Pokémon X and Y: Learn to Recover / Delete Moves (TM and HM)

Pokémon X and Y came to the Nintendo 3DS bringing several new features such as mega developments, 3D graphics and the return of classic monsters. However, one of the main questions is how to remove HMs - Pokémon attacks or recover forgotten moves. Check out our guide:

As they become stronger, Pokémon learn new attacks, which replace the old scams. However, some attacks can not be excluded, the HMs, rather than a learned, can only be removed with the help of an NPC.

The "Move deleter" Pokemon X and Y are located in Dendemille the left side of the map. The character is in the house right above the bridge of the city.

Talk to the Move Deleter, who will offer help to remove attacks of your Pokémon. Note that it is possible to remove both HMs (Fly, Cut, Surf, etc.) as normal attacks, the creatures learned or taught with the use of TMs.

Be careful not to delete any of the attacks you want to keep. After choosing the Pokémon and the blow to be forgotten, confirm and wait. The process is useful to make room for new and powerful strokes learned with the evolution of the character.

Can still recover attacks have forgotten on another occasion at your Pokémon. To do this, talk to the woman next to the Move Deleter, Move Reminder to call.

Unlike the process for deleting attacks, this time you need to give an item to the NPC called Heart Scale. It can be acquired relatively easily in Pokemon Luvdisc found fishing with the Old Rod on routes 8, 12, Ambrette Town, Azure Bay and Cyllage City. After capturing them, just remove the item and deliver to the Move Reminder.

This option is very useful for players who deletaram attacks by mistake or repented after exclusion. Each movement recovered cost you a Heart Scale.