BAO: Few Tips for surviving in Gotham City

Batman: Arkham Origins is the third entry in the most famous adventure game series in the world. With a solid history and dozens of missions spread across the wide-open map, it is a great option of many DC comic fans and game lovers. Check out our guide for some tips on surviving the game:

Eye on indicators

One of the most constant elements during the campaign Arkham Origins is the distance travel by the bat on the map of the game. Stay tuned to the indicators shown on the map and the Bat Signal, appears in the Gotham sky, when aligned, exactly take the place of the mission.

Cutting path using the jet

Another tool that can help a lot in finding missions faster jet is the character, which can be accessed directly from the game menu, pressing Select.

On the map, choose one of the icons of jet dm format (drop points) and press A ( Xbox 360 ) or X (PS3). After a short animation, Batman will be taken directly to the site without fly scenarios or face enemies.

The jet is also the way to get to the Bat Cave, located in the lower left of the map.

Abuse of detective vision

Pressing LB (Xbox 360) or L1 (PS3), you can access the detective vision of Batman. The command works much like an x-ray, which stands out in strong colors the points of interest of the scenario. Painted a doubt about the right way, or even some more complicated puzzle? Use to view and study the environment carefully.

Learn new skills

As in RPGs, Arkham Origins has an experience system which rewards the player with attribute points each level achieved. Pressing Select, you can spend points on new skills for Batman, separated by new moves, combros and resources for camouflage in the scenario.

Browse through the options and select the skills that best match your playing style. Thus, you can easily defeat opponents or sneak past enemies crowded environments.

Dodge enemy assaults

The system dodge the Batman Arkham series is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of recent times. When you notice an enemy preparing to attack (they will be marked with a sign on his head), quickly press Y (Xbox 360) or Triangle (PS3) to dodge and counter attack the opponent.

With a little care and practice, you can face hordes of enemies without getting too much damage.

Finalize fallen enemies

One of the easiest ways to wipe out large groups of enemies, each one is ending soon after the first fall. Once you knock him down with punches and kicks, approach the fallen opponent and press RT + Y (360) or R2 + Triangle (PS3) to end it before it rises.

Note that the animation of the move can take a few seconds, giving time for another enemy to attack you. A good idea is to perform only the enemies more separate large group, or paralyze nearby grenade glue.

Use the weapons of the Bat

Apart from punches and kicks, Batman hotdog has a wide variety of equipments, such as boomerangs, smoke bombs and grenades. Besides useful in solving puzzles in the game, the weapons can also be used during battles.

Do not be afraid to use boomerangs, grenades glue and other tools during the fighting. They can help set off several enemies at once, and avoid unnecessary damage.