How to play Deer Hunter 2014 with your iOS / Android Device

Deer Hunter 2014 is a simulator of hunting wild animals such as bears, deer, sheep and ducks available for Android and iOS devices. The application is set in forest areas of the United States, where hunting is a leisure activity and widespread legalized in many states.

When starting the game, a screen will appear to confirm if you want to see notifications that appear at the beginning of the game. It is your choice to view them or not, however, they are very instructive for those who have not played the game before. After a handful of fighters to become familiar with the basic controls, you will then be taken to the game itself, being able to start choosing their hunts on the map.

Menu and Interface
From the main screen, you have two important buttons: the "Options" button and the "Play" button.

The "Play" button shows the current energy reserves, level, cash and gold, equipped weapons (primary and secondary), settings of weapons. Buttons are also presented to enter the gun shop (Weapon Shop), change or improve your weapons and go to the next screen.

List of Commands
Back Back to previous screen
Swap Out This lets you switch your weapons and select among those that already have, whether primary or secondary
Upgrade You can spend your money (or gold) to make improvements in their weapons. Note that after a certain point, the updates will begin to take a while to arrive, even after paying for them.
Arrow Buttons Toggle between primary and secondary weapons
Weapon Shop Gun shop game
Next Go to the screen with a map, where you will select your hunt.

On the screen with the map, you will see a number of different fighters that will change with the progress. Select the icon of the hunt to check your details, such as energy cost, goals, special conditions, rewards, requirements and recommendations.

The icon that appears just above the "Go Hunt" button on the details of the hunt, explains what the requirements are. A yellow sign with an exclamation mark means that you do not have the recommended weapon but can try anyway, if you want. A red exclamation means that you do not have the necessary equipment and can not hunt, and a green check mark means you're ready to go.

You can also change the screen to switch between other hunting regions - North Africa and British Columbia. Note that no region will be available until you have completed all the "Trophy hunts" in the region that comes before. You will also need to download the new regions if you want to explore them, but they are free and can be pre-loaded where it has online access.


At the beginning of each hunt, you will be advised of their targets. When ready, press the "Begin" button.

Yet another reminder of your target and potential special hunting conditions will be displayed in the upper right of the screen, just above the indicator careful corner. When this icon is flashing, it means that the target is preparing to run from you or towards you, if you are behind a carnivore.

There are buttons on the right and left sides. They serve so that you can move around a small section of the environment, which can help you if your hunt is positioned behind a tree or even out of sight.

At the bottom left is a button that will cause you to begin to see the telescopic sight of the weapon, if it has one. Continuing to the right, there are two buttons with special items to boost your hunt (ammunition for more damage or energy that slows time, for example). There is also a button to switch between your weapons, the button to shoot and, below, the reload button.

While looking through the telescopic sight of the gun, the animal's name will appear in the right corner when he's in the crosshairs. This will help in identifying and prevent hit the wrong animal, alerting your hunt of his presence. To control the zoom sights, just touching the slider there in the corner of sight.

Types of hunts

There are four ways to hunt in Deer Hunter 2014:

- Hunting Series

The most common type of hunting, which involves overthrowing one or more targets in a scenario a static either. The positioning of each animal will be different every time, but none of them will react until you pull the trigger. From the first shot, more time to plan your moves and find the best angle no.

- Contract Hunt

These hunts are less strategic and more about response time. A number of pets will fly or run the scenario, and you have a limited amount of time to shoot down a number of animals. More complex shots, such as hitting certain target organ, are possible, but much more difficult to perform.

- Trophy hunt

Find and delete individual animals of each region. It's like the Hunting Series, however, the requirements are much higher, as well as the rewards. Once all of the jets are made in the region near the region is available.

- Hunt Club

Join your friends, work together to complete special goals, and try to get some prizes in the process. It is a challenge that cooperativity is only available if you have a permit to hunt club. Worth remember that this permission can only be achieved by paying real money.

Deer Hunter 2014 Tips and Tricks

Stay tuned for recommendations
Pay attention to the recommendations of the hunted. Even without being able to participate with the ideal equipment, you often have to take several shots to kill the target, then putting themselves in a risky situation to be able to run out of time.

Do not be reckless with updates. It may be tempting to improve the damage of your weapon to the max, but when some hunted demand it greater stability or zoom, you may end up having to play several Hunts Contract with the goal of satisfying the criteria.

Do not be discouraged if you fail
Try not to fail in missions not to waste energy, but if it fails, know that is not the end of the world. It can be annoying, as if he had lost precious energy for nothing and a hunt without success, but even when you lose, you can still come out with some money.

Use the equipment for better shots and greater rewards
Infrared is your friend. It is ideal to locate targets at night with dark hair and easier to achieve with precision internal organs form. I know I said not to lose the thread with updates, but I feel the desire to maximize the options infrared sooner. It is cheaper compared to other available updates and the extra time you can use it can be useful.

Always try to shoot in the lungs or the heart when possible. These shots not only give more damage, but also adds a bonus to his reward at the end of the hunt.

Positioned before the first shot
When you go to multiple targets, always try to position yourself at an angle such that it can bring the groups together. The rifles have no standards consecutive shots, then the less time locating the best lose targets. Moreover, time is precious between a shot and another to not miss out on the next target.

Time to go behind carnivores ...
When on a hunt with aggressive multiple targets (such as wolves and bears), target the closest first. This is because once they are aware of their presence, they will go after you. So are farther away, the longer you have to hit them.

However, sometimes it is better to let the carnivores get closer. This may seem counter intuitive, but when you have to kill two wolves shot in the heart, can be quite tricky to align them, and then find the other as he runs towards you. If you wait for him to get close (switch to the shotgun, preferably), you can hit him in place while he jumps up on you. Time will pass more slowly for a few seconds while showing an icon appears to the right place shot through the heart by helping you.

Be patient

Do not waste your precious gold bars in shorter lead times. Of course it's not fun to wait for an upgrade to arrive, but it's nothing compared to what it will take to win them again.

Retain Trophy Hunts for when you are more familiar with the game and has already participated in several basic missions. This is because the Trophy Hunt mode, your missions are much more complicated then you will have more risk of losing your precious energy to participate in these challenges, before you or your gun ready.