Battlefield 4 Single-Player Complete Solution, Walkthrough Guide

Battlefield 4 is finally here, two years after Battlefield 3. This new episode puts you in the shoes of Sergeant Recker, manager of the squad Tombstone. Through seven missions, you will visit different places in which you will be opposed to Chinese and Russian armies.

In our complete solution / walkthrough for Battlefield 4, 7 missions single player campaign you will learn how to retrieve the military as well as hidden objects / weapons nameplates.

Grab your weapons and prepare for battle!

Table of Contents:

01. Baku
02. Shanghai
03. South China Sea
04. Singapore
05. Kunlun Maoutains
06. Tashgar
07. Suez

-The objects retrieved from Battlefield 4 –

• Weapons


This walkthrough Battlefield 4 begins with a critical situation: you're in bad shape, enclosed with your brothers in arms in a car sinking to the bottom of the sea, all accompanied by the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. Listen to the conversation between the soldiers until you Dunn says his handgun. After that, you decide whether or not to pull on the glass, you are thrown into a flashback that takes place fifteen minutes earlier.

Move into the hallway and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to learn the basic movements of your character. Then up the stairs and then proceed through the hallway. Basically, if you go into the right room, you can see enemies moving below. Go through the door on the opposite side of the room to meet your fellow Pac and Dunn. After the conversation, your friends will ask you to cover the last member, Irish. Head to the large box to refuel ammo then move to the window. Eliminate the enemies in the building on the right, then those who are moving in the opposite lane, and finally, both coming from the left.

Once Irish recovered, follow your comrades in the long corridor until you reach a larger room. From now on, you can give orders to your allies to attack targets by pressing the corresponding key. Wait three enemies come then remove them. Others will arrive: put yourself in cover and eliminate them. Once the cleaning is complete, follow your friends and get into the hole. Interact with the cache gadgets and equip yourself C4. Place bread C4 on the back wall and have it jump to exit the building.

Later, Dunn will give you tactical binoculars that allow you to mark targets so that they appear in red on your mini-map: for this, hold and just look towards the enemy. Your new goal is to reach the roof of the factory. Advance eliminating threats until a helicopter flew ally you. In the same way that you specify the target to shoot at your squad, you'll be able to ask the helicopter to get rid of annoying enemies. When vehicles arrive, start by removing the heavy gun to be quieter. Progress again, then follow your group in the pipe.

Fill ammunition necessary, then follow your comrades again. Rocket launchers are in this area, the helicopter will no longer be there to assist. Eliminate all enemies and reinforcements arriving. You then head to the factory and then get on the elevator. Helicopter fight against hostile attacks you during the climb. Follow the movement of your teammates do you put away when they do and run the rest of the time to reach the helicopter extraction on the roof. It is attacked and the building collapses.

Irish you unscathed from the rubble, but Dunn is left with leg trapped: interact with him to cut him, then enter the car that just arrived on the scene. Drive along the only road available in trying to avoid the fire of the helicopter. After a few minutes, you'll be able to attack your tower using a grenade launcher. Aim and shoot the helicopter: it crashes, but you lose control of your car, and you dive into the water.


After the introduction, as soon as you get off the vehicle, follow Pac and Irish to the gate. Cross the street and go up the ladder. Go down the ladder on the right and follow your allies to enter the hotel. Get the elevator and retrieve the weapon you tend. The elevator stops on the wrong floor and you get attack: kill the guard then expect that Irish closed doors. You finally arrive at the right floor. Change weapons if you wish then move on. Many enemies are round: impeach them to continue.

You enter a large room full of enemies. Eliminate them all to reach the top floor. The door is locked and to continue you need to protect Pac while he crochets. Equip yourself with claymores interacting with the cache gadgets, and then trap and relocate access to fend off waves of soldiers will arrive. Then go through the door to continue. Go up one floor via the stairs and cross the hall to witness the explosion of one of the rooms. The door to the next room opens and prompts you Kovic. Listen to the discussion, then follow the group. Back at the stairs up to the roof.

The objective here is to secure the roof to grab the helicopter, which will shelter the VIPs that you came for. Eliminate all enemies, go to the helicopter. VIPs are going, but one of them gets hurt. New soldiers arrive and you must eliminate them. After securing the roof, follow Pac Irish and take the elevator to the ground floor. Eliminate all soldiers in making sure the helicopter will drop reinforcements, then follow the blue marker to the west until you reach a lane. An enemy tank will stand in your way engulf you in the left lane to avoid it and continue to move forward in eliminating enemies that seek to block the road.

Always follow the blue marker to find a couple terrorized who want to join, just like you, the river. Then enter the building to speak with another resident who also wishes to leave the city, but the road is blocked by a tank. Cross the bridge to get to the building opposite where you find a cache of gadgets: equip yourself with antitank mines then retract. Try to place the mines so that the tank rolls over and explodes: it will probably take several mines to destroy it. A second tank arrives: proceed the same way to get rid of. Move then to the edge of the water, wait until the arrival of a boat, then mount it. But our complete solution Battlefield 4 continues.

South China Sea

You wake up on the USS Valkyrie and your goal is to find Irish. Move into the hallway and turn left when you get to the technicians. Open the door, go to the bridge and then go to the other door below. Continue on the corridor, the only possible road to arrive at the mess. Cross the room and continue to find Pac.

Follow him to the infirmary and listen to the dialogues. Follow the Irish always find a little further. Wait for the discussion and follow your teammates until an alert is triggered: the USS Titan is attacked and you have to climb on board to retrieve data. Follow your comrades again to discuss with Garrison. Equip yourself using the cash weapons and get to meet a boat that will allow you to board the USS Titan. To enter the aircraft carrier, navigate towards it and circle it to the right to find a hole in the hull. Finally disembark with your team.

Engulf yourself in the passage and move along your allies. At the door marked G Hatches, climb the stairs and open the door to the right to locate the hatch G-46. Then open it. Jump into the water and swim to get out the other side. Open the door, cross the hallway and then open another one to access the engine room. Cross the room and watch the scene before continuing your journey. Further, you arrive in a room with computers: interact with that shown to recover the hard disk.

Then open the door and get ready for confrontation. Eliminate the enemies then go to the back of the room. Passing into the next room, the USS Titan is dislocated and you must drop below. Eliminate many enemies that will attack you, then go right at the end of the bridge and jump into the water. Swim to the boat and climb aboard. The aim here will be to join the USS Valkyrie which is also addressed. Destroy enemy ships that shoot at you. Once you are ready, enter the opening to reach the interior of the aircraft carrier.

The complete walkthrough Battlefield 4 continues aboard the USS Titan is occupied by Chinese soldiers. Fill necessary ammunition, and eliminate the enemies present. Climb up to the bridge being attacked by helicopters. Climb a little, get an anti-aircraft weapon in the cache and use gadgets to destroy the last remaining helicopter. Continue your progress by killing all the soldiers. Later, you find Hannah in the hospital, putting a beating Chinese soldier.

Follow the gang finally reach the bridge. Eliminate all resistance and help Kovic move the debris blocking the scale. He starts to climb but a helicopter attack. Other troops and helicopters arrive. Pick up one of anti-aircraft guns on the ground and try to get them off before deploying soldiers. Get rid of all the enemies and then return with wounded Kovic, Climb the ladder, go ahead and find yourself Garrison, after you get rid of two enemies in the room.


Our complete solution Battlefield 4 will now guide you in Singapore. Your unit has a new recruit, Hannah, who does not seem to appeal to Irish. Once mounted on the boat, wait until the announcement of Captain Garrison in order to start the engine. Follow the blue marker on your mini-map to reach the coast and land on the Singapore beach. Quickly cover yourself behind rocks to avoid enemy fire. Eliminate all the soldiers to move forward: fortunately, you are supported by a tank. It is going to clear a path, simply to follow eliminating enemies that will appear from everywhere. Do not hesitate to use the tank to engage targets cover and enemy vehicles. At the end of the road, you'll be able to control the tank.

Climb inside and proceed to destroy the barricades. Follow the two allied tanks in front of you, then get rid of enemies and hostile tanks you encounter. Follow the blue marker to get into a car park. The road is blocked by a barrier that you must stoop to continue with your tank. Get off the vehicle and locate the green terminal near the exit. Interact, pick your tank and continue to follow the blue marker in the north. Eliminate the enemies that you encounter on your way and pay attention to those who are armed with missile launchers. The big difficulty is when you arrive in the park because four enemy tanks are present: procrastinate and try to fight them one by one. Once the enemies eliminated, you must abandon your tank to continue on foot.

Cross the large restaurant killing some enemies, then down below. Wait for discussion among team members and help to move the rubble Irish to continue your journey. Stocks up on ammo if you want, then commit yourself on the deck weaving in abandoned cars. After a few meters, enemies will attack you. Kill them all and continue. A little further, you find yourself stuck behind a car. Your comrades are trying to reach you, but without success. Ship strikes the bridge which you are standing on, and you fall into the water.

Pac gets you out of the water. Move a little to see two enemies guarding the entrance to drains. Get them to pass. Cross drains and mount the two scales. Move along your allies until you reach a shed with two fighters. Present his many enemies, engage the fight before going upstairs to continue. Follow your team to the big shed with a Boeing. You will meet strong resistance here, but nothing insurmountable. Once the cleaning is complete, open the door at the back of the shed to get out. Get in the car and start shooting at approaching enemies. After a few moments, the area is torpedoed and your vehicle turns.

Kunlun Maoutains

After a little torture session, you end up in a prison. Dima, your cellmate you says a shank and offers an escape. Follow him into the opening it will create and then advance on the pipes until you reach a room with a guard. Dima will neutralize it. Join him and continue. Go down the stairs until you reach a guard who turns his back on you. Take him down, grab his weapon and then go through the door on the right.

Here, you can choose to eliminate as many enemies as possible in silence, or to nag and attack anything that moves and collect ammo on corpses. In all cases, the goal is to reach the top of the tower in the center of the room and find the lever that opens all the cells. Once done, go down, kill the reinforcements and then go through the door that opened. Irish find in the next room. Continue forward and engage the battle against the troops guarding the large hallway. Then follow Irish and Dima, enter the elevator and activate it .

There are many soldiers in this area. Fill the ammunition box or switch weapons if you want, and then attack the target. Head deep in the zone and wait Dima who tries to open the door in the control room. Enemies will try to prevent you from fleeing. Pick up claymores on the table and fool around to repel them. After a moment, the door opens and you can go out. You will stop by your executioner, but Hannah saves your life.

Dima help to open the heavy door to finally find yourself in the open air. Eliminate all enemies in the area and head to the cable on the other side of the cliff. A light armored will block the road on the bridge. Locate the cache gadgets left of the bridge, and equip yourself with a rocket launcher to get rid of. Continue your progress and get on the cable car to escape. A helicopter attack you and the cabin fall with your entire team inside. You have completed this mission.


After a short car ride, Hannah, Irish and yourself are recovered by Marines. Listen to the conversation and exit the building. You must reach the old town, but Russian troops blocking your passage. Be careful here, the enemies are many, tend to shelter in homes and are increasingly accompanied by an armored vehicle: you can use rocket launchers on rooftops to help you. Remove the troops to progress following the blue marker on your mini-map.

The next area is also well guarded than the first force the passage in the same way in order to progress. Cross the park by killing all the enemies and enter the tunnel. Advance to find the exit, then engage the fight against Russian soldiers attacking the old town. When the last enemy has passed away, continue to follow the marker to find Marines and enter the Old City. Cross the street to meet the Major Greenland. After a short conversation with her, get in the car to go towards the dam.

Next stage of our complete solution Battlefield 4: blow the dam. Upon arrival, follow your teammates for building visual. Cross the wooded area, and then engage the enemies below: pay attention to the heavy machine gun. A little later, a helicopter attacks you. Pick up a rocket launcher to get rid of. Then climb the metal stairs to get to the other side of the fence and continue. Kill all enemies then move a little further to find an elevator that lets you down.

Get rid of soldiers coming down the corridor to allow Hannah to ask a first charge of C4. You agree then in this corridor, then place the second load to the specified location. Then go out to find yourself in the open air. Move a little further, then cover Irish as he poses the last charge. Continue progress on the scaffolding and jump on the ladder when you can not move. Continue your ascent, wait your allies when you can not move, then shoot the C4 charges. The dam was destroyed, but the scaffolding on which you are too. When you wake up, go to the helicopter arrives, watch the scene and then thread the harness you behind the soldier.


For this last mission, you're on a plane, ready to skydive. Once you have the signal, move to start your fall you automatically land on the USS Valkyrie. Stand on the bridge and engage enemy targets. Follow your blue marker to cross the aircraft carrier eliminating all the enemies and reinforcements approaching you. When the bridge is cleared go down one level, gateway from background and then proceed to find Pac.

After the discussion, follow your comrades in the aircraft carrier to a closed door. Open it, kill the enemies in the mess in the kitchen and then continue towards the infirmary to find Captain Garrison and Jin Jié. I let you discover the scene that follows.

Follow your allies and embark on the boat. Navigating the blue marker to reach the enemy ship. Irish place C4 charges to sink the ship, then you take the altitude, ready to watch the fireworks. But when support, nothing happens and you face a choice: either you expect to see a first end, or you decide that Irish or Hannah sacrifices to admire the two other purposes. What will you choose? In any case, congratulations soldier, you just finished the single player campaign of Battlefield 4.



3 weapons to find: M39 EMR, MG4 and CBJ-MS

AK-12 picked up as loot

M412 REX: obtained at the end of the mission

3 reward weapons :

Bronze medal at 1500 points: CZ-805
Silver Medal at 4000 points: UTS 15
Gold medal at 6000 points: SVD-12


2 weapons to find: QBS-09 and RFB

UMP 45: Pac obtained during the mission

QBZ-95-1: picked up as loot
Hawk12G: picked up as loot
JS2: picked up as loot

3 reward weapons:

Bronze medal at 3000 points: Famas
Silver Medal at 7000 points: SG553
Gold Medal 10000: Steyr Elite

South China Sea

3 weapons to find: P90, U-100 MK5 and SPAS-12

FM 88 Type: got in the enemy room where you find Garrison

3 reward weapons:

Bronze medal at 4000 points: M4
Silver Medal at 6000 points: MX4
Gold medal 10000 points: USAS-12


3 weapons to find: SCAR-H SV, M16A4 and M240B

Additional Weapon
FY-JS: salvaged from snipers in the Boeing hangar

3 reward weapons:

Bronze medal at 11000 points: SAR-12
Silver 15000 points: QBB-95-1
Gold medal 19000 points: M82A3

Kunlun Mountains

The weapon to find: 338-RECON

3 reward weapons:

Bronze medal at 5000 points: G36C
Silver Medal at 7000 points: AUG A3
Gold medal at 11000 points: CZ-3A1


3 weapons to find: A-91, M249 and AEK-971
SV-98: salvaged from snipers before returning to the old town
PP-2000: picked up on enemies with Gas masks
PKP Pecheneg: picked up on heavy enemy slaughtered
Saiga 12K: picked up on the enemy soldiers slaughtered

3 reward weapons:

Bronze medal at 5000 points: M416
Silver 10000 points: M1014
Gold medal at 14000 points: QBU-88


The weapon to find AK-5C

3 reward weapons:

Bronze medal at 3000 points: 870 MCS
Silver Medal at 4000 points: ACE 52 CQC
Gold medal at 5000 points: PDW-R