FIFA 14: Learn to play the Pro Club mode with your online character

FIFA 14 offers the user not only to the Career mode, in which he creates a character and follows a trajectory of a football player, as well as the Club Pro, a concept very similar, but with the online operation. In this tutorial, the DTGReviews teaches you how to play this fun game mode. Check!

Step 1: Start by creating your player. When entering the Pro Clubs for the first time, you will be directed to this screen image below. Enter the vital data of the doll and go through the choices.

Step 2: You can change the character's appearance. Press R1 (RB) to go to the next option and use the directional pad to move up or down the options. Press X (A) to open the menu and you make the edit.

Step 3: Edit, then its position paper on the field and playing style. This will affect all its attributes, these definitions appear below.

Step 4: Finally, set the physical settings: height, weight, body type and also the preferred foot.

Step 5: Ready, his character was created.

Step 6: The screen below is its central management of the Club Pro. On the right side, your listing is displayed with the overall rating, the positions in which he played, his number on the shirt and other data. In the middle, the stats and attributes, and above the "Drop-In Match", which is the way of friendly game.

Step 7: Press R1 (RB) to go to the club tab. You can create one or get into a friends.

Step 8: When you receive invitations to clubs, they are displayed, and you can accept or decline. You can only play in a club.

Step 9: Once you accept, you will have a central management of the club, where you can access his information, the record of matches, the history and also ask to leave the club in the transfer. All this in the "Manage" tab.

Step 10: In the "Club" tab, you can see who your team is online. Expect friends to login and then go to "Play Match" or "Match Play Cup" to play games or Season Cup against other clubs.

Step 11: When you play a game, you have to select their position on the screen as the picture below shows. All players who will participate will have a few seconds, and who is faster, choose the best positions - as CAM and ST, which are among the most popular.

Step 12: After that, just wait for your game to start. In it, you control only your player and have several controlled by humans and, depending on the amount of players, also some colleagues controlled by the machine. The commands are the same as FIFA 14 "traditional", except the "X" ("A") that works to ask for the ball.

Step 13: During matches, your grade is next to the name at the bottom of the screen. The evaluation mechanism is simple: shopping, steals, kicks and passes generate better grades. Some points if you are too passive or too wrong, you lose. After each game, you get a report of how was your participation.

Step 14: As you advance, unlock new possibilities for your player. When you go up levels, you'll gain new accessories that he can use to customize the character.

Step 15: In addition, the catalog of EA Sports Football Club, you can use your points to buy upgrades for your character. Access the catalog to see which can acquire and give them boost the player's attributes.