LMSH: Learn how to buy characters, vehicles and extras

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes brings a huge cast of heroes and villains from the Marvel comic books, through super teams like the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. However, the game also makes it a little difficult to find the power to buy them and add them to your collection. Check out how to buy characters, vehicles and extras.

How to buy characters and vehicles

There are two ways to buy characters in game and both require you to be in New York, and you can not buy them over the chapters of history. Once in the city you can buy new heroes and villains on specific platforms SHIELD, which appear blue boxes stock. Unfortunately, they are not marked on the map.

The second way is easier, simply hold the Y button to view characters that are available for purchase. Vehicles can only be purchased SHIELD these platforms and need to be "raised" through them also.

Both characters as vehicles will not be available for purchase immediately. Some will be available after certain conditions such as end of the history stage, while others need to be activated in certain locations of the map events.

Press Back (X360) or Select (PS3) button to open the map and look for icons with faces of heroes, villains or vehicles to find places where "tokens" will be present. Some require you to face any situation to acquire them, while others are just hidden.

How to buy extras with Deadpool

Step 1: Still in New York City back to Aero-SHIELD aircraft carrier.

Note: You can teleport there opening the map and selecting the icon with a green puppet.

Step 2: Once the Aero-Aircraft carrier goes down the elevator to the Central Control Room.

Step 3: Take the upper left diagonal, up a small staircase and enter an opening where several blue plaques point.

Step 4: Go down the hall, ignore the first door to the left and take the first right, where there is a strange character Deadpool doormat and a sign in neon pink saying Deadpool's Room.

Step 5: In this room you will see a TV with the logo of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and a photo of Deadpool. Press X (X360) or Square (PS3) to interact.

Step 6: Here you can buy extras like multipliers LEGO pieces (game currency), items of detectors and other fun additions.