The Sims 3 Into the future: Play with 2 families in Same Town

In The Sims 3: Into the Future you can only have one active family at a time. To play with two or more different families you need to replace the active family in town, and this can only be controlled by the player. To wreck or choose another simply repeat the procedure. At that time the family will continue living and making decisions automatically, so once again will not be exactly where you left but a little further in time. Check out the tutorial on how to play with two or more families in the same town.

Changing family

Step 1
Play with your family usually go when you want to change the menu "..." in the lower left corner and select "edit town".

Step 2
Before leaving the family so the "Save" option will appear. Save to keep your game progress.

Step 3
In city mode, click the icon with two houses in the lower left corner, "Change Core / Active Family" and agree twice with dialog boxes. Note that this action will make you lose the wishes and promises of the family with which you were playing.

Step 4
Select "Create Sims" which goes to the editor sims, or "Select Core / Family" to play with a family already installed in the city or "Change Core / Family" to choose a family bank and put in a house or empty lot.

Step 5
Selecting, for example, "Select Core / Family", find, among the icons filled blue houses, the family with whom I would like to play and click.

Step 6
Appearing menus confirmation, click yes and click choose family table.

Step 7
Ready! Now, just play with the new characters. To return to the first family or choose another, simply repeat the procedure, but remember that you will lose the wishes and promises again, in addition to the family will have continued to live as an NPC and taken their own decisions without you!