Grand Chase: Learn how to get status SS in Eternal season

Grand Chase entered its Eternal Season stage bringing new adventures, but also some changes that messed with its players, such as the status of the characters. Here's how to get status on your character in SS Eternal Season.

Step 1: The determinant to reach the status SS factor is your level of Total Attack. He must be at least 45 000 (60 000 initially was, but the value has changed).

Step 2: To get this value is recommended by you is between levels 78 or 80 and get one set of epic gear at least, is more recommended to have the set Legendary.

Step 3: Total attack is calculated taking into account 6 attributes: Attack, Special Attack, Critical Hit, Crit, HP Recovery and MP Recovery.

Step 4: Using one set Epic or Legendary, use cards that improve these attributes, or you can change the properties of your equipment.

Step 5: Do the same focusing on accessories that increase these 6 attributes.

Step 6: Once your attack is at least 45 000, your character will receive the status SS.