Thor: The Dark World review (2D) - One Of the Best Films of the year

Dark times break in over Asgard, Thor can not cope alone. An ancient power awakens to life again: the ether. With the dark energy once wanted to subjugate the nine kingdoms of the universe, the Dark Elves. However, Odin's father beat the elves to flee the airwaves well hidden and locked away. However, their leader Malekith managed to escape and he still meditates revenge.

Meanwhile, Thor is hard at work; Tony Stark in "Iron Man 3" has also the son of the gods with the consequences of the events of "The Avengers" to fight. Since Loki is raging in New York in the nine realms all haywire and Thor strives the damage that his brother has done to restrain the peace. As punishment for his horrible actions Loki must henceforth spend the rest of his life in prison of the palace.

Meanwhile, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Thor liaison of the earth, never stops thinking of god of thunder and looking for him. As strange energies located in London, she goes there to investigate this. She comes across the airwaves, who takes hold of her. Thor, who watches from a distance all over it, immediately goes to her to save her. Through the activation of the ether, however, someone else will come into action, Malekith, who has long been forgotten.

To defeat this enemy, Thor needs help from his equally powerful as treacherous brother Loki.

Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars meets Marvel

And so begins the buddy movie: Thor and Loki together against the rest of the world. Their path lead in three different realms: the dazzling world of Asgard to pale to dark elves on the ground. Alan Taylor puts a focus this time on Asgard.

Taylor tries to provide an insight into everything - from meter-high arcades, panoramic views and lakes across security and combat systems to the culture and tradition of Asgard. This magnificent scenery and props were used as well as lots of green screen and CGI action.

Thor 2 comes to theaters in three dimensions. But as always with Marvel: 2D is quite sufficient. A few effects are quite nice to look at, but most of the time gets annoyed because of the 3D surcharge at the box office. If you have an IMAX hall close to your home you can look forward to a more polished version.

But even for that, there are certainly more appropriate movies that implement this technique more impressive in 2D, however, you can look forward to an action-packed superhero film. Alan Taylor mixes the (mostly medieval) fantasy genre with science fiction: long robes, opulent fantasy realms, sword, ax and dagger fights vs. Laser guns, energy weapons, dark matter, science and high-tech equipment, provide the example in Asgard hospital room for regeneration. Taylor demonstrates two very different worlds collide and combine them expertly.

We need an opponent!

Thor 2 feels sometimes a little after "The Lord of the Rings" when breathtaking landscapes such as the Asgard's world are shown, as well as "Star Wars" when ultra-modern space ships attack this medieval world, shot back with laser cannons, high-tech defense systems will be booted and even Thor himself engages the control. A motley mixture initially a little surprised, but it works.

The plot, however, is something classic: A bad guy wants world domination and revenge for the extermination of his people. The good must prevent it. Even if the bad guy Malekith with Christopher Eccleston ("Dr. Who", "GI Joe - The Rise of Cobra") contains prominent, but this looks very pale. Malekith gets great moments neither assigned nor an exciting background story or comprehensible motives.

He looks more like a superficial held standard opponent who is just there to provide an action for a second. Thor movie: We need someone who must be fought. This is extremely unfortunate because a race like the Dark Elf would have certainly more potential for an exciting story.

This weakness is however made up with plenty of drama, action, incredibly exciting and unexpected twists, and a large dose of humor. This time was especially crowd favorite Loki assigned cheeky sayings and humorous scenes that are at times uproariously funny and will especially enjoy Marvel fans.

In addition to cameos Thor 2 provides the fans with more details for "The Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron". However at Marvel, you have to remain seated until after the credits.


After his first trip to Earth, and his involvement with the Avengers Thor has grown to be a worthy successor and responsible king of Asgard and is now struggling against sinister dark elves. Again at his side: Loki and Jane Foster.

Growth they get from Christopher Eccleston, who plays the evil opponent Malekith. Unfortunately, his role is very superficial advised that he cannot realize his full potential and does not leave a lasting impression. More attention is paid to the relationship between the two dissimilar brothers to each other. Loki and Thor have many beautiful, dramatic and sometimes funny moments together.

Director Alan Taylor skillfully blends fantasy with sci-fi elements and adds a pinch of presence. An action spectacle, but the best can be enjoyed in 2D. The 3D effects are, as with the other Marvel movies, not used to its maximum, although the film provides many templates for it.

However, other effects, lasers and airship battles can be seen as well as the classic sword and hammer fights with their cool moves, culminating in a spectacular final battle again.