Plants vs. Zombies 2: How To Get Keys In The Game

Plants vs. Zombies 2 game has a number of new elements, including the Keys. With them, the player can have access to new areas and unlock challenges. Some of these new areas guard powerful plants that can be used in the future. However, the keys are not an easy item to find. In this tutorial, we will help you to find them.

There are only two ways to get keys: the zombies drop or else the player can spend money buying them. The problem is that it is very rare zombies drop keys. We must face various levels to find a key.

The fastest way to get keys

The fastest way to get keys is participating in the Challenge Yeti. However, in this mode, the player must kill Yeti quickly, otherwise it will go away. To eliminate it, you can use a potato or use a pump to power a plant fertilizer and attack using the maximum power.

By killing the zombie Yeti, he drops a lunchbox. The lunchbox comes full of gifts for the player as much gold, diamonds and, on some occasions, multiple keys. The only problem with this method is that the zombie Yeti appears only once per day.

Method most likely to find keys

As of yet the challenge is sporadic and depends on luck, a more effective method to get key is killing the most powerful zombies in each world. On average, a key player wins every four attempts on the same stage.

The best stage to try to get win keys is always the last of each world, where there are stronger enemies. However, this can be a bit tedious. A strategy that frees the player from boredom is to play the special stage called "Last Defense".

Keys in Ancient Egypt

The best stage to get keys is the first level of the phases "Last Defense". To pass it easily, place two rows of plant Bloomerang a row of plants Nut obstacle.

Thus, you can be free without needing to interact with the game. Sporadically, it may be necessary to shield the nuts-obstacle with compost. Ideally, this technique is repeated several times without getting interacting with the game.

Keys on World of Pirates

To quickly achieve key phase of pirates, you should access the third level of the phases "Last Defense". In it, there are only two types of zombies. You can easily play "hands free" just spreading herbs thorns all over the field.

Repeat this step several times to get key win in the world of pirates. This phase is also ideal to gain virtual game money used to buy fertilizer and special powers.

Keys in the Old West

The best stage to get keys in the Old West, is also the third season of "Last Defense". Plant a row of nuts in the middle of the stage and the next row, complete with watermelon plants.

Stand in the back row, place a lightning rod and get her alternating between the lines with the highest number of enemies. The advantage of this phase is that the player needs to manage only a cart unlike other phases.