Buying Guide: Find out which Smartphone is Best for you -2014 /2013

Which specs are most important in a smartphone? Processor? RAM? Storage capacity? GPS? Unquestionably, the relevance of each item is determined by each user's profile. In order to help you in choosing a suitable device for you, the DTGReviews selected certain types of consumers and their characteristics related to hardware devices. Check out the results below.

Casual users
If you are a person who only surf the Internet, use social networks and not much more than that, just make sure that the gadget is well equipped for this purpose. If it has 4G, then it will help you surf faster. Owning Wi-Fi is a basic and necessary to take advantage of wireless networks at home or in the street feature.

Among other specifications, a basic processor, single or dual-core processor, 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM and a five megapixel camera should be enough for your use. You can find products with these characteristics into account as well, under $ 600, as the Moto G. The Razr D1 , also from Motorola, is also an option and costs less than £ 400.

If you are looking for a less expensive one, simple look for gadget with specifications, for example, screen displays with smaller and lower quality, and not as new processors. This causes the price to fall while addressing their shortcomings. Also watch out for the possibility of having dual-chip, which allows you to use two chips of different operators simultaneously.

Play on your smartphone is an experience that is increasingly popular and, therefore, it is important to realize that not every device is good for more advanced games - Candy Crush , Angry Birds and Temple Run are supported in many smartphones, however, games as Final Fantasy , Deus Ex: The Fall and Fifa 14 , not always.

To ensure a good gaming experience, grab a phone with large screen and good resolution. Thus, the player can smoothly control the actions with fingers on the screen and still have the image quality. An advanced GPU is also important to ensure quality graphics, and a good processor-RAM combo, these requirements are available on iPhone 5S, S4 Galaxy , Galaxy Note 3 , LG G2 and Sony Xperia Z1 .

All are top notch and are priced at around £ 2000. However, for those who want a top quality graphical experience, are the best possible options. For users concerned about the amount of games and release dates, the iPhone has more advantage because usually get the games before the other systems.

Watch movies, listen to music and play any multimedia content on the smartphone is quite common, and currently, there are many devices with different support options in entertainment. First, pay attention to it: if it has TV, FM radio and a good native player.

Then it is good to choose an operating system that has paid options for movies and music, for example, as well as allowing easy transfer of content from a PC to the smartphone. In hardware, a large screen and good RAM for playback of content. The apps support streaming / playback also make a difference.

For these cases, the Xperia Z1, Sony, is an excellent choice because it is a top of the line digital TV, which is not very common. It can be found from £ 1600. There is another version Xperia ZQ , cheaper, around £ 1200, and also more than enough for these needs.

There is a good range of cheap mobile phones with digital TV. Not everyone, however, support with confidence an HD video. The insurance in this case is to invest in a device with good set of hardware, or search a little longer to find one that combines good features at a reasonable performance.

The hectic life of today's society demands that are connected in a series of innovations at the same time. With the mobile is no different. Read emails, access social networks, make notes and send messages, all movements at the same time. It is necessary, however, that cell support all the main factor to be taken into account in such cases is the RAM.

It should be kept 2 GB at least for efficient multitasking. A powerful processor, at least quad-core, also helps. The most advanced gadgets Galaxy line as S3, S4 and Note 3 are good for this because they have a good hardware and multi-tasking function, which allow you to split the screen into two to run two apps.

It is also essential to have a good internal memory space. The cheaper models with 8 GB and 16 GB are not enough for those who like to have many applications. Spend a little more on one of at least 32 GB, microSD card or buy one, and have the necessary all you want spaces.

A photo on mobile grew impressively and there is no doubt that most people today purchase smartphones eye on their cameras. However, in such cases, not sufficient to examine only the number of megapixels. Much influence on the quality of images clicked with a phone.

The shooting modes are important. See if it has panorama, HDR, geotagging, face detection and smile, auto focus, manual control of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and type characteristics. The type of flash is also important, with LED and Xenon being the most popular.

Currently, there are many "cameraphones" in the market. The Lumia 1020, with its 41 megapixel camera is one of the best. The PureView Lumias of technology is a differential of the series, which makes your images always stay pretty well. The top of the moment, however, as Xperia Z1, LG G2 and Galaxy 3 S4/Note also not far behind. It is up to the customer.


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