Free-to-play FIFA World: Learn to play Ultimate Team Mode (PC)

The FIFA World, FIFA free game franchise that EA Sports released for Windows Based Computers, has one of the most successful game modes of the series as one of the main features: the Ultimate Team, or FUT. Where players can bring together their favorite players and take part in tournaments and friendlies online and offline. In this guide, we show, step by step, how to form a team and what the main menus and actions within the FUT. Check!

Formation and Main Menus

Step 1. Once you start the game for the first time, it will ask you to create a team. You just put your name, initials and proceed. Then you have to put your heart team and then play a friendly match against a rival it. Only after that will start creating your FUT.

Step 2. In FIFA World main menu, the banner of Ultimate Team is highlighted. Tap "Start" to start playing.

Step 3. On the next screen, you have the menu "play". In seasons online, you play against other users. In seasons of a player you take part in games offline against the machine. In selection of the week you also play offline, but against the best team players of the week - changed every week by EA itself. Just choose one of them to start the match.

Step 4. In My Club you view and manage your squad with the players they have, and can customize the club, viewing shield, uniform, stadium and balls. In inventory, get all your cards. Already on players and statistics, a report of the cast, while in Manage Castings you can create new squads and scores of leaders is a comparison with your friends.

Step 5. In the third and last menu tab, "Transfers," it is crucial to strengthen the team. List of transfers, the players you want to sell. Find contracts have a search for letters of extent of binding a player to the club. Find players you find in letters of athletes placed at auction. There is also a tab with auctions of players from your favorite team.

Personalization and transfers

Step 6. Clicking "Shop", you can buy packs of cards, which are divided by levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each has a value and a level of figurines for the cast. Packages, have both players and items such as balls, stadiums, uniforms and shields. Purchases can be made with virtual coins won in game or real money, used to buy Fifa Points.

Step 7. If you do not want to spend your coins with random signings, go straight to the transfers tab, select search and look for players with the features you want - such as level, location, preferred training, league and etc.. The cards will appear at auction. See which one is cheaper, or click it and make a proposal by auction or "buy now". When hiring a player, it goes to your club or your starting lineup. You choose.

Step 8. To earn more coins, play games, online and offline. Each game earns an amount of "money". Especially if you win titles at the championships.

Step 9. In addition to assembling your team, do not forget to look uniform, shield, balls and a stadium to customize your team. You can search them on the Transfer tab, and then add them to the team Customize Club which is quite fun. There you can change the uniform and badge and customize your team colors.