Don’t Starve: how to make friends with the pigs

Don’t Starve presents a dangerous and resource-poor world. However, you can be a good help in time of battle, or even in times of hunting. Learn below how to make friends with one of the creatures in Don’t Starve: pigs.

Step 1: To win the friendship of a pig you must feed it with meat, which may be provided by Meat Monster Meat, the latter being found in monsters like spiders, which becomes the most viable option at the beginning of the game. Collected for each meat, a pig can be your friend.

Step 2: Find some kind of meat. If you are early in the game, try to kill spiders and collect their Monster Meat.

Step 3: To increase the effectiveness of the item before giving it to a pig, cook it by clicking on it with the left mouse button and clicking again on a campfire.

Step 4. Locate a pig. It is easier to find it in farms and wetlands where you can locate them finding their home. But beware: pigs only come out during the light of day because they are afraid of the night.

Step 5. When you find a pig, click the left button on the item of meat in your inventory, and then click again on the hog. If it worked, a message will appear above the pig, like "I Love Friend", "I Follow", "You is Good" or "You Friend". From there, the pig will follow you for a long time. Remember to feed it regularly so that it does not stop following you.

Step 6. Generally pigs live in groups, so we always have to hand over a unit of meat to "recruit" more pigs. When your character attacks or is attacked by a monster, your friends will defend his pigs, and if they die, they will drop 1x 1x Meat and Pig Skin.

Remember: you get only recruit pigs if you give meat to it if give vegetables or fruits, they will eat and create a pile of Manure. Not that this is bad, because the Manure is crucial to create other as farms, however, if your goal is to make them be friends, it will not work. Another advantage of having a pig friend is that whenever they are nearby, your sanity will increase gradually.