Learn skills and distribute points in Perfect World

Perfect World is an MMORPG in a universe of mythological legends and different challenges for the heroes. To be successful in the game, you must train the skills and attributes of your character and thus evolve enough to accomplish missions and defeat enemies without many difficulties. The DTGReviews prepared a tutorial that shows how to learn skills and better distribute your points:

How to learn new skills?

As your character progresses, it will gain skills that can be used in combat. These skills are given according to their level of "Esteem." It allows you to learn more advanced techniques to ensure better performance in their struggles and missions.

To learn new skills, you should seek the master of your class. For example, search for the Master of Archers to learn new techniques with this class. Each has its own requirements and that must be met so that you can learn them. When acquiring a new skill, their points of Alma and Coins are consumed according to quantity ordered.

To learn a new skill, you need to fulfill four conditions:

- Level: Your character must be at the right level to learn a particular skill.

- Alma: You need the quantity ordered Alma to learn the technique.

- Currencies: Your money will also be consumed to increase your list of skills

- Esteem: Your level also determines what skills you can learn.

How to earn and distribute attributes?

To post your character really prepared for the fighting, their attributes must also evolve. The basic attributes are divided between Physical and Spiritual. At each level you will receive five points to distribute among their physical and need to conduct missions to increase your spirit. To better know which attribute you must train, depending on your class, check out the tips below:

Important: Remember that warrior classes get more advantage with physical attributes. And class of characters or magicians who use magic gain more advantage by increasing magical attributes.

Physical Attributes

Constitution (Con) - Increases the amount of life that your character has
Intelligence (Int) - Increases the amount of magic damage and magic defense
Strength (Str) - Increases physical damage done by character as well as physical defense
Dexterity (Dex) - Increases your ability to dodge, speed and critical hit rate

Spiritual Attributes

Soul - Defeat enemies or perform missions to earn points for Alma. Are similar to experience points, but you can spend them to buy your skills
Fame - You will gain fame by completing quests. The higher your fame, the greater the amount of tasks you can perform
Esteem - She represents your level of spiritual evolution. The higher your esteem, more