Xbox One: How To Use the Upload Studio to Edit Your Video

The Xbox One is already on sale in stores and the players are slowly discovering the amazing new features and the platform of Microsoft. Among the highlights of the new console is the Upload Studio, a tool that allows you to edit videos in an intuitive manner. Learn how to edit your little gameplays with our tutorial below.

Step 1: I was playing and created an epic situation that deserves to be shared? Talk to your Kinect 'serious Xbox this game' to store the most recent events. The console will save your file to a library of clips.

Step 2: Enter Upload Studio to start editing. By observing the interface of the tool, players now visualize much of the possibilities offered. Click 'Start editing' to perform the first steps.

Step 3: On the next screen players must choose the model of video. Among those available are fair Cut Frame to Frame, Triclipe and multi-clip. The first offers an edition of a simple sequence, while the second option allows a production partnership between gameplay and Kinect. The other options bring similar features, but more elaborate, allowing the player to use multiple recordings and edit different sequences.

Step 4: Select the desired option. Click on 'DVR Games "tab to access your library of recordings. Activate the 'Record with Kinect' option if you want to create a video talking about the gameplay. Remember that if you do not want your child to use this feature just lock it in the privacy settings.

Step 5: Interested parties may also record a narration and choose a cover to further customize the video. The cover functions as a kind of filter that makes your custom startup image, offering an extremely professional look.

Follow the steps appear on the screen you have a video ready. Share with your friends, or use the Live interaction with SkyDrive to disseminate content on the Web.