KickBeat: learn to attack your enemies in this fun rhythm game

KickBeat is a rhythm action video game where players face many enemies to the sound of several songs from artists such as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Papa Roach. The game is very intuitive and each enemy type requires a specific form of counter-attack, learn how to play the game.

Fighting in the pace
Each phase is a kind of arena where enemies come near, will walk a bit and try to attack the player. Your goal is to strike back at the exact moment. The enemy tries to deliver his attack, which follows the rhythm of the music and could earn different scores depending on your timing.

The enemies are approaching in four directions, and you can attack them or fight back in case pressing the equivalent button toward them. You can use both the face buttons, Square, X, Circle and Triangle, as the digital directional in cross shape.

The Yin-Yang symbol in the center of the screen, the base where your character is above, indicates the quantity of energy and Chi. Whenever you miss a counterattack and an enemy hits you, you lose as much energy as Chi.

It is possible to recover energy orbs that appear occasionally with some enemies while to regain your Chi just hit some shots. If you miss many movements in sequence, your character will become tired and no chance to react to the attacks.


Check out the list of KickBeat commands:

Attack on Angle - Directional Up or Triangle Button
Under Attack - Directional Down or X Button
Attacking the Right - Right directional pad or Circle Button
Attacking the Left - Directional for Left or Square Button
Using Chi - L button or touching the screen icon
Use Power-Ups - R button or touching the screen icon

Different enemies
There are three types of enemies in KickBeat with some basic variations between them. Yellow enemy opponents are simple, just attack them again by pressing the button in their direction and in accordance with the tempo of the music.

Sometimes the yellow enemies come in tandem with a trail of light. This means that you should beat them, hold the button you used, wait until the other enemy connected to light trail is in a position to be attacked, and only then release the button, unleashing an attack automatically.

The blue enemies come in dual or trio with a twist, they attack one after another in the meantime. You need to go up the first one and then prepare to attack the second. Sometimes they are three enemies, doing a back and forth between the blows.

Finally, there is the red enemies, which come in double and attack at the same time. In this case you must press the two directions where they are attacking simultaneously. For example: if they attack down the right and press X, Circle. In these moments the directional is slightly less efficient than the buttons.

Chi and Orbs
Each defeated enemy increases your Chi, equanto received the blows fall. Once your Chi bar is full, you can activate it by pressing the L button or tapping the screen. When Chi is on your score for the defeated enemy is bent.

On occasions you will notice that some enemies have something hanging over their heads, are Orbs. To catch them, you must defeat the enemy normally and then push again the button that used to attack him to get the Orb. This can be a bit difficult with blue enemies, they attack quickly.

The Orbs can recover your energy, your Chi, give you points, multiply your points nearby, sending a wave that eliminates the enemies on the screen or provide a shield of invulnerability for a few moments. To use them simply use the R button or tap the icon on the screen after purchasing them.