A Wizard's Lizard: Learn to play the indie game for PCs

A Wizard's Lizard is a fun video game in 2D dungeon crawler genre. As the game has a high level of difficulty, prepare to die often. Therefore, DTGReviews prepared this tutorial to teach you to kill monsters with more dexterity, collect gold, buy and more! Check out:

How to Install

Step 1: To buy the game you need a Pay Pal account.

Step 2: Go to the site and put your email address in the PayPal box bottom right. If you want to pay more than the minimum amount of $ 15 to help developers, click the + sign and add the amount you want.

Step 3: Place your PayPal password and confirm the payment. An email with the download link of the game will be sent to you. Choose your platform, Linux, Windows or Mac, download and install normally.

Minimum configuration:
Windows - XP or higher
Mac - OS 10.6 or higher
CPU - 2 GHz Dual Core
RAM - 2 GB
Video - Video card with dedicated memory
Resolution - 1024 × 768


To move the character in Scenario 2D use the WASD keys with the left hand. Let the free thumb for the spacebar, which serves to interact with NPCs. Use arrows to shoot down direction, while two arrows indicate a diagonal. This game also supports the use of gamepad.

How to play

Initially walk through the scene and talk to people. There are few details, but I can already know that you need to go to the cemetery looking for the Wizard and save it. On the outside walk two scenes to the right to go to the cemetery. Do not forget to get your initial gold on the floor near the door. In the scene below has a shop, but you need to start accumulating more gold to buy something.

Entering the cemetery enemies begin to appear. Do not let them rest against his character as this now gives damage. Do not drive over the square of brown earth, they make out a new zombie. The ghosts do not harm nor can they be achieved while your character is alive, then leave them there. Destroy elements of the scenario as barrels, pots and lights can generate gold or food.

If your character dies once he had seen a ghost. The scenario is much brighter and the other ghosts can reach you, they move very quickly, but die with a single attack. The bar and energy back to the maximum, but if it will end this time its game over. If you like ghost can reach some levels that could not be alive, how to pick up the key that was surrounded. When you find a room with an inverted pentagram on the floor and step on it may rise with half the energy.

Tips to do well

Always look on the map in the upper right corner. It indicates the rooms that have already been visited. Go back to a store or pentagram need. Press Esc during the game and select "Show HUD inventory" thus an upper bar shows what your character has equipped.

The doors do not open until the next scene when all the enemies are dead in the scene where you are. Notice each of the enemies as they act differently and are always in droves in every room.

Zombies and ghosts just go straight and try to touch you. A good escape is to walk in circles around the screen and go shooting while they follow. Green monsters and characters purple hood shoot, but do not come close, then hide behind a tombstone, wait their attack, quickly exit, back attack and return, each with about five dies attacks.

Owls move in your direction so they are attacked, leave them to last as require much handling and touching other enemies cause damage. Attack and immediately moves in a perpendicular line to keep it lean. Expect her to stop and repeat. The werewolves turn into an arrow of light if they are close, this arrow moves toward you and cause damage. Seeing that it will turn out of place and so it stops shoot as much as possible.