Secret Files: Sam Peters - Walkthrough (PC)

Secret Files: Sam Peters is a short-story offshoot of the successful adventure series "Secret Files" in which you are experiencing an adventure in the life of Sam Peters, a minor character from Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis.

Escape from the island

Sam Peters sees in his own words, stunningly good, is highly intelligent, natural blond, an excellent journalist and a little modest. She works for a magazine with the aptly named "Uncharted", a science magazine that reports on excavations and expeditions to the most remote corners of the world.

That led to last of an ancient temple in the Indonesian jungle - as we know from Geheimakte second. Here she is freed from the clutches of Max a band of terrorists and will now get off the island to get help. Too bad that it's now even a volcano erupts and out of the boat, the wind is gone ...

Find a bottle which is closed too tightly, so break the bottle with a rock and takes message - unfortunately the message is written in an incomprehensible language. Now Sam still takes the dead crab - crab claws may eventually be useful from time to time - and then makes it to open the metal box.

Which is locked with a mechanism but fortunately not hard to crack. You can always move along the lines of the star metal buttons. Since only two slots are free, your movement is pretty limited. So push around until the numbers on the letters form the name of MAX and the box opens. This happens with II A, III to X, I on M (see screenshot). It's best to begin to push counterclockwise. This brings you into the possession of rubber boots, socks and air pump parts.

Sam cuts with a piece of broken glass from the rubber boots so that the hole in the boat could fix, but it is too dirty. So we clean it with the socks - but keep the rubber not alone. So we first pull back to the jungle and see the animal skeleton of a bone. We take and go on up to a lava flow, on the banks of a burning bush is.

Here we extend the crab leg with the bone and clamp into the rubber. Thus equipped, we can melt the rubber on the fire and so finally patch up the boat.

But now we need to inflate the boat, so it is seaworthy. An air pump is already in our inventory, but broken down into parts. We still need to put these words together. How to do this tells you the screenshot. Now Sam can carry air back into the boat and finally leave the island.


Once home, Sam not only gets reprimanded by her boss because she only now reports back down again, but the same also a new order: This leads them to Berlin, where they deal with the gamona editorial ... uh, and a certain professor Hartmann will meet. This leads a research group at the Humboldt University and is supposedly a scientific sensation on the track.

But when Sam arrives at his institute, they must find that the door is locked and the professor is already broken up into Africa. As the man behind the counter is unfortunately not much help, we must, as befits an adventure gamer, just help yourself and somehow give us access to the office of the professor.

Sam takes the carpet out of the trash container. So that they could climb over the wall, but it would be noticed by the surveillance camera. The mailbox with a leaflet of garbage collection depends - as soon as we read this, the waste paper is collected. We notice that the surveillance camera at the arrival of the garbage responding.

So we grab the brown bin and move it to the other end where the markings are on the curb. Now we try to climb again with the carpet on the wall, the garbage truck appears again, the camera distracts and so are Sam the chance to climb over.

Arrived at the institute building, we take the rake and the head and remove the box secateurs and work gloves. With the scissors we mount from the garden hose and then try to enter the building. However, the front door would be no smarter way into it - so Sam would be determined immediately noticed.

The open window on the first floor is the better alternative, but it's too high up for the small ladder. So Sam tinkers with the secateurs something about it - now it is twice as long, but still too unstable. So we stabilize it with the rake and fix them with the garden hose. Now Sam can climb the ladder.

There is a vending machine in the hallway - each snack cost 1.99 euros. So let's see what Sam has so left in her purse - could you ask for anything else - and see a photo, a locker key, a credit card and a two-euro coin. This we throw into the machine and get a bag of crackers, as well as the change: 1 cent.

This now enables the screws on the plate solve the tree outside. This can be used in order to pick the lock to the office of the professor - the top right of the hall door. Done! Now we just need to find a clue as to where the professor has traveled.

In the trash we find a torn Fax - clearly what's coming: we must put together the pieces of paper again. This is so simple that it is safe even without our help create - otherwise looks on the screenshot.

The fax inform us that the research group of professor has discovered a new species. But that is not where it says. For this, we learn a code. With this, we are looking at the file folders on a shelf, until Sam has found the right file. We'll look at in more detail and find that the track obviously leads to Ghana, where a meteorite crater in numerous animals and plant species, which apparently is only available here. So go on!

Africa: Jungle

Sam Peters has traveled to Ghana to seek Professor Hartmann, who is said to have identified a previously unknown species. From the airport we must find a way to Lake Bosumtwi, before night falls.

So first follow the good old tradition of adventure and take everything that is not nailed firmly Sam takes the old batteries to the megaphone and the bottle of lemonade. I'll see you at the pier, take the cap and screw the hook with a pocket knife.

Next he goes into the jungle. Sam follows the way to the camp, but warthog blocking the way. We must create out of the way somehow. Presumably it is afraid of big cats, but the airport is located just a harmless kitten around. But perhaps the warthog has indeed allergic to cats? Sam draws his meowing with the voice recorder on, returns to the swamp and plays the warthogs recording at full volume with the megaphone. But unfortunately, it is not impressed them. So we have to help out a little. Sam replaced the batteries from the voice recorder to the old batteries in his inventory and plays it again. Now the harmless meowing is distorted to a terrifying roar and scares the warthog.

Now Sam can rest. That startles a horde of ants, which are later to be still relevant. We continue in the direction of the warehouse to a suspension bridge, where the tether is broken and must therefore only be repaired. A few meters further down the abyss hangs a bag, but Sam can not reach with his hands. So we tinker to a device: Off road and hook could be such a build, but missing something to tie it. Sam can cut these with a pocket knife a thread from the cap and tie everything together. This brings us to the tool bag and takes the wrench, tape measure, pencil and brush.

With the wrench Sam can unscrew the wire at the airport and then take the cable connector. So we now try the rope to fix the bridge: this we clamp the broken cable in the connector, now remove the perforate plate and fix it both with the nuts. That should keep! Sam can finally cross the bridge.


Arrived at the camp but no one is seen. So we take the first sensor and some wood under (not before) the hut. Sam then crawls under the tent and gazes the floorboards. The overturned locker behind is locked now, but we can take the metal tube.

Now let us winch the tree. Still missing the crank, but with the wrench we can ensure adequate replacement. However, it still requires a lever, so that Sam can do enough force. To this end we insert the wrench into the metal tube and can deign the box in the winch. In it we find several items including laptop, sleeping bag, a small key, solar module and two additional sensors.

With the small key we can open the locker under the cotton sausage, found first aid kit and a letter. We read the letter immediately, but find that this is just a boring love letter to the wedding day. So once we check the first aid kit: This is Sam painkillers, pure alcohol and bandages.

Unfortunately, the laptop lacks the power in the battery. But we have here the solar modules. However, these must be assembled before use - again a puzzle mini-game. The right solution on the screenshot below.

Now we can connect the solar charger to the laptop - only thing missing is some sunshine. You may have noticed that the stone in the foreground is heated by the sun - a good place to charge the laptop. Now we can turn it on, but it is protected by a password. Fortunately, most people use passwords pretty neat. So let's look again at the letter: He's on 2 Written April 2008, the anniversary of Prof. Hartmann. Since it is the 22 the wedding day, it took place on 2.4. in 1986. We already have the password: 020,486th

Now we can browse and find all research information by the of Professor, but also seems an inexplicable danger lurking in the jungle. We also learn that he has fled after the attack sinister beings on a mission.

In the folder "map" we find a map of the camp with the orientation of the sensors, we need the same. Sam decides to postpone the trip for tomorrow and prepare for the night.

For this we have to mount the sensors at the correct angle to the stands. The sensors have different effective ranges with 90 degrees, 75 degrees, 160 and 120 degrees. The fourth sensor with 90 degree is already installed in the background, giving us a clue as to how the others are to install. Consulted the map on the laptop and it addresses this: Back from the Lake: 90 degrees. Right front the tree: 75 degrees. In the foreground: 160 degrees. Left: 120 degrees.

Now, all of the sensors are installed for the safety system. A campfire was still quite nice. So Sam puts the wood in the fireplace and lights it with a lighter.

But of "good night" can be no question. Suddenly, Sam wakes up: A pack animals with glowing red eyes encircled the camp. We have to sell anyway. We use the flash of the camera and thus chase away the animals. Sam can continue to sleep in peace.

Church and cave entrance

The next morning, Sam wakes up in the camp. The animals have no longer can look for happiness. You come with the idea to look in the camera, whether the animals have come when flashbulbs front of the lens. So we look in the camera and discover a creature that could have sprung from a horror movie.

But now on to the mission. We leave the camp on the exit to the sea - going along to the left, Sam follows the wrong path and returns back to the camp. Arrived at the mission, Sam asks with sister Maria to Professor Hartmann, but the nun seems very afraid of the unholy creatures besides, the professor was abducted.

Sister Maria handed diary, in which it is reported of similar attacks in the past. Finally, it also tells a recipe for a ritual in front of the essence and they transmit disease. For the recipe: We need pure alcohol, sugar and five copies of ant secretions. When we close the diary falls out and loose page in our inventory.

In the meadow next to the church, we find immediately the flowers that we need for the recipe. Compare the figures from the diary with the plants and picking them accordingly - or just click on all the flowers until you have gathered them correctly. At the cemetery next door, in front of the grave of Father Samuel there is a clay bowl for inventory.

In the diary, there was some info that Father Samuel took the whereabouts of Asanbosam to the grave. So let's look at his grave stone in more detail. Strange ... no inscription, only few lines. This breaks from us with the blank sheet of paper and gets a few enigmatic ornaments. These we can cut them with the pocket knife and put together like a puzzle. See the screenshot for solution.

The scrap paper evidently form a map of the cave Asanbosam. It is located almost exactly halfway between the camp and the church, just to the north. To join them, we have to perform the ritual of the priest. So we put the picked flowers in the pot next to the cave entrance, the pure alcohol also. Sugar ants are still missing and secretion.

Sugar is fortunately enough in the lemonade, but we need to extract it to do so. So fill the lemonade in the clay bowl in your inventory, return to the camp and sparked the fire again with the lighter. Now we fill the clay bowl with lemonade and boil it into syrup.

So now it goes to the ants on the tree trunk in the swamp. Finally, we aim to abluchsen their secretions. You dip the brush in to the syrup and start the ants. As they move, you have to be fast to catch all five. The hotspot button can be helpful to find out where to hide the ants when they are gone times in or under the tree. Also follow established patterns of movement, which makes the hunt.

Now we have all the ingredients for the ritual. Add the flowers in the pot at the cave, the ants and the syrup and everything lit with a lighter. Now Sam can enter the caves.

Cave of Asanbosam

The caves prove to be a real maze. Explore the cave and you will find some places a mural that tells you something about the background story of Asanbosam. Also lie in the labyrinth distributed glowing clumps of resin everywhere. This you can enter into the clay bowls at the murals and light it with the lighter. In this way, each a ray of light on a field of wall painting falls - you notice the symbol on it! You need a total of five symbols (one from each row) to enter it at a site of the labyrinth as a code to a door.

Only when you have lit all the lights, you can enter the code and press the button next to it to open the stone door. Shock to let! We are in the midst of the Cave of Monsters, where they imprison the professor. Fortunately, we already know that they are allergic to flash. So Sam chases them with a "shot" from the camera.

The professor, however, is seriously injured and has severe pain. So we give him painkillers and doctoring his wounds with bandages. Now we can bring him back to the mission, where he initiates us into his findings on the Asanbosam.

Finally, you are allowed to decide yourselves whether Sam should publish the story about the Asanbosam or rather not. Depending on how you decide, you will receive a different ending sequence, because yes, you have Secret Files: Sam Peters hereby played through!