Don’t Starve Walkthrough, Survival Guide

Guide: winter survival, hunting, food, fighting and weapons, enemies, characters, beginner and professional tips and more…

Table of contents

1 Hunger
2 The right storage space
3 The Food
4 The Hunt
5 The Winter
6 Dangerous Monster
7 Tricks and Trivia # 1: Chester, be crazy, Boomerang, Bird Cage
8 Tricks # 2: defense systems, lighting, remodeling, Weather, Maxwell's Door
9 The Characters


You are probably running Do not Starve for few times, however already died after a few days? Do not worry we have compiled the most necessary information for a successful gameplay.

First of all: Respect always to your values. The consist of hunger (the yellow stomach), by food intake can be filled quickly this value. Health (the red heart), this value falls when you are attacked and damage, hunger decreases to zero or the cold gnawing at you. And Sanity (the orange brain), this value falls due to various reasons such as darkness or when monsters are nearby.

The first day

You usually starts in the grassland, where there are already plenty of to collect. For the first day, it is important to gather first Strawberries and Carrots as food. Also, be diligent grass, twigs and Flint take. It is also advisable to pick twelve flowers and to make it a Garland. The Corolla can be found under the tab "Dress" in the crafting menu. It heals over time, your sanity. More flowers you do not actually need, they just sit in your inventory away and improve your values not especially when you eat them.

From a twig and a flint you can watch the first Axe build and before it gets dark, you should make this also a few trees and collect the wood, because the darkness is your enemy. As soon as the dawn is over and it is pitch dark, you engage in the all-encompassing black monsters that take just a few strokes. Therefore, you need before the first night definitely two and three times Logs Cut Grass to make a Campfire.

If you see that the Twilight coming to an end (always keep the round day indicator at the top right corner of the eye), look for you a nice spot for harvesting, so that you make effective use of the night, and make a campfire. Its always good to cooked, because cooked foods are easier to digest, saturate and heal better than raw.

The right storage space

After the first day you must walk around to explore the area. Important: Do not take the same with anything you find on the road so. Your inventory is limited and you don’t need things like Marble and Evil Flowers, they will take up space and hurt you even in the worst case. Bethink you to the essentials. Rocks, Gold, logs, twigs, grass and everything what you can get for food.

To prepare you for the winter, you need a solid camp and you beat preferably near allies and a steady source of food. Follow exploring the quiet roads on the map that lead often in a Pig Village.


The Pigs are friendly, terrifying people who normally wear anything as long as it will not hurt. Better yet: If you feed them meat, they will be your friends and follow you at every turn until death. If they locate you with Pigs, you have someone who stands you in the fight against monsters to the side. Pay attention however, that there are rabbit holes or ponds nearby, so you have to feed them, not only green stuff but also people give pigs meat, if you kill them, but that is not advisable at the beginning.


Another good place to settle is near Beefalo herds. The cute buffalo beings live mostly in savannas (the yellow spots on the map). When they attack, you have to lure the monster only to the Beefalos and the herd feels threatened, they will do the rest also constantly produce Manure, which you can use their well both as a fertilizer, as well as for your campfire. Beware if Beefalos have a red butt, then they are in the rut and attack anything that comes near them. In the period you prefer distance should hold. Where can Beefalos, there is usually also Rabbits, which should be taken care of enough meat.

Do you have a suitable storage space found there build a Fire Pit. The fireplace with stone you can attach with various materials such as logs, Charcoal, Petals, Cut Grass and lots of other combustible stuff fire up again and again. After a science build Machine. The expanded your crafting menu several times. For all the equipment you need only a prototype near the machine build to unlock them.

The same applies to the Alchemy engine that also make pretty soon. It expands the building possibilities same again. Doth your inventory already, first made from these boards and wooden planks, then Chest that prepare you close your Fire Pits.

And off go the preparation. In order to use the time effectively collect daytime food, raw materials, and much Manure as fertilizer and for the fire pit. Pigs drop Manure, if you feed them fruit, vegetables or flowers. At night you will return to hearth back, prepares the captured food and builds near the Science Machine, what you need for the next day. So you can effectively use the first few days and nights.

The Food

Hunger, can quickly become a great risk if you ignore it. Therefore, it is extremely important to always carry enough food with you, to know where to find what and to know the effect of individual foods.

Fruit and vegetables

In the food tab of your Crafing menus find Farms. There is a difference between the Basic Farm and Improved. The Improved Farm lets your vegetables grow much faster. Put on it, planted a few seeds, which finds her scattered throughout the game world, in and reaps soon miscellaneous greens. With four Improved Farms you should accumulate a small supply of vegetables to winter.

Also, you can plant in your surrounding area Berry Bushes. Customize and build to a bucket with the help of science machine and dig berry bushes in the environment. Planting them near your camp and do not forget to fertilize with rotten food or Manure –


First of all, a distinction is made between Meat and Meat Monster. Monster Meat fills the consumption although the hunger back on but does harm to your health. Under certain circumstances, such as with a Crock Pod, you can do it but make them palatable. You can find it in the fight against Spiders, Hounds and other monsters. To gain access to nutritious meat, there are different possibilities.

Have you rabbit holes nearby, you can build traps from the Survival tab and placing it over the entrance to the rabbit hole. You can also Karrotte as bait put into it, but pat small animals, when their well-placed traps, even so in the trap. Do you have spiders or frogs in the vicinity, these can also catch it.

Fish come in Ponds; building a Fishing Rod (this requires Silk you earn by killing spiders) and go fishing. Close to Ponds are also often Frogs. Set you better not with them until you're well armed. Frogs engage in hordes to, are strong and mouth disease inventory item. However, they lose in dying also nutritious frog legs.

Birds can be captured only with Bird traps. Also, it requires spider silk. Interprets and she waits until a bird lands in it. If you want to quickly get their meat, seeds placed in the trap. Attention: If Pigs are close, they often rob you of your bait. All traps and the fishing rod to go after repeated use broken.

From Berry Bushes bounce occasionally Gobblers. To get two juicy turkey legs, just puts Berries on the ground and waits until the Gobbler weather has taken. Once he is on the home stretch, you can kill him and collect the meat.

Even Pigs and Meat Beefalos lose when they die. However, they are initially difficult to kill and so you should give at the beginning satisfied with small animals.

Drying Rack

For this, you need Charcoal, which you get by kindle with a Torch (Torch) trees, burn let and then falls. For the winter, it is extremely important that you create a Jerky-stock with the Drying Rack, as fruit and vegetable then fall away as a food source and also many animals can no longer be so often overlook. So do not plastered all you killed immediately, but always provides enough dried meat. For Jerky you can make almost any type of meat that you can find. With at least four Drying racks you should definitely create a winter stock.

Crock Pot

The Crock Pot you build with the Alchemy engine. Make sure that you properly prepare nutritious meals. It is always filled with four food items. Who knows the right combination, can purposefully produce food for specific needs. Even Monster Meat can be transformed into delicious meals, as long as you no more than a piece of it packed into the saucepan. Here are some useful recipes (values are the necessary ingredients are always the minimum amount. Remaining fields can be filled at will, such as with Berries)

Dragon Pie (regenerates 40 Health, 75 hunger, Sanity 5) consists of 1 x Dragon fruit, no meat as filler

Fish Sticks (Health regenerates 40, 37.5 hunger, Sanity 5) consists of 1 x Fish, maximum 1 x Twig

Fish Tacos (regenerates 20 health, 37.5 hunger, Sanity 5) consists of 1 x Fish, 1 x Corn

Honey Ham (regenerates 30 Health, 75 hunger, Sanity 5) consists of 1 x Honey, 2 x Meat, no twigs as filler

Turkey Dinner (regenerates 20 Health, 75 hunger, Sanity 5) consists of 2 x Drum Stick, 0.5 x Meat, 0.5 x fruit or vegetables, no twigs as filler

Stuffed Eggplant (3 regenerates Health, 37.5 hunger, Sanity 5) consists of 1 x Eggplant, 0.5 x vegetables

The Hunt

In the Fight Tab Crafing you will find everything you need your menus. Attract never without a weapon in the fight. The easiest is the Spear, efficient, fast built melee weapon. Customize and build a suit of armor from grass or logs. Do not get too greedy and living in harmony with nature. If you kill too many innocent beings in too short a time, nature will take revenge on a cruel manner.


Want to quench spider nest, you have to pay attention to the size of the nests. There are one-, two-and three-stage nests. The bigger they are, the more spiders arise in your way. Take always best two to four Pigs with hunting. When you enter the covered with cobwebs ground, their lures out the first Spiders. Run a bow around them, so they attack your Pigs. Repeats until no more spiders flow out of the nest and strike it, until it disappears. If you still roam homeless Spiders, they done alone or with the help of Pigs and collect the loot.

Have you triple spider nests in the area, you should wipe it quickly. From this, namely a Spider Queen arising, walking around, everywhere gives birth Spiders and is really hard to do. Then usually helps to escape Pig-friends only in a Beefalo herd or group.

They are peaceful, but also a very good source of meat. Only you will be a whole herd but always beat or even kill them in flight. If you still want to come to Beefalo meat, get at least four more eight or more Pigs to your friends by feeding her them or Meat Monster Meat, it leads to a Beefalo herd and attack a buffalo. Then you should run as fast as possible, lest ye be crushed. The pig people would now go to the Beefalos. Let them fight to the end and no matter which of the two sides wins, you can meat and raw tap. When the Pigs survive you have to be quick though, the plaster namely, any of the food lying on the ground.


You want pork and skin? Then you will not invest alone with Pigs, but sends it against a more powerful enemy as Beefalos or an endless spider colony in death. That's cruel, but sometimes unavoidable. Another method is to make a group of pigs to friends and then attack a related facility or outside, single Pig. Again, you have to distance yourself quickly, because if it goes wrong, you have a whole horde of angry pigs on the neck that makes you pretty quickly terminates.


In the winter you can find on the map occasionally Pengulls. The penguins spawn when their runs along the coast and settle in a short time later on in the vicinity. Actually Pengulls peaceful nature, but you attack one, you have the whole colony on the neck - and with 15 Pengulls is not to be trifled with. Do you want to get hold of the cute fellows Eggs, drumsticks and Feathers, chasing the best is always a far away from the colony. If you run after him, he would drift out of earshot of his comrades, where you can then make it safely finished off. This can repeat it regularly.

The Winter

Winter, it is usually around 21 Game day. If you want to know it exactly, a winter-O-Meter is built up from the Science tab. That always shows the current temperature and shares with you so that winter is approaching. As soon as the first snow falls, fall away many food sources such as Ponds, Berry Bushes, Farms and Carrots, so it is important that ye creates a supply and shall ensure that their consumed everything before it spoils. Furthermore, much food you have rabbits and birds that you can catch as usual, even if they look different now.

Since it gets dark earlier in the winter and longer night, your sanity will fall faster. To top them up, eat a lot of jerky and occasionally sleep. From Cut Grass you can build you Straw Rolls that serve as sleeping bags. However, you should remember that you will lose 75 hunger points in your sleep, are you your sanity regenerated.

Considering also that Grass, Twigs, Berries, and so on in the winter, although can be harvested, but not regrow. So Alive sparingly.

Once you're out away from the campfire, you begin to without appropriate clothing to freeze. Shearing before winter with the Razor which can be found under the Tools a herd Beefalos. This is best done at night when they sleep. Arm yourself with a Torch and shaved them all blank. Collect the next day wool and make you a warm beanie for the winter out of it. Even Rabbit Earmuffs from branches and vivid Rabbits keep warm. Make sure that your clothing is broken during use. Lie down on a stock or patches, if necessary, with a sewing kit.

Avoid long explore in winter. To check the traps or hauling the prey take a Stone with Heat. The can be found in the Survival tab. It is made of Rocks, Flints and a PICAXE. Place it next to the fire to heat it and grab it back in your inventory. That donates a short time heat.

Dangerous Monster

In addition to the spiders which can be found in every nook and cranny, there is also much more dangerous enemies who want you on sight immediately to the collar.


Do you hear a snorting, wheezing and barking? Starts your character to shout for the hidden enemy? Then Hounds are not far away. The Monster Dog attacks you at regular intervals, only in smaller, then in larger groups. Lay down your armor on, grabs the spear and running in the near Beefalos or Pigs that stand by your side. The Help in the fight and increase your chance of survival. Later, there is still much more dangerous Hound that inflames everything they attack and endure more. If you have any nearby allies, attack them in front. After their attack, there is a small break to hit back.


If you have too many trees, it can happen that a Treeguard spawns from an Evergreen next to the fallen tree. This ranger is powerful and will do to you if you try to fight it. Run best off a bit (he's not very fast) and to appease him, planted a few quick Pine Cones. These arise about the cases of trees. So you should always have a handful in your pocket. When he sat down again, no risk is more out of him. He will get up and have in the area where her reassured him, walk around, but you do nothing, as long as you in his presence no more trees fall.


Most of rocky landscapes Tallbirds protect their eggs. This sprung eyeballs on two long legs attack you if you come too close to them and persecute you a whole lot. Steal her a Tallbird an egg should, you better brace yourselves for a rapid escape or a nerve-wracking battle.


In Marshes are found in the soil often hidden Tentacles. The thorn-covered tentacles fast out and refer to you. They have a great range and will kill you with just a few strokes. Always be on guard if their stomping through the mud.


The Merms live in Marshes. The slimy green fellows live in dilapidated Pig Houses and attack if you get too close. Do you see how Merms against Tentacles fight, waiting at a safe distance until one side wins and then picks up what drops the loser. Merms usually drop Fish or Frog Legs.


Do you have bad luck, you get caught in the winter of Deerclops. Similar to Hounds he heralded by a deep roar. If he comes closer, the ground trembles. When you hear these signs, you can escape - the Deerclops will not follow you. Standing but your Technologieren in his trail, he will destroy them and thus make all your achievements and inventories to naught. If this is the case, the continued survival is hard. Do you want to invest with the Deerclops, then the best with ranged weapon. Keep distance, worried you armor and dribbles past his attacks. If you want to kill him deliberately builds in the summer of already traps and mines, in which it can occur.

Tricks and Trivia # 1: Chester, be crazy, Boomerang, Bird Cage

Tricks and Trivia # 1: Chester, be crazy, Boomerang, Bird Cage
With the above steps, you would have it, if not randomly occurring Monster herds or similar overrun your camp, make it to the winter. But here we still have a few tricks that make survival in Do not Starve a little more luxurious.

Dig with a shovel grass and saplings and plant them close together, standing near your camp. Fertilize the grass after planting and before long you will not need to walk far for two of the most important raw materials.


We have indeed come to you at the beginning to make fun stuff for the start on the left. What you should definitely clear in your inventory but a place free of the Eye is Bone. If you find these bones, with one eye and placed in your inventory, you soon follow a furry treasure chest with the name Chester. In his nine inventory slots you can cram everything you popular. If attacked and done in battle, he scattered all items in place. As long as you but the Eye Bone carries with you, he will guide you will find after a few days.

Be crazy

If your Sanity too strong, you will gradually crazy. Then Rabbits are harmless to Beard blank and enter only monster meat and Beard Hair. You see - only slightly, then more and more clear - shadow monster. If your Sanity too far, grab you at your own fantasy monsters and bring you around the corner. If you at night by the fire, also come shadow hands you want to delete it and do you in the dark.

Come on it before they reach the fire, otherwise you take a quick end. So that it does not come that far, keep to the tips above to your sanity worth to keep getting high. Do you have a certain routine in the game, you can also use the insanity to get hold of tactical Beard Hair by Monster Fuel Beardligns or to which you are otherwise difficult is approaching. This method, however, be treated with caution and not for beginners.

Not absolutely necessary, but quite practical for hunting is the Boomerang. You can throw him ten times and so do enemies and prey from a distance. He comes by itself back to player, but you have to actively catch it, otherwise you will suffer damage.


Customize and build a birdcage and put any bird into it. Now you can give all sorts of things to feed the little one. For Meat or (cooked) Monster Meat he puts you an egg that can prepare you and use it for all the recipes needed for their Eggs. Feeding her his fruit or vegetables, seeds fall out of his cage in exactly this variety. So you can in your Farms targeted the plant what you need.

Tricks # 2: defense systems, lighting, remodeling, Weather, Maxwell's Door


Defenses are like the Bee Mine For starters actually still not necessary at all, but a very cool gimmick, when contacted attack the alien angry bees. Click around if you have time and resources by the Fight tab left.


Although Camp Fires and Torches give light, but also burn out pretty quickly. Who has left over Pumpkin and night Fireflies begins, which can build a boo-tiful Halloween decoration that donates about a half game daylight. The Pumpkin Lantern finds himself, like all other light sources, the Light tab.

Now and rebuilding

Do you have a great storage space, but he's not quite perfect? You have a farm set incorrectly or the next Pig-village is too far away? No problem, you build from the Tools tab a hammer. This can mine their existing structures and get their raw materials from which it is to build it again elsewhere. Pigs This allows quickly settle near you, without that you have to collect only cumbersome materials. Note that you do not get the exact number out of many structures of materials that needed it for planting. Do you build a pig house from people, you will get, for example, only two pig skins to build such a house you need but four.

When it rains and storms, strike occasionally also flashes. An umbrella keeps you from it being hit by lightning. But he is not really necessary. Much more important is that you present your bushes and shrubs saved from a lightning strike. The flaring namely quickly everything from what you have planted you. For this purpose you are building from the science-Tab a Lightning Rod. The lightning conductor is placed in proximity to object. It has a relatively high range, so you do not have it set in the middle of your pile Berry Bushes. If it is struck by lightning, he donates weak light at night.

Maxwell's Door

Do you find while exploring this wooden building, you can enter the Adventure Mode of Do not Starve. A simple story thread you shimmy through five worlds in which you have to not only survive, but also find certain objects. So that the whole is not too simple, each of these worlds has a special feature about the eternal winter. This is quite tricky, but more targeted than the survival mode. Perish her in the Adventure mode, you end up back at Maxwell's Door, as well as ye have entered.

The characters

Are you then come a long way with our tips a bit and die, you will gain experience points, which you unlock seven playable characters for the next round. Who is the Adventure mode, even still has the chance to win two more. Each figure has its own advantages and disadvantages. So are you thinking of the decision easier, we have summarized its main features here.


He is the first unlocked character. With relatively balanced sanity, health and hunger-values, it is the perfect character for beginners. In addition, an impressive beard that can be shaved off and processed it grows. In winter it protects from the cold. Just for starters, a full-grown beard a great help at the first snowfall.


It is equipped from the start with a lighter that never runs out of gas. Thanks to the ever-lasting light source you have to go you do not necessarily care for torches or campfires. She is also immune to fire damage. However, Willow is in direct combat weaker and their sanity is significantly lower than Wilson. If she gets mad, she lights where she goes and stands to their environment. Fire increased their sanity again. But be careful! Otherwise, your stock goes up in flames quickly.


He has a very big appetite. Breastfeeds her, Wolfgang is stronger, faster, mentally stable and can do more harm than any other insert. If his stomach empties, however, he soon begins to weaken. Depending on how well you saturate it, also changing its external shape. Because the strongman but afraid of the dark and monsters has, you should especially take care of his sanity. Sleep at night is often unavoidable.


The little girl with the dark thoughts in the fight weaker than most of the characters has a special ability: she can summon her dead sister Abigail. The flower in the inventory may need two to four games to recharge and then Abigail can be summoned and is in battle. However, they also consumed a portion of Wendy's sanity. For this, the small but driven less quickly from the dark and monsters in the madness.

The little rusty robot's sly ears. Namely, it can eat just about anything, regardless of the consequences. Even Monster Meat and spoiled food make the good out of nothing and saturate it. Similar to other characters in the fire, takes WX-78 but damage as soon as it rains, an umbrella is so beneficial. Who will find in the game world Gears or obtained herself can upgrade the robots and try to maximize his sanity, hunger and health values. And the Good is struck by lightning, he donates a while light.

Wicker Bottom

The stuffy librarian hates rotten food; thereby loses a large part of Sanity. They also can not sleep to regenerate their state of mind. You can create from the beginning all the objects from the Science Machine, without requiring the machine for it. In addition, they can write books of magic with different forces that facilitate the use of magic and speed.


Never again worry about the wood stock! Woodie is equipped from the outset with an indestructible ax named Lucy, who speaks to him and trees rapidly falls (Beware of the Treeguards). At full moon, or when Woody suggests too much wood in too short a time, he transforms into the Werewolf Beaver. He leaves all his inventory are in place, but is it a strong, crushing everything monster. Monsters are then no longer a problem. Wood can be decomposed as Bieber rapidly and extends the. Duration of the Were-Beaver phase Woodie Turns back, hunger and Sanity are usually extremely decreased. In addition, he must collect all of his items back. The benefits must therefore be handled with caution.


He is unlocked in Adventure mode. The pantomime is only for really hardcore players, because he has less Health, Sanity and hunger than any other figures. In addition, his stomach empties too much faster. His particular strength is the balloon in his inventory. This cost him five sanity points. For this, they burst in attack and add the monsters in the environment damage.


He is the real opponent and, like Wes, exclusively in the Adventure mode will be unlocked. He has very few health points, this will almost not crazy. His Sanity rises by itself, so that equipment for this is hardly necessary. Maxwell starts with a Dark Night Sword and Armor which he can use safely thanks to its almost inexhaustible Sanity. However, you still should always be on our guard in the fight due to its low health. Similar Wicker Bottom he also is equipped with a magic book with which he can summon Shadow Puppets necessary to assist it in battle.