Amazon refuses to sell the physical version of Beyonce new album

Despite the tremendous success worldwide, Beyoncé seems to have raised the ire of major U.S. companies due to new distribution strategy used by the singer.

First was the retail chain Target, former partner of the pop star, which announced that it will not sell the physical copies of " BEYONCE "claiming that its exclusive initial release on iTunes would impact the demand for CDs in its stores.

Now the Internet giant Amazon decided to make the same decision and provide the album only in MP3, as a form of "protest". Still, the physical album will be sold through partners and vendors associated with the site.

Even without the support of these companies, the fifth solo album from the former Destiny's Child follows steady and strong on the Billboard chart and should remain at the top for a second week, according to the projections.

Watch the Music Video for her new single "XO":