bit of a shock. You stand in front of a huge column, are attached to the different platform and ropes. And now guess where Gym Leader Amaro hidden. Tip: It is not located on one of the lower levels. As befits the boss, the old man waiting at the top spot in its own little area. Basically, he is directly above you when you enter the arena - only leads so directly no way up, which is why you have to willy-nilly with the Church around the cross.

Four trainers will challenge you on your way to Amaro to a little dance and how to put her boss emphasis on plant-type Pokémon. Therefore, a team on fire, ice, flying, bugs and poison-type Pokémon is not a bad choice. Think about also twice if you want to leave again halfway up the arena, as the ascent to Amaro but one is quite cumbersome and a little lasts. Woman uses an escape rope, to save you a long descent.

Gym Leader: Amaro

Are you gekraxelt like a champ up, the real challenge is waiting there yet. Amaro, the Gym Leader of tempera City, does not intend to leave you to the sheet medal without a fight and will be hard to make you life with three Pflanzebn Pokémon. Should you a flying fighters in your team have, you can attack the recently obtained using vm02 fly more often in this fight - it will cause some good damage.

Also a fire-starter, which you probably have it, is a good choice and should Amaro quickly lead to its limits. Beware especially against any poison attacks with which the plant fan can also weaken your strongest Pokémon continuously. A few poison healer you should ideally have at it.

Amaro's team consists of Papungha (Level 30) Chevrumm (Level 34) and Weepinbell (Level 31). None of these even come close to being one of the strongest Pokémon in the game, but you should, as always, with intent to act and think carefully about what you do. Since you however have some Pokémon should, with which you can specifically target the vulnerabilities Amaro, must be decided the fight relatively quickly.

After work, you will receive both the sheet order, you obey with all Pokémon up to Level 60 and TM86 Strauchler. In addition, all the supermarkets now sell top potions. Congratulations!

Illumina-steppe (Route 13), Kalos power plant

It was nice so close to the sea, but it is time to pack up and move on your belongings. Run from the Arena in tempera City easy. Beeline to the south and you get to the transmission gate that leads to Route 13 In the passage you feel Sina and Dexio a second time on - of course with a small gift. This time you get the Kalos Mountain Pokédex. They also talk about problems in the Kalos power plant.

Illumina-steppe (Route 13)

From the beautiful coastal landscape in barren dreariness. Your first impression of the Illumina-steppe will not be good and this is unlikely to raise in the next few minutes as well. There is a lot to discover here and as (almost) always applies: Take the time and look around properly. You will find among other things, a fire panel, the TM57 Charge Beam, a star piece, a smooth boulders and much more.

Tall grass can be found here, is not difficult to recognize, though not, but for wild Pokémon can protect you far from this fact. The creatures here have been buried in the ground and force you to a fight, if they catch you. With a little luck you can shake them off, however, by their stops just short just before you seek an attacker. However, this does not always work.

To continue your path, you need absolutely the power plant through. This object can be found only with the Itemradar. Put yourself on the metal bridge to the west, leading to the Kalos power plant and searches the surroundings, to find the ball. After you challenge a member of Team flare to fight. Make him ready and goes to the power plant.

Kalos power plant

Usually, the Kalos power plant is a prime example of the generation of clean energy with cutting edge technology, but currently a lot seems to be amiss here. Run up the hall to the end along and you find yourself in a mezzanine floor again. In the room on the right to work a few employees - or should do this if they had not been imprisoned by Team flare here. Buys optionally some bottled water, the flash panel bagged a right and leave the room again to forge ahead you further.

In the further course of the power plant, many members of Team flare are waiting to miss you a rubdown. Does this make him a spanner in the works and strike one after another of them in combat. The whole ordeal will draw some time because this place is teeming with the fashion-spinners.

In the center of the complex also wait two more crispy fights (which nevertheless without major problems need to be created): First you need to ran against the board of Team flare, followed by Aliana, a researcher of the gang. After the first of two fights can heal their Pokémon your.

Thus, the problem in the Kalos power plant would be resolved. But once you have the bully on the run, appear to be two strange Masked - obviously they wanted to also accept the annoyances here. Just stupid that they are late. Nevertheless, they show plenty impressed and leave you twice the item top recovery.

Speaking of power failure: Now that Kalos is re-energized, should finally be accessible to the remaining areas of Illumina City. Before you but 13 returns through the south gate of the route in the huge city, you can still pick up you from one of the imprisoned researchers as thanks for saving the TM43 nitro charge.

Back in Illumina City

Phew. Now that Illumina City powered back and the whole city is walkable, you will almost killed with new possibilities. However, before you can go exploring, you grinds Sannah the prism tower in the center of town, to see its brilliant lighting with my own eyes. Do her the favor.

Now you have finally clearance and the ability to fully Illumina City trudge. That's what you should do, even if you will employ some time. Below you will find a listing of the various stores and places worth visiting in the city.

North Ring

Pokémon Center
Transition to Route 13
Transition to Route 14
Transition to Route 16
House of examination
Illumina Art Museum
Illumina Galette stand
Station by Illumina
Office building (3x)
Café Bataille
Cafe Coucou
Café reshoots
Café Ultimo
Grand Hôtel Pique Faine

Pokémon Center
Transition to Route 4
Transition to Route 5
Platans Pokémon Lab
Trainer Promo Studio
Style Salon
Office of Illumina City
Office building (2x)
Konex Cafe
Café Focus
Café Soliel
Restaurant Solala
Spring Avenue

Stone Boutique
Medicine shop
Masison Très Chique
Café à la Mode
Bark Café
Summer Avenue

Illumina publisher
ID lottery center
Café Adonis
Café Freestyle
Poké Ball Boutique
Juice bar
Café hour of play
Restaurant chez Norms

Restaurant de Luxe
Café Ami
More stores and places

House of Trovato
Pokémon Center
Bistro Flordelis
Empty business
Sushui wok
Café Twister

So there is a lot to discover in Illumina City. A rough guideline, which places you should definitely visit and what not, we can give you at this point hardly. Just take you time and explore every little corner of the city on your own. Addiction from the various side streets in which romping around numerous coach. The training of this you can really use - it will be the last fights before your visit Arena.

A familiar face you will meet, among others, at the Grand Hôtel Pique Faine: Mr. coexistence hangs out in the lobby around and just waiting to you press the O force bargain power in the hand is waiting. If you're ever there, you can also still the same go to the top floor. From the comic woman in the bathroom you think the TM49 echo. In Illumina Art Museum you can contrast the TM82 dragon cane from one of the local people receive.

Arena of Illumina City: Citro

Half of the Order of the Kalos region you already have in your pocket and also the fifth award is only removed a few fights. Light's is not natural and just with the few weak points of the electric Pokémon the local arena you could get a few problems. Ideally you have at least one ground-Pokémon here and other companions who have one or the other of ice and rock attacks.

However, before you walk to the central plaza and the prism tower Step into, which is also the arena of Illumina City, it is important to work through the usual tasks. Heal your Pokémon in one of the many Pokémon center in town and also covers you with a healing item, so you do not suddenly run out of steam during the longer fights.

The prism tower itself is a six-story building, which you can climb it only gradually. While you still have nothing to fear in the entrance area, follows already on the first floor a little surprise. Heureka, the sister of Gym Leaders Citro confronted you know with their passion for quizzes and wants of you a lot about Pokémon. Answer it each correctly a question, you can move on after a fight to the next floor. Answers her wrong, followed by a further discussion. A maximum of three coaches waiting here on each of the five floors - until the sixth Citro waiting for you.

So it can be worthwhile to deliberately select the wrong answer to take a few extra experience points and you inject the electric Pokémon of the arena. The correct answers can be found nevertheless below:

Quiz Question # 1: Pikachu
Quiz Question # 2: Dartiri
Quiz Question # 3: Sodamak
Quiz Question # 4: Vivillon

Gym Leader: Citro

Depending on how many of the possible struggles have denied it, it may take a while until you have climbed to the sixth floor, its three electric Pokémon rushing on the Citro on you. Specifically, these are (normal electric, level 37) to a Emolga (electric flight, Level 35), a Magneton (Electric, Steel, Level 35), and a Elezard. Pay attention especially in the fight against Emolga that ground attacks achieve no effect against the electric mouse, as this has the air element. Ground-type Pokémon because of their immunity in general but a very effective antidote Citros team. Alternatively you can get at the capped electrician with rock Pokémon.

Is the battle over, you Citro gives the amp Order. This allows you to control Pokémon up to Level 70. In addition, you get the strong electric attack TM24 Thunderbolt, which can paralyze a target struck with a bit of luck. Not a bad yield so. In all supermarkets you can now also purchase the item top recovery. Is not cheap, but you can save your butt in sticky situations.

Romantia Forest Road (Route 14), Romantia City

Although you now have the Order of Illumina City in the bag, but done all your work is not yet here. As soon as you have the prism tower leave after your victory, you will receive a holo-message from Professor Platan who wants to meet you at the Bistro Flordelis. To save time, you can get there, take a taxi. On foot you can find the store between the Herbstallee and the Rose Place, close to the local Pokémon Center. There, the Prof just chatting with Flordelis. At the end of the conversation, you will receive a valuable King Stone.

That's it But now. Fast. On the road again trundles a holo-message from Trovato who puts you on notice that he wants to meet together with the rest of the gang on Route 14 with you. Look again at a Pokémon Center over and break then to Route 14.

Romantia Forest Road (Route 14)

About the northern exit of Illumina City Romantia you reach the forest road, where you will also immediately taken from your friends in a reception. Trovato resembles his Pokédex from the yours while Serena is rather brushed on riot and wants to compete again in a duel with you. Following you should not move immediately, but the abandoned playground even explore a little - a few hidden items here can be quite muster.

Sets your way through the dark forest continues, crosses deep swamps with surfers and occasionally uses the Itemradar to detect secret items. In general, the Romantia forest road carries a lot of small and big surprises, so you not only should it be keen to leave it as quickly as possible behind you. It is possible to miss among others TM06 TM61 toxin and Irrlicht. Would be annoying.

Do you have almost reached the northern end, Sannah is already waiting for you and drags you into the haunted house. Well thank you very much. A crude type there tells a scary story - you have to tip him for not necessarily in the hand press. The story has the friends missed a decent horror, which is why they want only after Romantia City. Still grazes the remaining area of the Romantia-forest walk before you follow them north to the nearest town.

Romantia City

Finally, the dark wood behind you. In Romantia City you go only once - as it should be the other? - The Pokémon Center where you Mr. interaction leaves the O-force encounter power. A boy in the city leaves you kindly the TM41 torturer, while two other residents want to be impressed by certain sizes of your Pokémon before they bestow you. Shipyard best views in the storage boxes on the PC in the Pokemon Center. As so often, you put these two every day the same task with slightly different variables. So visit them quiet from time to time.

Have you already invested a little time in the Super Pokémon training, also a visit to the chairman of the Pokémon Fan Club worthwhile. This presents you, namely a diligence band if you have a master Pokémon there. In the same house also holds a breeder who has accurate information regarding your relationship to the different Pokémon of the team.

Combined attacks complacent? This keeps the attacks helper ready, who lives east of the arena of Romantia City. Each Pokémon that you have received from a professor can learn these special attacks, which are mainly used in double and triple battles of great benefit. Whether it is worth it, however, to mention another attack, you have to decide for themselves.

Arena of Romantia City: Valerie

Although there is hardly anything more innocent than a dollhouse basically acts such a pretty scary but if it is in life size before you. Apparently all the Gym Leader of the Kalos region have a penchant for unusual architecture. Valeria, the guardian of the Feenordens is no exception and seems obviously to be on dolls. Very much so. Too much, probably.

Her second obsession applies fairies Pokémon, the only new grouping in Pokémon X / Y. Do you remember which vulnerabilities creatures have this element? If not, take a look at our FAQ: Elements and types - all pros and cons. To make matters worse, the masked interior designer also wanted a few Warpfelder in each of the nine different spaces of their arena. These carry you back and forth through the building and often in rooms where you will already expected of one of four coaches here her.

Remember, work that Warpfelder not random, but according to a fixed scheme. One and the same field will always bring you into a certain space. Will you, for example, leave it again immediately, we need only to step on the field from which you came.

There is not a fastest way, but several are you employ the same number of trains long. But one of the most expeditious, for example, as follows: Top left, bottom left, bottom left, bottom right, top left.

Gym Leader: Valerie

Do you have the maze left behind you, the battle is against Valerie nothing in the way. The young woman is firmly behind fairy Pokémon and trains himself in a more defensive fighting style, which is designed to affect different status values of your Pokémon over a longer period negative. Rounding out this strategy of their large stock of hyper potions with which they often aufpäppelt their fighters again, insofar as these are about to be defeated.

Replies on your part therefore with a rich arsenal of different healing items to have on any possible influence an answer and also packs a powerful one by potions. Also will not be impatient - the fight may well lead a while. Here it is easy to prove nerves and stay focused for the entire duration of the duel. This gets her out already.

Valerie's team consists of a Mawile (steel Fee, Level 38), a Mr. Mime (Psycho Fee, Level 39), and a Feelinara (Fee, Level 42).

Have you finally revealed the fairy girl after a hard fight their limits, you can attach you provide the sixth medal lapel. Feels good, does it? By sending Feenorden you will obey up to level 80 all Pokémon and also by Valerie handed TM99 magical glow can prove to be quite practical. New Items in the supermarkets, however, were not the first time enabled by the victory. So be it.

Poké Ball Factory, Brun-Way (Route 15)

Have you Valerie beaten, brings you a new warp field directly back to the entrance. Waddles from there to the Pokémon Center, your team is fit again and then follows the proposal of your friends who have you arrested immediately after leaving the arena, pay the Poké Ball factory in the north of the city a visit.

Poké Ball Factory

Here they come from so that the Poké Balls Kalos region. Before you enter the factory, you can still fix browse the site and pick up two items in each of the maze-like struts in southeastern and western area. Afterwards, the input thanks Sannah is free, has lured the guards.

Inside the plant already in trouble again waiting in the form of Team flare. Enter the for never rest? The first Heini takes you Serena kindly turned away, but soon you will come across other members that can easily ask only through a struggle. If they absolutely have to want it. About the assembly lines you come through the ground floor, where you can take a total of four opponents attrition and three other items. Drive her to the room on the left, a nice lady there will heal your Pokémon.

Put yourself from there pretty much in a southerly direction. Your arrives at a red platform. At this allows the direction of the conveyor belts to change what is absolutely necessary to go to the right rear corner of the area. Use these transport option once to rush to the factory manager there to help.

He is being held captive by Team flare, which of course do not want to let him go easily. Defeat the first board member of the gang in a fight before it denies a double battle against the remaining Spinner together with Serena. If even this battle decided to your favor, does Team flare the right thing: get out.

To thank you leaves the factory manager both a giant nugget as one of the masters (the only one in the game, him ye will receive in any case - so set it carefully on), even if he makes it look to the beginning as if you had you for a decision of both.

Again, someone saved the day. Just before starting, the five friends come together again and discuss where they should lead the way now. The next destination is quickly identified: the city Frescora. Thither it arrives, but only on the Brun-Way (Route 15) east of Romantia City. So get yourself down to the Pokémon Center and from there again into the adventure.

Brun-Way (Route 15)

The idyll is deceptive: Among all the leaves on the tranquil Brun-Way lurk lots of wild Pokémon - and many items (TM97 sinister aura, netball, Macho band, AP-Plus much more.) That are hidden underneath. So Grast possible from every corner of the area, even if you do not yet have access to all areas, because for some, the ability to cascade is required. Shortly before the end of the path you come, you still at two ancient ruins that you can examine her more closely with the attack destroyer.

Did you also left the last bridge behind you, you will be contacted by Flordelis. He babbles back to his usual stuff.

Now you have a choice: Do you want to get to Frescora or explore the hotel ruins and Route 16 closer directly without going through the eastern Ausgag? For the further progress of the story is indeed completely irrelevant, for there you will get valuable items to part and have the opportunity to put your skills against other trainers to the test. Think about it you well.

Hotel ruins, Tristesse-way (Route 16)

If you still have a little time left, it can not hurt to explore the hotel ruins on Route 15 closer definitely. This is directly above the exit to Frescora in the east of the area. A lot of trainers and wild Pokémon are waiting for your martial arts and rare creatures there to start. Have an eye on particularly shaky trash can - in this hides almost always a rare Pokemon. If you can, you should really like to do this on Tuesday to find a particularly rare form of Rotom.

In the northwestern area of the formerly respectable hotels punks want to see some cool roller skate tricks. A Backflip and spin should already be enough to make him great eyes. Not yet mastered her these tricks, you can learn in this Illummina City.

If the punks nod your skills, he lets you into his boss happen. This brings you in a difficult trick with the sonorous name Cosmo flip. You will also find in the local area further items, including the TM95 dressing down. That's it for now here. The second area of the hotel ruin her only reached via Route 16, which you can still explore her also before her aufbrecht after Frescora.

Tristesse-way (Route 16)

Leave the old ruin and run straight south, you are already on the dreariness-way (Route 16) landed. This is similar to the Brun-Way in many ways, is also home to some items, Pokémon and a bunch of coaches who can not wait to stand you in a duel. Twice you have even the chance of a sky battle.

First, you can but make a second short detour to the rest of the hotel ruin that is directly accessible to man at the entrance. Have you done that, waiting in the west of Route 16 a very special surprise for you. In a small fishing hut you presented a nice angler the Super Angel when do you want (and why you should not it?). His colleague wants to immediately share your expertise with the new work unit proof: Can you manage to pull seven Pokémon sequentially from the water, he gives you all 20 dive balls. Take the challenge so quietly, it's worth it!

Apart from that you can find in the autumn Region Items like a giant mushroom, top potion, a fist panel and much more. However, a TM is not there.

Frescora, Frost Cave

After the autumnal way to Frescora it is on site in early winter. Snowflakes tumble gently from the sky and plunge the city into a cool light. All the interested professor Platan and Dexio but not the bean that stop you at the entrance of the town and for the first time about the legendary Pokémon Xerneas (Pokemon X) or Yveltal (Pokémon Y) chat. Following you should definitely only once a Pokémon Center to warm up and go talk to Mr. togetherness that leaves you the O-force Genauigk. force. Courteous as ever. Another person in the building also gives you a Tsitrubeere.

Directly below the center vertickt a dealer delicious Kuhmuh milk, which is compared with other KP remedies extremely low. Therefore covers you quiet a bit so that one.

Northeast of the Pokemon Center is a small house that has two very special residents: Madame memory and the attacks-Verlerner. While the older lady accomplishes for a heart scale the miracle, already teach again forgotten Pokémon attacks, the old man is doing the exact opposite. He provides his performance even for free. Heart scales can be found, moreover, often when smashing rocks.

You have already registered 70 different Pokémon in your Pokédex Kalos Mountain. Then drop by the man who lives near the big windmill. He gives you for this service the item Seegesang. A giant nugget you will receive, however, from a preschooler in a different house, who wants to see a huge Pupdjinn. To arrange this, a Irrbis size XL catch on Route 16 and continue to develop this. The TM42 Facade and a Jonagobeere dusted her off in another building of two cute people.

Since the path to Route 17 was currently made by giant snow impassable, you must willy-nilly stop by and see what is going on with the Mamoswine up, the always ensures the free passage otherwise in Frost Cave.

Frost Cave

Bibberkalt's is here and on top of that ever seems to be something rotten in the frost cave. Until you have solved the puzzle, you have to you but only against many wild Pokémon to fight back and up to 16 (!) Trainer in the battle to beat. No too easy task, but the experience gained will come to you still benefit.

These objects, and some items such as TM71 Stone Edge, TM79 Eisodem, zinc, Heart Scale, eternal ice and Rexblisarnit spread over an outdoor area as well as three floors, the ground floor is divided into two parts again. You're not seeing: Here you will spend her some time. Basically, the frost cave is not applied particularly confusing; follow your nose and most of the time you will have little problems about.

Even outdoors, you stumbled upon the troubled Mamoswine that simply no longer wants to carry out his work. You must help the poor Pokémon. Run to continue north until you get to the icy part of the cave. At this point, blind drauflos race is somewhat pointless. Plant instead every step before, as you are, you even stepped on the ice, automatically slides into view direction to the next obstacle. However, there are multiple routes through the ice, so that the course is quite good schaffbar.

Following you can only Pokémon help to achieve with surfer on the other bank of the river. Take every possible angle under the microscope and dares you always on through the bitter cold of the cave. At some point you finally get to the root of all evil: Team flare behind the whole mess - who else? Beat the crooks with Trovatos help in the escape. The road to Route 17 making it finally accessible.

Mamoswine-way (Route 17), Fluxia City

Now that the Mamoswine can finally fulfill his job back, the Route 17 is accessible again. Time, therefore, to make their way. About the southeastern output Frescoras you come to the Mamoswine-way - but only on the back of that very Pokémon. With the mighty tusks of the creature her big rocks zerdeppert simply that keep you from moving forward. Once pressed the A button and the chunks are history.

Outside the deep snow you can descend from the back of your taxi and explore the area on foot. In addition to a sky battle you can also detect some items with the Itemradar during these sections. All in all, ye shall Mamoswine-way but have left quickly behind you. Just before the gates of Fluxia City Serena reports via holo-message and announces a fight in front of the arena of the city. May the best one win!

Fluxa City

As a welcome gift you will receive the moment you enter the city again ten balls of Professor platans assistant Sina, which also puts you in knowledge of the legendary Pokémon in Kalos. Sounds exciting. Unhurried step it then proceeds on to the Pokémon Center, before you meet Miss Memory. The good lady has an amazing gift that you should let her show once necessarily.

Inside the building again waiting for Mr. togetherness. EP-force is the O-power he puts out this time. Also in the Pokémon Center is also a nice woman warms up, which gives you all four Tms - but only one per day and only at different times. In plain language this means that you have to come back four times at different times.

Quite excellent for reading the time is the grandiose Fluxia sundial in the north of the city, should pay a visit to her absolutely times. Especially during the sunset which is a true experience here. On camera plate you can also shoot in souvenir photo with the Itemradar can find a hidden object identified.

Within the urban boutique still be a few more houses, whose inhabitants are quite helpful. From a person you get the TM10 reserve power from another you can hear stories about legendary Pokémon. Still a little north can you accomplish a truly good deed: A lonely old man longs for some company. With a Pokémon that can not be above level 5, you can fulfill his wish. Do you have any in the pit of your PC, make sure your fly fast alternative to the airports of the Kalos region and catch the plump creature with low level - re-balls you have in the meantime more than enough.

Now it wants to know Serena again. Before the arena of Fluxia the girl is waiting for you, and lets the announcement did follow. Get ready for a crisp fight because Serena has had the last time pass not idly.

Arena of Fluxia City: Astrid

New city, new arena. For Fluxia City this rule applies as for most previous and as always the fights are hardly easier. Even the duel with Serena was a first taste of what awaits you in the local arena. Do you have your girlfriend but hit without major problems, and the challenges for the Psi-Order should be feasible.

The arena itself is located in the northeast area of the city and is easily recognizable by its purple-colored roof. Only in the interior reveals itself suddenly the wacky style of decor. Everywhere there are intricate paths, colorful lights, seemingly finite dead ends and five coaches who understand something of their craft. As the Gym Leader Astrid they give psycho-Pokémon their fullest confidence, so it is not a bad idea to have Beetle, Unlicht and Ghost Pokémon in the team. That should be your pockets also well stocked with healing items, is self-

The wrong way to Astrid spans three differently colored regions, each of which is again divided into several paths. You begin in the blue region, changes to green and even a few times back and forth until you have finally made it to the pink area. Here the path is not far off, only one coach is waiting for a rubdown.

Gym Leader: Astrid

The Psycho-trainer Astrid begins your fight for the seventh Arena Medal with a Symvolara Level 44, which combines the elements of psychoanalysis and flight in itself, so you can choose from some weaknesses (such as electric, ice and rock). Ideally you defeat the Pokémon already with your first blow, as Astrid will make it otherwise perform reflector, thus it increases the defense value of the entire team. Together with the two hyper potions that are used by the Gym Leader, the struggle in which case, for so long, and eat away at your powers.

After all, their second Pokémon, a Slowking Level 45 with the element water classes and Psycho, several Achilles heels at once. Do you have a plant, electrical or Ghost Pokémon, now is the right moment to send it into battle. Finally, you must then put you against Psiaugon to fight back. This fighter is already at level 48 and has only the element Psycho, so the only effective attacks of the type beetles, mind and Unlicht are. In this respect, Astrid still holds a Hyper Potion in the hindquarters and the effect of the reflector is still active, the fight itself can be quite a little pull with the last opponent.

At some point, however, is also Psiaugon defeated on the ground - and symbolic Astrid themselves, who have beaten her. The Gym Leader of Fluxia City leaves you as a sign of recognition and success of the Psi-Order, by which all Pokémon up to level 90 without a murmur are under your orders. On top there's the TM04 ideas.

Team flare in Illumina City, Laboratory of Flordelis

Now rotate Team flare completely by: The chic bandits want to wipe everything and everyone who is not one of theirs, and also her boss should know her quite well. On the advice of your adventure Serena now leads so again after Illumina City, or more specifically to the Bistro Flordelis northwest of the prism tower. First, however, should still be in there a visit to the Pokemon Center.

And indeed, the two scoundrels hang around there. Defeat them in battle and they tell you of a secret door - including the need for this solution! The tight clothes seem to cut off the gangsters, the blood supply to the head. Inspected after the confrontation the cupboard on the back wall - et voilà!

Laboratory of Flordelis

Not surprisingly rife with Flordelis' hideout only so before members of his gang. Already at the beginning but once you tried Flordelis himself from moving forward hold. Defeat him and his four Pokémon, then you can resume her your investigation.

Quite simply, the however, because Flordelis' laboratory is quite tricky. Basically there are two different platforms that transport you to different ways. Shock fields hurl your character in the direction of the arrows shown while Warpfelder you, well, warp. Where, however it is difficult to predict. Take your best a little time and get a feel for the meandering corridors. It's worth it: In addition to TM12 Verhöhner are also four e animator, a Hyptertrank, an elevator key, shadow glass and a special candy to find. Can you take me, right?

At the beginning of the procedure is already relatively clearly defined, since you can only run in a westerly direction. A warp field later waiting Alina, who are already met her twice in a match. Gradually, more Warpfelder become available that bring you into a dormitory by you can enjoy a breather you and especially your Pokémon.

You can learn from the plans team flares, defeated some more of their members and gain items such as the lift key in order to continue to move forward to. This makes about your way to the second basement of the facility where you find out about a man held captive by Florelis the tragic history that have taken place 3,000 years ago in the Kalos region.

Has he finished his story, ye Florelis follow the third basement. It's not as if you had a choice. In the final section presents Xeros, another flare-Depp. Of course, he also wants to be defeated in a fight first. Can be set up. Have you rejected him in his place, he leaves you the choice: is the right of the two buttons behind him, and the "ultimate weapon" can be stopped. Of course, is arrant nonsense. Whichever you decide: The said weapon shoveling his way up from the ground and devastated large parts Cromlexias.

Catch return to Cromlexia flare-secret base, Xerneas / Yveltal

Not much is left of the former idyll Cromlexias after the breaking out of the ultimate weapon. At least the Pokémon Center has survived the chaos (what a coincidence!), So there you can take a short rest. Then you go to the secret base of flare team in the Northwest. Along the way, you do not have a bully in the fight picking apart, but get support from your good friend Serena.

Flare-secret base

This is your chance! So close you were to the extinction of Team flare never, never before, she was more important. The fashion fanatics seem to have completely lost his mind and want the world as we know it finally put an end to. But not if you can avoid it!

Caveat: The Flare-secret base is characterized less by intricate passages than the high enemy density. You will rise to numerous team-Flare-members in the ring, there are several multi struggles and encounter a legendary Pokemon. Depending on which version you play, this will of course vary. While you will jump in front of the Poké Ball Pokémon X Xerneas, Yveltal is its equivalent in Pokémon Y. Since the contemporaries of course not arise voluntarily, you will some Poké Balls (probably also various types) needed. Remember you and sets before entering the secret base at a decent stock.

Even in the entrance hall provides you Floredlis one more time in the way to gain time for the firing of the ultimate weapon. His team is not bad, but you should for not pose any major problem. Make him flat and go through the door to the left of him deeper into the base. There must be somewhere are the legendary Pokémon, like Serena suspected.

But before you can experience this live and in action, followed by three multi battles. Only when you have completed the entire passage, you get to the whereabouts of the creature - even if she is not alone. Having Sannah already connected midway your team, crack them also equal to the locked door, want to collect a beating behind the four other team-Flare-members. Then it's finally over.

Catch Xerneas / Yveltal: Legendary Pokémon

The most important advance: Saves power before do you imagine the legendary Pokémon in battle. This is your only chance - you have to take it.

The easiest way the whole thing designed course with the Master Ball, whom you have received from Chief of the Poké Ball Factory. With this you Xerneas / Yveltar Catch the first try, without even bend it just a hair. In the normal way which is a much more difficult act, but the works according to the usual rules: reduce KP up in the red zone, enemies with status effects prove (ideally paralysis or sleep) and use the strongest Poké Balls. More specific information about how you can catch the most effective Pokémon can be found in our related FAQ: catch Pokémon, Overview of all Poké Balls. Good luck, coach!

This is just unreal! As soon as you have the impending doom averted apparently, Flordelis is already back on the mat. One last battle must finally bring about the decision! Compared to a duel at the beginning of the secret base, his team has actually improved a little, but your has Xerneas or Yveltal (hopefully) also experienced powerful growth.

Just the fairies attacks of Xerneas are a safe bet to most Pokémon your opponent, but also Yveltal is a not to be underestimated help. Take especially against Gyarados (water flight, Level 53) in eight, which can improve his status values tremendously. Let's not even going to happen! The rest of you manage then also.

After work succeeds Flordelis yet to fire the ultimate weapon. But you have bad luck that the shot is being returned to sender and shattered the dangerous weapon once and for all. The world is saved. Yay!

Cromlexia, Vallée-ETROITE-way (Route 18), Omega Cave, Mosaia

The world is saved, but your adventure far from over. Before the remains Clomexias her chatter with your friends about their experiences. All parties are of course glad that the trouble over, and no one has come to seriously hurt.

The two mysterious savior identify themselves: There are Sina and Dexio, Professor platans wizard. Before you can continue your way to Fluxia City, the enigmatic man, whom you have already met during your travels will appear again. From his beloved Pokémon still unaccounted for. Disgruntled he makes himself away.

And that's what you should now do: Fly to Fluxia City and play some short a trip to the Pokémon Center and leave town on the Vallée-ETROITE-way (Route 18). This quiet mountain path is not particularly long, but holds some interesting secrets and a total of seven trainers, with which you can measure yourself. Special items you do not find in this area, however.

Have you crossed the wooden bridge, you will find on your left the reverse battle-house. The Curious owl inside has developed a crude form of struggle in which all element ratios are reversed so as plant against fire is effective and not, as is usually the other way around.

Once a day you can under these conditions, fight the guy and every time he will give you an item for it. Among these are objects like a eternal stone, thunder stone, luminous stone, glitter stone, water stone, fire stone, moonstone, numerous berries and more. So you see that it is worth.


From the hut this guy you can also immediately take omega-cave the only right of the three possible inputs. You do not search these, however, here are some items that Spukball TM30, TM31 breakthrough and of course find several times coach. Since you are not far away from your eighth order, it can not hurt to take every experience that you can get it.

Enough explored? Then you lead the way now about the southern path of Route 18 directly into sleepy Mosaia. A religious arena there is not to win, but a lot of other exciting things. Right at the beginning of your visit to engage you Professor Platan out to a dance. The young scientist has all three Endentwicklungen the first generation at level 50 as a team Starter Pokémon - so do not underestimate him!

Visit subsequently every house Moisaias and chats with all residents. From the woman at the train station you get the TM89 U-turn, a woman in the southern house interviewed you after your first starter Pokémon and gives you, whichever you chose, either Wundersaat, charcoal or magic water.

Also in the hotel Mosaia you get asked a few questions. Answer it correctly and you get the TM55 boiling water. The upper floor also waiting Mr. togetherness who gives you the O-force incognito force. On a Friday you will receive from the woman upstairs even in band of relaxation.

If you have seen enough of Mosaia (which will take quite a while), it's time to move on. Leave the city after a recent visit to the Pokemon Center therefore directions south on Route 19.

Vallée-Large-way (Route 19), Fractalia City

Only plead no fatigue; eighth medal is waiting for you! To get closer to this goal, you have the Vallée-Large-way of Route 19 put behind you. Compared with the relatively lame Route 18 goes here quite the post and from the large central wooden bridge there is even a real sight.

Until you have arrived at this, but it can sometimes take a while. There are several forks in the road, but surprisingly, most of these lead sooner or later together again; dead ends there on the Vallée-Large-way hardly. But again lems such as stone bones, TM36 mud bomb, top animator and also the important HM05 cascade get her on the Route 19 at last. Also now and then Remember to take the area by Itemradar closer look. This can be found including a wet chunks and network and timer ball.

The many coaches could in this way can make it quite necessary that you return to the Pokemon Center again in Mosaia. On the way back can you use the same for to investigate previously unexplored areas of Route 19.

Eventually you reach it: the impressive wooden bridge. Almost all your friends meet here - and seem to be in complete battle mood! Sannah makes the beginning and smolders a little reminiscing, before the battle begins. In addition to its Startpokémon it still has a Delcatty (Normal, Level 49), and a Viscogon (Dragon, Level 49) in the luggage. Despite considerable progress, so it should not be a problem.

The same also applies to Tierno, who has always been more of a dancer than a fighter. Dopey: time to heal your Pokémon will not be given unto you. Tierno and Trovato come immediately rushed with Sannah after your duel and not waste time with the exchange of trivialities. Here you fight!

And in fact, it now wants to know even the theorist Trovato. Your friend heal your Pokémon before he first takes up the fight. He makes his way not bad, but with the refreshed companions represents no obstacle Is he defeated, get her out of Sannah finally the HM05 cascade, with you, new areas are now accessible to a lot of impact. Where this is only half the story: To use cascade and outside of battles, you have until you claw the eighth Medal Arena.

And to get the, we go from here across the bridge right after Fractalia City.

Fractalia City

Cold becomes one and not too tight. From the arctic temperatures but you should not let you rush, because in addition to many secrets there are in Fractalia City above all: the eighth order. Or rather, there should be this, because currently Gym Leader is not Galantho namely locally. Oh great.

To find him, you have to take the southwestern path to Irrwald. That you can do immediately or - what is the better alternative would be - move back a little so that you can explore once Fractalia City. So you meet in the Pokémon Center to Mr. togetherness who gives you the power O-AP-healing power. In the house of attacks helper (southwest of the Pokémon Center) did you among other things, some of your companions see teach powerful attacks, but require a recovery period einründige their application.

Still speak with the other city dwellers. You will receive the TM13 Ice Beam TM08 and Protzer can ertauschen and get some items a Caesurio.

Irrwald (Route 20), Pokémon Village

Somewhere in here he has stuck Galantho, the Gym Leader of Fractalia City. And the name of Irrwaldes it all: clearly is something else. But it's all good is nothing, so the sleeves roll up and makes you on the way to track down the escaped Gym Leader. With patience and spit you can also pick up some items such as TM53 Energy Ball, a meadow panel or protein. Of course, there are also hidden items that can only be detected with the Itemradar and lurk four coaches - for whatever reason - also in the darkness of the dense trees.

Unfortunately, we can give you at this point no clear way through the brush to the hand, because some of the trails lead with repeated entering into different areas. In plain language this means that you have to try it again and hope for a bit of luck. Take precaution with two, three protection items, that ye may be prepared against wild Pokémon. Especially the mass meetings can be very annoying quickly. Saves you das.

Pokémon Village

If you are long enough remained on (Poke-) ball, it is suddenly and without warning outside again and see the sky above your head. The Irrwald has led you directly into the secret Pokémon village, which was created only for the sad purpose out, abused by trainers Pokémon care and protection to offer.

Little wonder the creatures here are extremely shy in the sequence and often look into the distance, hardly that you approach them. However, you can feel the strong bond of friendship between good-hearted trainers and their companions.

Especially at the Pokémon living here is mainly Ditto, the ideal choice to certain Pokémon to testify in the pension. Give her the genderless Ditto together with another being in the custody of the board ladder, you will very probably find at your next visit to an egg from which a young descendant of your other Pokémon will hatch.

In the midst of the idyll you will then finally Galantho who already smells a rat miles against the wind and the reason of your coming from the outset white. After a brief conversation with him, he makes his way back to Fractalia City, where he will be waiting in the arena for you.

That leaves a little village in the Pokémon when Galantho has crumbled. Just as with the hotel ruins here are around various trash, the occasional wobble. If this is the case, you should examine them necessarily - not rarely look there before a rare Pokémon. The type of creatures also changes from day to day, so it may be worth it to a later time to visit the village.

Much more there are (at least currently) not to do. Fly back to Fractalia City and get ready for your last arena battle.

Gym Leaders of Fractalia City: Galantho

The last fight. You stand your destination so close to have finally collected all eight arena Order of Kalos region and you qualified for the top four. But Galantho is not for nothing that the last coach who stands between you and the achievement of your goal.

The heart of the arena conductor of Fractalia City proposes to match the region as well as his city, for Ice Pokémon. So strong they may be, they do have some weaknesses on which you can enforce them properly. In the first place your team at least a strong fire-type Pokémon should be what could be ensured only by the twofold choice of starter Pokémon. Also fighting, rock and steel fighters (and natural) attacks are a good choice in any case and make Gala Thos team in the truest sense of the word tidy hell.

But before it is even close to the extent that, you should of course your Pokémon feed up in the center of the city, showering you with enough items that both negative status changes (particularly agents against icing should now be on your wishlist are at the top) as well as the health of your fighter into shape. Being unprepared could the following minutes be an extremely tough nut to crack.

The arena itself seems rather clear, at first glance, but looks can be deceiving: The four ace trainer in the building are listed next to a colored switch, they only release, when ye have conquered. Come her on this, the orientation of the corresponding platform changes, so that the path to the destination is another. Until you through this system can be up to Galantho, it can sometimes take a bit.

Gym Leader: Galantho

Now it is: This is your chance to eighth arena Order! Like all other Areanaleiter previously also sets Ganaltho a total of three different Pokémon, with Abomasnow should make a start. The combination of plant ice you can turn off with a fire-type Pokémon normally with a single blow, the Pokémon at level 56. So keep in mind prior to the battle, to put a fire-fighter at the first position of your team.

This is followed by a Arktilas at level 59, which, like the following Level 55 Frigometri, only is the ice element belonging. As before, Fire Pokémon are a good choice, but also steel-fighters are great because their attacks on the one hand are very effective, they suffer themselves through ice attacks but only half damage.

Stay focused and heal your Pokémon at the moment (or exchange them if necessary from) if they have been frozen. In this state they are completely motion and unable to act, especially since this effect is not automatically disappear.

Notice her all these notes, the battle should be ultimately decided in your favor. Galantho will you present the iceberg orders, through which you can finally control all Pokémon, regardless of their level. In addition you can about the beard, the strong TM13 Ice Beam.

Dernier-way (Route 21), Victory Road

Congratulations: By winning your eighth and final arena Order of Kalos region did you successfully qualified for the Top Four! Theoretically, you could get started right away, practically looks - of course - a little different. Only you have the Route 21 put behind you and then cross the road to victory. Not necessarily an easy task, but given what you've already done it, anything but an insurmountable obstacle.

Basically, we need only the short path to the west follow, as the Dernier-way Fractalia City and Victory Road connects the shortest path. But so close to the finish it is worth, is still something to be patient - no one rushes you. Crawls prefer a little Route 21, only because of the additional experience that will get you through the five strong trainer here. However, the grazing for items worth it: In addition to the TM22 Solar Beam is in green, among other things an elixir, a beetle panel, an AP-Plus as well as a mega block hidden.

To truly take every angle under the microscope, you will also be a bit of clever thinking when you move a few blocks need, but if you want the really good items, must also do something about it. And unsolvable riddle see anyway different. Just think a moment or two before any action after you get baked and all that.

In the Northeastern region of the Dernier pathway it has also attacks the helper sitting comfortably in his house. This brings your dragon Pokémon with a very useful new attack when do you want.

Did you eventually everything abgeforscht or simply not feel like bumbling, even more, it goes direct to the Victory Road.

Victory Road

The time of the last test has come: The road to victory will put your skills one last time to the test. Only if you make it to the other side, you are the top four truly worthy. What are you waiting for?

Already at the entrance you get the hardness can be felt here. The inspector wants to see not only every eight medals, but also to make himself equal to a picture of your skills. Defeat him in a fight, only then you will be allowed through.

The Victory Road itself is divided into eight areas, four of which you can stumble in the darkness of a cave, four in various ruins. Throughout this wait a lot of coach for a game and each of them knows his craft.

Luckily you bump into one of the third ruin on a helpful ranger who your team as often as you wish it to full health. This service will probably have to take several times to complete it in order not to permanently leave the Victory Road direction Pokémon Center.

In that very outside area you can create by moving a large stone passage, which is a handy shortcut. Should you use. Of course, also can again lots of useful items ferret: TM02 Dragon Claw TM03 Psycho shock, top animators (2x), Star piece, superb spring, Hyper healer, Hypertraink, top recovery and top Elixir are just some of them.

Halfway through the road to victory Serena asks you for one last fight out - a good preparation for the top four. Does she finished, heal your Pokémon at the Ranger and uses the skills cascade and surfers to even to go over the waterfall, finally to your destination, the Pokémon League brings you.

Pokemon League: preparation

Five fights. That's all that's separating you from the greatest success you can get hold of in the Kalos region. Five fights that are more demanding than any previous. From the experiences of the past many hours you should, however, steeled and experienced enough to take up the challenge lying ahead of you.

Without preparation, it is of course not - and that is exactly what is this site. If you want to know specific information and tips to fight the top four including champion, is the following page of our complete solution of interest to you.

The Pokémon Center is once again your first stop. After the rigors of the road to victory practical device comes in handy and gives you the opportunity to plan the following battles in peace. Also paid attention to that you can leave the top four again only if you have defeated all five coaches or been defeated itself. Who dares even in the lion's den, comes midway no longer out of her.

Selects the best Pokémon

No one here will touch you with kid gloves. Therefore, it is extremely important that you know exactly what you and especially your Pokémon strips are capable of. Tried you put together a diverse team as possible and cover as many elements as possible. Taking her about only with water-and fire-type Pokémon in battle, the cards are bad.

Know precisely on the respective capabilities, status values ​​and attacks of your fighter notice. Who is most nimble? Who is even after strong attacks still as a rock in the surf? All these things are of essential importance. Are you not completely satisfied with the attacks of one or more Pokémon, is now also the last chance with TMs and helpful people such as the attacks helper in Fractalia City to do something about it.

Equip your Pokemon with items

Crawls your backpack after all, what you have and think carefully about which (Battle) Item lends itself to that Pokémon. Do you want to increase the value of a particular initiative companion, a Swiftclaw would be the ideal item to wear, the attack power of the attacks of a Fire Pokémon can be increased with charcoal. Holt through targeted improvement of such things the most out of your team out.

Buys sufficient remedies and other items

At this level, an attack may already be the end. That ye may be prepared for such cases, necessarily sufficient remedies such as animator, top recovery and Hyper healer must be stowed in the luggage before you take the top four in attack. Your opponents are of course also prepared: Each of them has two top-recovery process of the champion even has three copies.

Training is everything

You can never train too much. The upcoming opponent's Pokémon you have a level range 63-68 - this level should also have at least your team. It would be better, however, if your fighters would not be less than level 70, as you will have at least five opponents off one by one. So Hastily now nothing and puts calm again a few practice rounds.

It is not a master yet fallen from the sky

You have failed due to the challenge? Do not give up! Learn from your mistakes and even more from those of your opponents. The top four are even trainers, with strengths and weaknesses. If you remain just stubborn enough on the ball, you will be champion finally.

Top Four: Pachira, Narcisse, Thymelot, Dracena, Champion Diantha

Before you the champion of the Pokémon League is facing, it is important to defeat the Elite Four. A given sequence there is not, so you can proceed as they see fit.


Thanathora, Rock-Water, Level 65
Wummer, Water, Level 63
Gyarados, water-flight Level 63
Starmie, water Psycho, Level 63

With plants and electric Pokémon is at least to crack the defensive, but the main problem to him are rather the sometimes enormously strong ice attacks his Pokémon. Have therefore keep an eye on the defensive capabilities of your fighter and is ideally defensively strong creatures with strong plants and electric attacks. The opposing Thanathora can cause her with a plant attacks up to four times the damage at Gyarados achieves an electrical attack with staff bonus this effect.


Skelabara, Spirit Fire, Level 63
Pyroleo, fire-Normal, Level 63
Fiaro, fire flight, Level 65
Torkoal, Fire, Level 63

Fire is Pachiras first choice, which of course makes it easy to take advantage of their vulnerability, as it should lack of strong water Pokémon you hardly. A few fire-healers can also do no harm, because it can quickly lead to burns during the fight. Your Fiaro can you with rock attacks also add up to four times the damage.


Durengard, steel Spirit Level 65
Clavion, steel-Fee, Level 63
Probopass, rock-steel, Level 63
Scizor, Bug-Steel, Level 63

Keeping with its shining armor sets Thymelot fully on steel-type Pokémon, which best beikommt with fire and some ground attacks. In general, the defense of his team is above average, which makes it even more important to specifically target the vulnerabilities. His Probopass takes through combat and ground attacks up to four times the damage in her Scizor achieves this effect with fire attacks.


Altaria, Dragon Flight, Level 63
Tandrak, Poison Dragon, Level 63
Druddigon, Dragon, Level 63
UhaFnir, Air Dragon, Level 65

Do you still TM13 Ice Beam from Galantho? Now is the perfect time to bring them to teach one of your Pokémon, because each of Dracenas dragon is very susceptible to ice - Altaria and UhaFnir even take up to four times the damage. Also dragon attacks are good, but you should avoid to send a Pokémon of that element in the fight, as it will be inferior to many attacks it at all costs.

Champion: Diantha

Amagara, rock-ice, Level 65
Viscogon, Dragon, Level 66
Pumpdjinn, Ghost Plant, Level 65
Resladero, fight-flight, Level 64,
Gardevoir, Psycho-Fee, Level 68
Monargoras, rock-Dragon, Level 65

What a surprise! The extravagant, but inconspicuous basically Diantha is actually the champion of the Pokémon League. And rightly so. Unlike the previous coach puts a Pokémon not one but various types, which makes it essential for you several times to change the Pokémon during battle. Also, there are major flaws in Dianthas team hard to find; Amagarga can only take four times the damage by battle and steel attacks until, while Gardevoir, however, even the weaknesses has poison, mind, and steel.

In general, the Psycho Fairy Pokémon, with its high level and even higher status levels is probably the biggest challenge. With enough healing items and similar stuff but this fight is eventually survived, bringing the hardships finally find a glorious end.

Congratulations, Coach! You grew up to the Pokémon League Champion, and have the biggest target in the Kalos region reached!