Combat Arms: Learn how to level up fast in the game

Combat Arms is a free online FPS video game for PC published by Nexon. The game has similar gameplay to Counter Strike, but stands out for its lightness and a high level of customization. The game features a patent system in which the player progresses according to the experience gained in matches. Learn how to level up fast in Combat.

Alone you evolve faster
Combat Arms has several game modes. Within existing options there are those in which players fight against each other without a partnership or teams. As an example of this type of event, we have the Army and Solo Single Survivor. Choose to play those modes where you can earn more experience than others.

To get an idea, it is possible to gain about 300 experience points if it goes first. The mode also helps to improve your skills and performance in the game, making it more efficient and attentive.

Another game mode that also generates enough experience is hunt spies. In it you get as part of a team of mercenaries. If you find the first of the five folders that hold the secret data of a gun, you become a spy. Your goal then becomes to remove other spies.

Be a mercenary!
If you can eliminate them (his former mercenary companions are against you), you end up turning the Super Spy, then gaining powerful equipment. Its objective shall be to go to the transmission tower to trigger the data, and all the mercenaries will hunt to stop him. As the player can output the data in this form, he gains more experience, and you can come out with a 1000 experience points if successful.

One tip is to join four friends then at least create a room and password. Choose a small map and limit the time to 16 minutes. You can then take turns to be the Super Spy and gain enough experience quickly.

Anyway, it also depends on your performance and frequency. Avoid using illegal programs that facilitate the game as well as the risk of losing your account, you are ruining the gameplay of other players and tarnish the image of the game.