A Handy List of PlayStation 4 (PS4) Voice Commands

The PlayStation 4 is not a media center like Xbox One however, it also has some voice commands that can be used to perform some basic functions such as shut down, open a game page and capture a screen image. Check out the full list below:

How to Activate Voice Command:

Step 1: First, it is important to understand that the commands only work if your headset is connected to the DualShock 4 - or if you use PlayStation Camera;

Step 2: After that, Pronounce The Word "Playstation" and a menu will be displayed on the screen automatically, showing some basic commands that can be executed;

Step 3: Pronounce the command you want and wait. The action will take place.

List of Voice Commands:

Playstation (Game Name) Go to the page of a game
What's New Go to the news page
Library Go to the Library
Start Starts a selected game with the first command
Music (or Video) Unlimited Go to the Music (or Video) session Unlimited
Internet Browser Open the browser
Live from PlayStation Open Live By PlayStation
TV and Video Opens the application session television and video
Take Screen Shot Captures a screen image
Home Screen Leads to the main page
Login Opens the login menu (then you can talk the username to change)
Power Opens the power menu
Turn off PS4 Off the console
Off Logs your user account
Standby Standby
Back Return to previous screen