Pokémon X and Y: Learn how to Participate in online battles

Pokémon X and Y brings interesting features as a robust system of online battles. It is possible to challenge players from all over the world to fights between their Pokémon, divided among a variety of modalities. Check out our tutorial below:

Already connected to the internet (to enter, click on the blue button at the top of the touch screen), press the white button located on top of the bottom screen. In Options, select Spot Battle.

A screen with a choice of battles will be displayed. Select "Random Matchup" for a quick search of opponents available.

On this screen you will choose the type of battle. For a free game, select "Free Battle". If coaches want to face your level, choose "Rating Battle" (note that a http://www.pokemon-gl.com site registration will be required).

After you configure the type of game, it's time to choose your team. The number of Pokémon scaled may vary between types of departure. Touch the desired creatures and select "Enter" until the team is complete.

Remember that the selection order goes for the first Pokémon played during the game, so choose carefully.

Okay, now only to perfect the strategy and face the opponent. It is highly recommended to choose locations with a stable wireless network to play.

In the options menu, you can still choose the "Battle" option, where you can also play online against friends or quick starts, both via internet as infrared.

Be sure to try the different modes of battle to find out which is your favorite. It is also a good idea evolve their Pokémon up to a fairly high level before venturing in online battles.