Secrets of Raetikon: learn how to play the indie game for PC

Secrets of Raetikon is an Indie game for Windows, Mac and Linux in which the player is a bird and interacts with a natural setting, such as rocks, trees and other animals while collecting pieces to unravel the secret of the place.

1. To play Secrets of Raetikon requires the platform Steam installed. To do this, download the Steam install and create your account for free.

2. Within Steam, search for Secrets of Raetikon, open the page and click add to cart. Finalize the purchase by clicking "buy me" and pay with credit card, invoice or any of the forms provided.

3. Click the top menu "Library" and find the list on the left. If the game is not downloading, click "download". When the download is complete, the button "download" will turn into "play."

Minimum system requirements/configuration:

Windows: XP / Vista / 7/8
Mac: OSX 10.6
Linux: Ubuntu 12:04
Processor: 2GHz
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
HD: 200 Mb of available space

Basic commands:

The game recommends that you use a gamepad on your computer, but also enables the use of the keyboard.

Locomotion: Directional keyboard, mouse or gamepad
Flapping: Space (keyboard) or A (gamepad)
Grab: Q (keyboard) RT Left Button (Mouse) or / RB (gamepad)
Plunge: And (keyboard), Left LT / LB (gamepad) Button (Mouse) or
Dispense: W (keyboard) or X (gamepad)
Runes: R (keyboard) or Y (gamepad)

Starting to play

Move the bird with the arrow keys, and when you need more power, flap wings. Explore the environment interact with the maximum animals, plants and stones. Stones that are transparent to the nearest are underneath other and can be moved little, to make way.

A strong wind is in some parts of the game and it seems it is impossible to overtake it, however it is just an obstacle and often the output is strongly flapping its wings and seeks the diagonal path.

Interact with peaceful animals and beware of aggressive, they can attack and take points of life as well as hold the bird until it dies, having to return to the last savepoint.

Triangles and letters by setting

The red triangles complete energy, represented by a bar on the top screen. They are found in the air or when roots pulled from the earth, clinging to the Q button and flapping up. At first we did not use the power bar but a little more forward, predators arise and you need to escape from them or put them in ambushes.

Helping animals such as rabbits and chicks without the pair of birds out of the nest gain green triangles. Hundred green triangles equals a new life. Losing all lives generates a game over and you need to go back to the beginning.

The yellow triangles are wood chips, are all over the scene and collect all you need to gradually put them in each of the portals of the game. In most places are hidden runes. Join to translate the messages and uncover the secret of Raetikon.

Feedback to developers
Secrets of Raetikon is on Steam Early Access, which means it is not quite ready but can be purchased in its Alpha version until the 14th. After that the sales are closed for a while and later the official sales with the full game are open. Who buys the Alpha version entitled to the full game when it is released without charge.

A forum is open for each title in Steam. Click and select community Secrets of Raetikon. You can comment on their impressions of the game and help the developers if you encounter any unexpected bug. Often breeders respond the problems and create new versions based on what is said in the community.