FF14 (FFXIV): A Realm Reborn guide to get a Chocobo Mount

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a MMORPG video game developed and published by Square Enix. In FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, the player is invited to explore the amazing world of Eorza and face enemies like Ifrit, Ramuh, Leviathan, Bahamut, Odin, among others. To facilitate the exploration of this world so vast and rich in detail and have an old family companion, the Chocobos.

The first appearance of these friendly critters yellow was in Final Fantasy II and since then they have become an indispensable element in this and other games in the series. And, in The Realm Reborn, they are massively used by adventurers and native Eorza the world as a means of transportation to travel long distances.

However, not everyone will have immediate access to use these companions, first you have to fulfill some requirements, they are:

- The player must be level 20.

- The player must have completed the main quest called "Hero in the Making".

- The player must be part of a Grand Company.

Once the player has the requirements listed above, talk to the commander of his Grand Company.

Company Grand Order of the Twin Adder is located in New Gridania, near Adder's Nest (X: 9 Y: 11).

Hall Of Flames Grand Company is located in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald, near Emerald Avenue (X: 8 Y: 9).

The Maelstrom Grand Company is located in Limsa Lominsa - Upper Decks, near the Maelstrom Command (X: 13 Y: 12).

Talking to some of these commanders, the mission: "My Little Chocobo" will be unlocked.

To complete this mission you must collect 2000 prints of your Grand Company to buy the item "Chocobo Issuance".

There are some methods to obtain prints (seals), they are:

- By completing FATE (Full Time Event Action), this may render 100-700 prints (seals) depending on the event level.

- Through Guildleves, exclusive missions of Grand Company. Hunting logging, hunting specific monsters, the Grand Company.

After getting the prints in 2000, return to your Grand Headquarters Company and buy "Chocobo Issuance" with his Grand Quartermaster Company.

The image below shows how to display the number of prints (seals) you own the item that must be purchased.

* This is an image before upgrading to purchase the "Chocobo Issuance" is now necessary Seals 2000 and not 1000 as shown in the picture.

Okay, now missing bit. With item purchased, go to the stable of Chocobos your town and show the "Chocobo Issuance" for the owner of the barn to receive the "Chocobo Whistle."

After talking with Chocokeep, you should name your Chocobo. The Chocobo Whistle will be deposited into your inventory, then drag it to your action bar to create a shortcut and activate it. However, you can not use the chocobo in major cities and within dungeons (caves) and also can not perform combat actions, talking to each other while riding.

To dismount your chocobo, press the shortcut again invocation, or click on their status. While mounted, the player will be detected by enemy damage and receive the same way may, depending on the amount of damage to be removed.