NBA 2k14: Useful tips for playing the best basketball game

NBA 2k14 is considered by most players the best basketball game on the market right now. It is one of the great sports that moves fans around the world and has the American professional league in its best showcase. Here are some useful tips that are sure to help you improve your gameplay.

Try minor difficulties
This tip is so basic, but it can make all the difference when it comes to whether or not fun with the 2K basketball game. If you are new to the game then do not be afraid to set the difficulty to the lowest possible.

This will allow you to learn the basic commands and game mechanics without being humiliated and buried with the computer flight stopovers. A good idea is to also invite a friend to play beginner.

Enjoy the slower pace to develop your style of marking and locks. They will make all the difference against most opponents guideposts.

Follow the indicators
Under the athlete you control where you will see a small arrow showing the player exactly who should be marking. Enjoy the aid and organize your team, always marking the right man.

This will prevent voids are used by the adversary. When repairing a lost boy in marking, change rapidly and position him correctly.

Go easy on the disarm button
Unlike football, basketball has stricter rules when it comes to the tackles. Think twice before pressing the button several times in hopes of snatching the ball from the rival.

This will only result in more faults and faults, which over time will increase the difference in the score. Stay tuned for standing players with the ball and wait until he is not in contact with the hands of the athlete to attempt a stolen.

This can yield important points, since a ball stolen almost always results in an easy basket. Practice until the time of the trips are perfect.

Caprice in timing of locks
The lock button (Y or Triangle) is a real temptation for beginners, since it seems to be a good alternative to prevent the opponent pitches. The problem is that a bad attempt to lock can open a defense for an easy basket.

Wait until the right moment before trying to block. You can notice that the player will attempt a shot for the animation of his arms. Note that you can also pretend pitches, so be prepared to switch player quickly.

The closer the kicker, more likely to block. It also includes the height of two athletes, along with attributes. Be sure to check the best defender of his team and give preference to him at the time of the jumps.

Earn rebounds
The rebounds are very important part of the game of basketball teams, as leftovers can create good scoring chances or rid the team against another basket. Whenever the opponent throw, an athlete position near the basket, so he tries to get the rebound.

This strategy goes for the defense as for attack, so be'll take the leftovers to always have the ball in both hands. Tall and strong players are indicated for rebounds, so if possible, select the athlete.

Hinder rivals using the right analog
With the right analog stick control can make your defender raise arms in an attempt to avoid shots or quick passes Team.

Always keep arms raised while not in motion. Besides gaining some balls gift, this will prevent the opponent replace many passes, which can finish intercepted.

Make noise free throws
If your team is playing at home, a good way to steal some points from the opponent by disrupting before the free throws.

To do this, quickly press the triggers (LT and RT or L2 and R2) to control the opponent and shaking screen. It may seem silly, but the effect easily takes concentration, making the conversion of pitches.

Avoid the opponent throw three
Many players care much about the defense in the lane, but end up forgetting the three pitches, which although less effective, is extremely dangerous.

Take care never to leave the opponent in very easy position for this type of shot. Move one of your athletes up to him and stop him sooner. This will prevent the rival earns extra points, which make much difference at the end of matches.