Dead Island: Learn how to play the zombie game for PC/PS3/Xbox 360

Dead Island brought a change in the environment of securities zombie apocalypse by presenting an island paradise like setting highlighted and drew much attention of players with a deep trailer producer who put Deep Silver on the map. However, the final product ended up being a niche game that not everyone appreciated. Check out how to play it.

Choosing your character
Early in the game you choose your character between a group of four survivors immune to the virus that turns all into zombies: Logan, Purna, Xian, and Sam B. It is important to note here that Logan and Purna are not as useful. Logan's specialty is the shot, but throws weapons not usually a good idea in Dead Island, and firearms are a rarity in the game.

Xian and Sam B have more interesting abilities. Xian is an expert in edged weapons, something very useful to cut arms or heads of zombies. Sam B has energy that everyone else and uses his physical strength to excel with impact weapons.

Dead Island Controls

X360 PS3
Directional Left Analog Directional Left Analog
Run Press Left Analog Press Left Analog
Move view Directional Analog Right Directional Analog Right
Lower Press Right Analog Press Right Analog
Leap The X
Ban RT R2
Aim Gun LT L2
Shoot / Throw RT R2
Interact / Frisk X Square
Kick LB L1


Function X360 PS3
Switching between weapons RB R1
See weapons Holding RB Holding R1
Open inventory Digital Directional Up Digital Directional Up
Lantern Digital Directional Up Digital Directional Up
Enable Fury Holding B Hold Circle
Open the map Back Select 
Flinch Directional Analog Left + A Directional Analog Left + X

Facing zombies
Despite all the focus on action, remember that Dead Island is still an Action RPG. You need to face many zombies to earn experience points, get stronger and improve your status and worth paying attention to the status of your weapons also to get the best experience possible combat.

But ignoring the RPG part, aim well and dodge are still essential survival skills as well as learn to synchronize their strokes with the exact time when an enemy approaches. Depending on where you hit the zombies you can disable them as tearing or breaking arms.

There heart
Each character has a stamina bar, which is basically the breath, he has to spend on shares. When this bar runs out your character is exhausted and needs a moment to recover. Actions such as running, jumping, dodge and strike expend energy, but the traditional kick using the LB / L1 button.

A good strategy for saving is to avoid strike at random, unless you are surrounded. Use the kick of LB / L1 button to stun the enemy and aim well enough to take the blow on the head time, causing much more damage than just attack the torso.

Gaining skills with Skill Points
As you level up you receive skill points to spend on new skills. These skills are divided into three categories: Fury, Combat and Survival, organized in a tree format. The more you evolve a category, more skills will be of this type available.

The Fury category ensures more skills and advantages to enter Fury mode, one mode at the first Skill purchased this tree and turned to hold the B / Circle button when the bar is full of rage. The Combat category offers improvements in the art of killing zombies while Survival brings useful skills for your character.

Finding useful items and weapons
When searching furniture, bags and electronics around the island you can find weapons and some useful items like springs, nails or magnets, which can be used to improve certain weapons. In addition you can also get money in these places or searching corpses of zombies. Most items that are food and drink are to regain the energy of your character and are consumed at the time.

Repairing, improving and creating weapons
In several places in the game you will find desks (Work Bench), marked on the map as an icon with two gears. They are essential to your progress because it is in them where you can repair your weapons worn by fighting for cash. You can also upgrade your weapons in if you have sufficient funds.

In addition to repair and upgrade their weapons, the desks can also create new weapons. To do so you must have Mods, sort of instruction on how to assemble that certain gun, and have the items listed to create it.

Performing missions
The main way to progress in Dead Island is through the missions (quests) that other characters will offer to you. Some of these missions make the story progress, while others only guarantee some advantages for your character, such as experience points, money, parts, weapons and modes.

On the map, white exclamation points indicate a survivor who has a mission for you. By talking with them you will receive a paper which details your mission objective, level of difficulty and its rewards. It's up to you to accept or not from there.

If you have been involved in more than one mission, the map shows only the path to the active mission. If you want to perform another task, other than that the map is showing, just go into the menu and change the active mission in Quests tab.

Understanding the map
The island of Banoi where the game takes place is pretty big and it's not hard to get lost among so many similar pools and cabanas. To help you can press the Back (X360) or Select (PS3) button to open a map that provides important and detailed information for your survival and promotes missions. Check out the captions.

Red flag Current goal
White Exclamation Point Character who will mission
Red exclamation point Character you need to interact
Hands catching something Indicate items you need to take
Trophy Reward to be gained
Two yellow arrows Point that allows Travel Fast (Fast Travel)
Two pieces of paper Sellers 
Two gears Work tables (Work Bench)

Driver's License
Early in the game a character named Hank will offer a quest to mend a car. Sometime after completing this mission you can use a red truck to get around the island, ensuring greater security and allowing you to run over some zombies. The undead can still hurt you when the car is stopped.

To get into the car you use the X button, but need to be careful where you're pointing when you press the button. The truck is an example of a vehicle for 4 people, 1 room for the driver to drive, space for 1 passenger and 2 spaces outside.

Even playing alone is necessary to choose the area of the driver to be able to drive off or you'll be in trouble with zombies at your side no power to move the car. Another curiosity is that the driver's seat is on the right of the vehicle, different from what we are accustomed.

Controls in the car

Function X360 PS3
Log In / Out X Square
Accelerate RT R2
Brake / Reverse gears LT L2