PS Vita: How to backup saved games - PS Plus subscribers

The PS Vita has a weird data saving system that might cause unsuspecting players lose their progress if they erase a game which only have a digital copy. To resolve this issue, the PS Plus service subscribers have exclusive access to the function to back up their saved games in the cloud, in a very easy way.

The role of back-up saves is more recommended for PS Vita games of which you have only the digital version, because the saves are deleted when you delete the game from your Memory Card. Physical games do not face this problem and other types of games such as PSP and PSOne titles, have not deleted your saves when the game is deleted.

Step 1: On the screen, select the game you want to back-up. In this example we use the title Touch My Katamari.

Step 2: Click on play and see the selection page.

Step 3: Do not click Start to playing, instead click the yellow cross on the top of the screen, the symbol of PS Plus.

Step 4: In the new menu option you will see two big buttons: "Upload" and "Download".

Step 5 Click "Upload" to send your save game to the cloud. If you have not started playing and did not have a save game, this option is not available.

Step 6 The process will end soon and now you back-up your save game in the cloud and can delete the game without fear.

To restore a back-up save just come back to this same menu and select the "Download" option. If you want to upgrade your back-up can select "Upload" again. It is still possible to keep you updated daily by checking the "Automatic Upload saved data" option, that every day will make a backup of your game.