Foxes reveals cover art and tracklist for "Glorious"

The singer and songwriter Foxes revealed the cover art and tracklist for her upcoming debut album, "Glorious".

The album will have 11 songs on the standard edition and additional five tracks on the deluxe version. The material is already available for pre-order on iTunes and will hit the stores on March 3.

Recently, the artist released the music video for "Let Go For Tonight", the first single from her new album.

Check the cover and tracklist for "Glorious" and watch the video for "Let Go For Tonight" below:

01. "Talking to Ghosts"
02. "Youth"
03. " Holding Onto Heaven "
04. "White Coats"
05. " Let Go For Tonight "
06. "Night Glo"
07. "Night Owls Early Birds"
08. "Glorious"
09. "Echo"
10. "Shaking Heads"
11. "Counting the Saints"

Deluxe Edition

12. "Clarity (Live)"
13. "Beauty Queen"
14. "Home"
15. "In Her Arms"
16. "The Unknown"