Kinect Sports Rivals: how to download and play the Demo Ver.

Kinect Sports Rivals is one of the major releases of Xbox One. The title allows players to participate free of matches in split screen mode on Wake Racer. Learn how to download and play the demo version of the game.

Downloading the game on Xbox Live

Step 1: From the home of your Xbox One to follow the Games menu.

Step 2: Click the icon that expands the option Highlighted Demos.

Step 3: Go to Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason start downloading the game. The title has 3.9 GB. You also need to download the HUB game separately


When starting the game users can participate in a quite intuitive tutorial. Press "Y" to go to the initial steps of controlling the Kinect, learning how to navigate through console menus, shortcuts to access icons, possibilities of bringing the screen and control the scroll bar. Mastering the movements is important because some of them are part of the gameplay of Kinect Sports Rivals.

Interested parties may also participate in a co-ordinated by a virtual instructor before falling into the water simulation. In Top Stories menu click to access the instructional video of Coach.

Wake Racer

The only method currently available in the game is the Wake Racer. In it players control a jet-ski and need to win races, experiencing handling points and bombs around the scene. The controls respond immediately, causing players to try riskier moves and dangerous overtaking.

How to play

To accelerate the Jet Ski players must bring both arms forward. To slow the contestant must open the right hand while the motion to resume acceleration close lower hands again.

To avoid the obstacles and make the dangerous curves players must bring a fist at a time toward your body. Bring your right hand to your sides to make the right turn. Run the other way to turn the jet-ski to left movement. The control is quite intuitive.

At various points of the scenario players can execute maneuvers to impress the audience. Although you can also do some movements with only small pulses during the race, on all platforms becomes more grandiose. Lean your body forward or backward, raise your arms and try to fall into position to recharge your booster.

As this is a preliminary version of the game, just an improvement is available. To use the Power Up Speed Boost the player must lift and slam your foot down. Its aquatic moto win frightening speed. Be careful not to lose control of the Jet-Ski on these occasions.

Interested parties may participate in games for two players. In the game menu press the triangle button and go to step training. Remember that the points raised in this option will not be counted in the main account.

During certain periods of time the title offers virtual prizes for players. In November clashes took users to win a costume Kinect Sports Rivals and Rivals Wake Kinect Sports Racer. In January the prizes are the same gender, but bring other models.

Date of final release

The final version of Kinect Sports Rivals will be released by Microsoft in the first half of 2014. The title is exclusive to the Xbox One and bring virtual versions of competitions such as football, climbing, Wake Racing, Archery, Bowling and Tennis.