The Walking Dead - Season 2 Walkthrough, Complete Solution

Table of Contents:

1 Episode 1: All that remains

  • The Waterfront / The Dog
  • The Rescue / The House
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • The finale

Episode 1: All That Remains

The episode starts with Clementine, Christa and Omid moves through the remains of our world. The three arrive at an empty motel. Christa is pregnant. Clementine enters one of the washrooms and must look all cabins to make sure that the place is safe.

Then to the tank and try to turn on the non-working faucet. Then take the water bottle from the bag. After Clem has cleaned up the face, roll the bottle to the left of the three cabins and you have to pick it up.

At the moment someone enters the room and searched Clem’s Pocket while this trembling pulls back into the cabin. The woman grabs Clem’s weapons and targeting her through the open slit. You can respond to her question or simply remain silent.

In the following scene, she aims the gun barrel to Clem and pestering her with questions. Here again: Says something or not, doesn't matter. The request to hand over the CAP, can you meet even if it makes no difference. Omid sneaks unnoticed into the room and almost manages to catch the stranger.

Unfortunately only almost... instead, she goes with a bullet in the chest to the ground. Christa shoots the stranger and full of sorrow ends this first scene of the new episode..

16 months go by. Clementine has become much older and still struggled through the shattered Christa. They sit around a campfire. It's raining. They are apparently on the way to the North, after Wellington. Christa will remember the answer to the last question ("I miss Lee", "I wish OMID was here"). Clementine now has to keep the campfire going.

Go to the backpack and take one by one the photo of Lee, the drawing on the Gautam, Kenny and duck, and at the end of that needed lighter urgently. Go to the campfire and take a look at it. Then ignite the lighter and thus the piece of paper that holds Clem in the left hand. Unfortunately, the flames are too low, as that the hare on the spit can get enough heat.

You can now either throw the photo of Lee or the drawing or, better yet, you take the piece of wood from the ground right and feed the flames. In the meantime we are interrupted by a cry: Christa is apparently met some less nice people who harass them and threaten. Here the first important decision: you distract the men or not?

The difference is the following: Clem sneaks away easily but Christa gets a nasty injury. Instead, you take the stone, the scene is similar, but Christa is better off. But she is also injured with the spear. In any case, it follows a rout with many quick-time-events. Press the on-screen directional buttons at the right moment and thus all dodging, which come in your way: branches, tree trunks, zombies...

As Clem turns into a dead end, you break off a branch from the tree here and thus threatened the Tracker. Dodg his attack with the left direction button and get him the branch in the chest. Clem comes to a stop before a raging river. Hammers here when the guy from the back grabs you in a tour on the on-screen button (PC: Q), then Clem flees in a hollowed-out tree trunk.

The guy grabs her leg from behind and no matter, how well you respond when clicked - he manages to drag it. Then leave the tree target and you mind clings tightly. Hammer again on the pop-up button to shake off the guy, and then press right to kick him into a biter. There are some reaction tests, and then you saved the girl.

After having thrown the last stone to on one of the undead marchers, she falls backwards into the raging river and comes to a river bank.

The Waterfront / The Dog
Just Run straight ahead and look at the left in the water which has passed into the rushes canoeing. Follow the path until the end and you right the wooden edge pulls, which once was a staircase. Follow the path into the Woods behind and look at the side of the corpse, the grave or the overturned tree trunk on - if you want.

Continue on the forest road in the background. Follow the only possible way as long until you have to climb over a fallen tree trunk. Follows behind on the forest path until the camera zooms out far and shows how big the Clementine surrounded forest really is. She gasps as it rustles in the bushes, and runs tentatively forward. After the crows came flapping out of the bushes, you will find a dog. His collar reveals that his name is Sam.

Follow Sam to a run-down, abandoned tent camp. Here you should look for something to eat for you and the dog. You can search the whole area and remove multiple objects under the microscope, but you will only find it in the dustbin: a can of beans. Now you have to find something else to be able to open it. Run around the camp and search on the grill, the tents, the minibus, the crate on the ground, the Frisbee Disc and everything, so there. Do you have you enough “time beaten to death", reports Sam and leads you to an interesting place.

On the left side of the camp - a little in the foreground - you see a zombie, which has tied to a tree. You can use a knife to open his upper body. Simply pull does not work doesn't work, because it grabs you. So pull up the road, which is on the right side and beat the undead four times on his moldy skulls until it is smashed. You can search but found nothing useful, except the knife.

Take it with you and open the can, by her prick into in the three designated places in them and so on blocking them. Let you taste it now, and you will notice that the dog Sam also has something to eat. If you give away something to it or not, it makes no difference - it falls Clementine out of the blue and sunk his sharp teeth into her arm.

Now you have to take either the left or right box or the knife and then turn on the crazed dog. After the reaction test Clementine kicks it over a tree trunk and a look later you see that the poor animal will not make it. Skewered is howling at the bottom and forces you to take the next important decision of the game command you: you rescued him from his torment and kill him or just leave him?

After you've survived this scene going to the kidneys, Clementine drags himself with her injury through the forest, before some zombies show up. It is serious. The game prompts you to run away from them, however, Clem can hobble only forward in the situation. It makes no difference, because on her own she would never survive.

The rescue / The House
Two men with the name Luke and Pete show up and save the girl at the last second. Irritated from the bite wounds on her arm, let it fall to the ground. Clementine insists that there is a dog bite, but this must be Luke and Pete still to be determined. There is lively debate. You decide how much and what the history you want to disclose - Truth does indeed hurt in the case Apart from the arm.

In their group, there is a doctor named Carlos, they say, and he should first take a look at the arm. Then you decide how to proceed. They take Clementine there. On the way, she turns over. When she regains consciousness, she is looking down the barrel of a gun and a bunch of people gathered around them. You can try to run away or stay there - makes no difference.

While people blithely talk about Clem's wound and about how to proceed further, you can contact one of the people and try to calm the situation. Another important decision, as they will remember what you say. However, it makes no difference, because doctor Carlos wants to await the night and make sure that it really is a dog bite to waste no medical supplies - should it be but was a zombie. Clementine is locked in a shed.

This could be serious. Because the wound could be her undoing, she must find a way to treat herself. Look around in the shed and you see on the left in the foreground a small wooden folding table, which allows you access to the shelf above. Climb it and grabs the hammer that you would not otherwise obtain.

Turn around the fallen shelf and grab the tool. Then go to the blue and white box in the right rear part of the shed, pull forward and you take a fishing line, which you could sew the wound. Then Look behind the boarded-up part of the wall. Use the hammer to remove the slanted hanging board, and then transgress hard against the wall. The way is clear. Leave the shed. Now you are still missing bandages, a needle and some for disinfecting. All these you can find in the house.

Medical Supplies and Equipment
You could try to enter the house through the window or doors but it won't work. So go right around the house – and you can find below the veranda a boarded up place. Here you take the hammer on hand and remove the top two nails, then you crawl under the porch - and by the way you can hear some conversation of the people in the house.

You'll come to a hatch, which is secured with a lock. Take the knife to lever up, now you can enter the house. You arrive to the living room area you see on the left the kitchen door, which you can unlock just a crack, to listen to what people tell you. You can here seven or eight times to use the door and listen for a few seconds each time. Don't worry, nothing will happen to you here, nobody sees you.

Then go to the right take the stairs to the upper floor, in the living area and into the bedroom. You now made the acquaintance of Sarah, daughter of Carlos', and entertain her for a while. Even if you will not answer, the conversation continues. Sarah is ready to help you, even if you do not want to be her friend (incidentally also a major decision in this episode).

She then gives you a bottle of peroxide to disinfect the wound. Go after leaving the room towards the bathroom and opens the mirror cabinet, where you take a needle. While attempting to leave the room, Rebecca surprises you and you have to hide - in the bath or in the closet. Makes no difference.

After the pregnant woman is away, you go back into the hallway and into the second bedroom. Here you will find some rags, which must serve as a replacement for the bandages on the table. From the drawer you could take even take a watch.

Then leave the house and go back to the shed. Now she is serious and a bit painful for all involved: sewing the wound and put the peroxide on the wound and it purifies from germs. Then grab the needle and thread through the fishing string. Now for the worst part. Set the needle on to Clementines wound and pulls them from one side to the other, what you accomplished with mouse or stick movements. Four times you have to thread through the wound and sew it so poorly. Then the ordeal is over for now. Connect the arm with the rags, or try at least, as they fall to the ground, and when you try to pick it up, a zombie comes through the hole crawled and grabs Clementine’s leg. Come quickly on his head, to make you free time being. If he tears Clem to the ground, then looks to the left and grab the rake here. With this it pushes him back into the anchor to which he is impaled. But it is not over yet: Get your hands very quickly right in the table the hammer and pummeling him in the ugly skull until it opens the barn door and you stand before the bewildered residents.

The finale
Let Clementine into the house. Perforce. It follows, first a dialogue with Carlos where he comes to speak to his daughter Sarah and that she is not like normal girls.

Maybe it's a good idea not want to teach him what his daughter needs - but that you have to decide. Next followed by a meal with Luke and thus is another important decision in this episode: You forgive Nick, who is tantamount to his misconduct or not? He is a somewhat unstable character anyhow.

In the following conversation between Luke and Clementine she lets her past and thus some events from the first season to reminisce. Decide for yourself how much you want to disclose. In the final conversation with Rebecca you can once again knock on the plaster, and they respond to her baby, if you want that.

The following day, she goes on a fishing trip with Pete and Nick. They arrived on the bank and the sight is terrible: everywhere bodies and no idea who or what could have been. Pete and Nick to check the area and also Clementine would be useful. Speak briefly with the two, while they investigate the corpses, and then watch the rest. Then click on the HotSpot at the small sand bank in the middle and thus raises the next event.

Pete looks at the thing up close and Clem follows him. Then go to the body to which Pete sends you, and examines them. To everyone's surprise, the man is still alive, and he's one of the guys who initially pressed Christa in the forest. You can find Clementines backpack next to him! Who the hell is he? That you will not find out more at this point. Decide for yourself whether you granted him a sip from the water bottle or not - the last but one big decision. The last bulleted item: On both sides of the water attacking undead. Pete and Nick are on opposite sides of the shore and you must opt for one of the two. The fact that Pete was apparently bitten on the leg does not make things easier.

If you opt for Nick, then Pete is doomed to death. Runs her other hand to Pete, Nick has no chance and escapes completely out into the wood behind him.