How to record and edit gameplay of PC video games

The gameplays or game commentaries are responsible for a large traffic on Youtube videos. Specialized in showing the phases of the game, commenting on them or not, channels have become great ways of creating content, thus bringing a legion of followers and subscribers. However, to make gameplay videos are not something impossible or exclusive to those who have a powerful PC, so the DTG Reviews gathered a few tips on how to make your own gameplay videos using your PC, check out below:

Where to start

To start making your gameplay you will need Fraps, a video capture Software and also you need video editing software. It is recommended to use Sony Vegas. If you want to comment on is ideal to have a good headset.

Light, Camera and FRAPS

A Capture Card that records in HD is usually not a very expensive item, but here its use is optional, because Fraps can capture what is happening on your screen with high quality at up to 60 FPS.

The application interface is powerful because it does not require many settings to leave the program for operation. Try to leave a similar configuration screen below.

Important: The screen below shows settings for recording gameplays without commentary, but if you want to do, just check the "Record External Input" box and select your microphone or headset.

By doing so, just open the game you want to record, check that the FPS counter is in one corner of the screen (Yellow Numbers which are by default in the upper left corner of the screen) and press the key recording (F9 default ). When you want to terminate your gameplay, just press the Record button again to end it.

Tip: To avoid potential problems, open Fraps before opening the game.

Editing the Video

The Fraps can record videos in HD quality, however due to the size of the video can have, the program divides videos into files of 4.32 GB each. So you need a Video Editing Software to join videos and generate a single file. For this task, we use the Sony Vegas program, one of the best in video processing.

To create the video, navigate to the folder where your video files are (by default, this is C: \ Fraps \ Movies). After locating them, select them and drag to the timeline of the project.

Note: Depending on your monitor setup, two black columns may appear on the sides of the video. To resolve this problem, just click right on top of one of the video files in the Timeline, select Properties (Properties) and uncheck the option "Maintain Aspect Ratio" option.

When you finish editing the video, it's time we render. Rendering is a technique that will transform your project into a final file, in our case, turn the project into a video file.

Sony Vegas has a variety of file formats we render for our project, however, the best format to send our video to Youtube is in MPEG-2.

To do this, go to "File" option "Render As ..." menu and navigate by "MainConcept MPEG-2 (*. Mpg, *. Mpg, *. M2t, *. Mpa)" and select the option to Rendering "HDV 720-30p". After that, just click "Render" and wait for the process.

Are you cheaper?

Unfortunately, the Sony Vegas program is not free and its price can turn the will to create gameplays in a project unfeasible. However, there is a simpler and cheaper option: use the program Windows Movie Maker , standard software systems in Windows .

To create your video using Movie Maker is very simple: click on the "Add Videos and Photos" button and select the videos you want to add and select "Open". After that, the videos will be positioned next to each other according to the order you selected them to. Now just click the "Save Movie" button and give a name to your file. Okay, its gameplay is ready!