Minecraft: Learn how to find diamonds

In Minecraft a major challenge is finding a good amount of diamonds, a very important and rare item that serves as raw material for weapons, armor and tools with greater durability, strength and strength of the entire game. However, like all good items, find it can be little bit difficult. In this tutorial you will see tips that may help you in this arduous task.

Be in the right layer
The Minecraft maps are divided into several layers ranging from sky to bedrock (the rock matrix), the last layer of the game that is impossible to be broken. Underground, in each layer the player is more likely to find certain items, early on you can find coal, a little further down the iron and so on, the deeper, more rare and precious the ore.

In the case of diamond, is more likely to find them between layers 0 and 16, in this space you have much more chances to find the desired item. To view the number of the layer, press the F3 key, to make the command more information appears on the screen, such as longitude, latitude, and layer, represented by the letter "y".

Scheme branched tunnels
Perhaps this is one of the fastest and most effective methods to find any type of ore in the game, through a scheme of tunnels with their ramifications can see more layers and may thereby have access to more areas of the underground map. Make this scheme is very simple:

Step 1: Make sure you are in the middle of the layers more likely to find the item;

Step 2: Write a main tunnel. You can do with the amount of blocks of height and width you want, however, making 2 × 2 is enough;

Step 3: After creating the main tunnel, start with the ramifications. Pick a side of the tunnel and start another, which can also follow the standard 2 × 2, with this height and width you can view a wide area around her eight blocks, two above, two below and two on each side;

Step 4: Continue with the ramifications of main tunnel not forgetting to leave two blocks away from them, because with this scheme, you can now view them on the sides of branched tunnels.

Use enchanted tools
If you've accumulated lots of experience points throughout your gaming, this is the time to use them. Carry a pickaxe enchanted iron is great for not only getting mine soon, but also to have a chance of getting more diamonds than normal.

The best enchantment to put on your pick is the "Fortuna", which allows more items from falling from a broken block for him, that is, when you break a block of rough diamond, instead of just one drop, can drop two or more. Another interesting enchantment is "Unbreakable", responsible for prolonging the life of your tool.

There is still the method where you open space like a large hall in the underground, however, and time consuming, it is not as effective, of course if you are lucky you can find some diamonds, however, you will accumulate more boulders than any other item. This is a great method for those who want to accumulate enough stone for buildings.

Some places are more likely to find diamonds than others, eg, near the lava around this place will be easier to find diamonds too. One last tip is one of the basic rules of mining in Minecraft is: never cave straight down (the blocks that hold you below your feet) or up by removing the blocks from the top of your head.

This fatal error can generate many consequences, you can end up falling or causing lava, gravel, sand or even a creeper fall, all this can lead you to death instantly, so be careful.