Earth Defense Force 2025: Tips to Deal with Giant Insects

Earth Defense Force 2025 is bringing back the sequence of one of the wildest games of recent times. An invasion of giant insects and aliens are taking the Earth and it is the last line of defense, EDF, face them. Check out some tips to not turn food for giant ant.

Red points - Enemies
Blue Dots - Members of EDF
Green Points - Items
Yellow dots - Vehicles
White Dots - Civil
Letters W, A, F, R - Other players
Red Channel - Air strike

Recruiting members of EDF

Whenever you see blue dots on the radar, go towards them, other members of the EDF are waiting to be recruited by you. Just approach the characters who possess red arrows in the head and they will join your squad.

Other members of the EDF were not very useful in Earth Defense Force 2017, but now they have more energy, differentiated skills and are more useful than just bait.

Be careful not to blow

One of the easiest ways to die in the game is your bazooka pointing to something that you are too close, being caught in the explosion. It takes attention to various details such as approaching enemies without you see, teammates who end up getting in front, carcasses of enemies that fell by the wayside and even any pole or plate that is in front. A good tip is to always skip before taking a shot bazooka, not to hit anything on your height.

Take path objects

Whenever you are in the midst of a battle and there is a lot to blow your back, use guns as its standard machine gun to remove objects the way. Obstacles like cars and fences fall easily with shots, while carcasses of enemies are now a bit more complicated, but can be pushed.

Sticking queue difficulty

As in games like Diablo, the idea for Earth Defense Force 2025 is to start playing the easiest difficulty, gain items that take you to the harder difficulties and so go follow.

However, a good tactic is to find an easier stage where you feel comfortable and try to throw it at levels of difficulty to acquire more powerful weapons and use them in the minor difficulties.

Buildings are friends

In Earth Defense Force 2017 all buildings fell to the weakest explosion, but that has changed in 8 years difference. In 2025 EDF each building has a kind of energy bar and resists attacks until she is exhausted.

Use them to hide from enemies and attack with powerful projectile when they are reloading. Do not waste too much time trying to destroy buildings to reach their targets, they are very resistant to the initial weapons.

Compensate firepower with Sniper Rifles

Rarely do you feel that the firepower of their strongest weapons, such as bazookas, will be sufficient to cause the damage you want, especially against enemy transport ships. In this case, use sniper rifles, which usually cause great harm, but just remember that they do not replace the bazookas in time to face a group of insects.

Turn off the Screen Vibration

One of the coolest effects the game is the Vibration Screen, which makes the screen shake every explosion stronger, giving a great feeling of power to the player. However, long term it will mess up your aim and you should consider turning it off. Press Start, go to Game Settings and set the Screen Vibration option to OFF.

Increasing your energy

Like an RPG, Earth Defense Force has a system that permanently increases your energy. Each time you collect a red box written Armor and complete a stage, your energy is increased permanently by 1. It seems little, but eventually this value will reach thousands.

In a few moments you may need to find easier stages and stay just collecting energy to improve your endurance. It's easy and fun to do in cooperative mode or online, for the extra players can double or even quadruple the amount of items purchased.

The king of somersault

When taking the analog stick for some direction and press the jump button on the left trigger LT ( Xbox 360 ) or L2 ( PS3 ), your character will perform a somersault, which is curiously one of the most essential actions in the game.

Somersaults are useful for dodging attacks, but are also a means of faster than walking locomotion. If you need to get somewhere fast, go somersaulting same.

Pay attention to radio

As said before, your goal is usually just delete all the giant bugs and you are not required to do anything but kill them. But if you listen to radio broadcasts, sometimes pick conversations with other squads for help. If you go to their aid they will join your team, otherwise probably be eliminated by insects.