Dustforce: Learn to Play and Do Well in the Game

Dustforce is a game that requires advanced skill and concentration. Check out some tips below to keep evolving the game.

Keep using the flash drive
Always slide your character, even on flat surfaces. Slide offers more speed, allowing you to walk for long distances more dynamically. The action is essential for those who finish the game as quickly as possible, offering significant shortcuts in both horizontal and vertical environments.

Play more than once to explore the scenery
If you want to clear the entire route will need to turn off time. Explore scenarios calmly, investigating all possible locations with accumulated dust. Try to record the entire route and study the forms of exploitation according to the platforms. With the planned path is easier to achieve the goals.

Develop your own style of play
Although Dustforce is a video game platform, each player may use a different approach to achieve the same goal. Study the possible combos and try to execute them in accordance with the position of the structures. Try to create a unique style blending speed and field of clean power to all areas in the fastest way possible.

Use the special move as soon as the final enemy appears
If you are in search of the record does not waste time pounding the last enemy. Use the special to settle all of the screen once they are in your field of vision. The strategy can save you precious seconds that will make a difference in the final timing.

Check out the videos of the other players to know the shortcuts

After finishing the game users can explore the world ranking. Click on main view and record holders as they achieved the feat. Observe a more experienced player is essential to achieve good results.