PS4: How to Share gameplay Photos/Videos on Twitter or Facebook

The new PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller comes with handy "Share" button that allows users to share Screenshots and video of their games on the console in real time. For example, if you have scored a great goal in FIFA 14 you do not need a video card. It's all within reach of a button to save images and videos of games.

Step 1. Hit the "Share" button on the control when you want to share something.

Step 2. If a picture, press it when the image is scrolling on the screen, and calculate at least one to two seconds before that will happen because there is a small delay between pressing the button and the image is captured.

Step 3. Then, a menu opens with the sharing options

Step 4. Select pictures and you will be taken to a new screen where you will see all photos;

Step 5. Select the photo you want to share then post it everywhere: Twitter or Facebook;

Step 6. Now, Tag the image and write a review - if you want. Do this tap and ready to share! Your photo will be posted to the social network;

Step 7. If a video, select the Video menu in Step 3, it will open a page with videos;

Step 8. The difference is that with the videos you have the possibility of editing, because this function automatically captures the last 15 minutes of gameplay. So when gamers play in Share, do not pick an exact time, but the entire video and have to edit later;

Step 9. Select the time interval of the screenshots you want to view the video and seeing go wherever it begins. When found, press "X" and select "Start video". Then find the end point, press "X" and select "quit" video. Then "Cut";

Step 10. Ready! When your video is edited, you're ready to share, as in the photos. The procedure is exactly the same, but the sharing will take a little longer due to the file size.

Step 11. To check the progress of uploads, go to the Dashboard of PlayStation 4, select "Notifications" and then "Uploads". There you will see the time required to send to the selected social network.

Simple, isn’t it? Now you can share the key moments of your gaming on the PlayStation without many difficulties.